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Couples Friendship - make platonic friends with other couples

2016.04.12 01:51 taonco Couples Friendship - make platonic friends with other couples

For couples who have recently moved or are looking for new platonic couple friends in their area.

2010.01.27 02:45 Wicca: Reconnecting with the Gods

Wicca is a neopagan religion based on ancient pagan beliefs. It's an earth-based religion that believes in a God and Goddess as representative of a greater pantheistic godhead. Wicca includes a system of ethics and teaches that we all are ultimately responsible for our own actions. We believe in gods. We believe in magic. We believe in multiple realities. We practice alone, or in groups. We practice witchcraft.

2013.10.16 22:07 Mr_Liu Pokemon X/Y Friend Safari Exchange

A place to exchange 3DS Friend Codes for the Pokémon X/Y Friend Safari!

2020.10.21 15:59 TheUnknownTallGuy I regret leaving God

NOTE: Some strong content. If you do not read, please just pray for me.
I am 24 (M). I used to be very active in the church. I would look forward to every Sunday ushering, visiting the sick, feeding the homeless etc. I did this since I was 12.
Eventually I started to distance myself and when I was around 22, I stopped serving altogether. I still went to church but I stopped serving because I always knew that I was gay but didn’t feel right about being gay and a leader at church. I never had the courage to tell any priest or anyone at the time, for fear of being judged. I wanted to try to be gay but still be a devout Catholic. But just like the scripture says, “You cannot serve God and mammon” and I would soon learn that the hard way.
I am in the worst place in my life right now. During the quarantine, I lost my way completely. With gyms, beaches, churches closed...I took a horrible turn and dwelled into gay apps. At first I was very reserved, and did not seek anything other than chat, but that was like playing with fire. Each time someone would try to meet up, I would decline...I did go out for coffee on two occasions, but I never felt comfortable. Eventually one day after coming home, I impulsively decided to meet with someone, and it was the worst mistake of my life. This man, only seeked lust, and unfortunately I didn’t see that until it was too late. I don’t know why I didn’t back away either, and for that I am having a hard time forgiving myself. He began performing acts on me, and I attempted to do the same trying to enjoy it but deep down feeling disgusted. He started to try to do more, but then that’s when I finally reacted and left.
Unfortunately, what he had done was more than enough to give me a disease. This was my first time ever engaging in something like that, but for him he had a plethora of experience.
My next couple months became a nightmare. My disease hasn’t been identified, but there are complications which have been diagnosed and are resulting difficult to treat. I have been experiencing Epididymtis, Orchitis, and Prostatitis. There is a lot of inflammation and symptoms that don’t make sense. This disease put a stop in my life, it’s making it difficult for me to work, I am reliant on the restroom continuously, and I feel so much pain, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
I just feel so ashamed of myself. I did go to confession, but that was before the disease manifested itself. At this point, I don’t know what to do. All I ever feel like doing now is staying home in my room. I’ve tried my best to take care of this disease, but is God testing me? What does he want from me??? There are so many people out there sinning continuously and living an openly gay life doing all sorts of crazy stuff, and never get anything like this. I never wanted a life like that, I just wanted to be loved by God and stay true to him. I want my family to love me, for who I am but not see me as something less. I try to be the best son that I could, by contributing monetarily, helping at home with chores, and taking over bills so that my parents don’t have to worry. I hate that I let my desires take over. I prayed so much during each temptation, because there were plenty.
I’m just lost in life right now, it hurts to stand for more than 10 minutes, I can’t lift heavy for some reason, and I am having a lot of breakdowns. I am a very quiet person, and that might be to my detriment. I don’t know how to talk to my parents about this or someone who would understand. My family know I did something but are under the impression I was with a woman. I just never told them anything because they would never accept a gay son. I just know it.
But at this point, after all this...I don’t want a gay lifestyle, I don’t want to belong to that world, it never fully appealed to me...I would always do my best to not fall into bad things...I never did drugs, alcohol, partying, pot, smoke or anything like that.
I pray that God allows me to heal, I pray that he gives me a chance to get better, and be myself again, my true self...The innocent kid that would serve happily and would do everything he could to help others.
I can’t believe that my younger self was more mature and stabilized than my older current person. People would even tell me, I wish my son was just like you. I had everything going well, my education, my job, my savings, my family...And one single mistake in a matter of minutes changed all that.
All of this might seem like a bunch of thoughts scrambled altogether, but that’s just how my mind is right now. Dealing with this for four months now, that’s how I feel.
Please if you read all this, pray for me. I would like to heal and return to God. That is my only true wish now.
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2020.10.21 15:27 hononononoh AITA for promising and delivering a response to work-related texts within 24 hours (as opposed to much sooner)?

I'm a self-employed general practice physician, who works on a monthly subscription basis and is hired directly by the patient, instead of taking insurance or government money. That said, I don't describe or price myself as "concierge medicine". I've found a potential patient using this term is a red flag for someone entitled and very demanding of a doctor's resources.
One thing I promise is better access than traditional corporate medicine, and I tell patients that this means they can expect a reply to any non-urgent text, email, or phone call within 24 hours. Usually this is not a problem. If the issue truly is urgent in my medical judgement, and they're not ones to cry wolf, I'll make time to get back to them much sooner. This is not a problem.
What is a problem, however, is when I get an antsy nudge from a patient much less than 24 hours after they first reached out to me, for something that isn't objectively urgent as far as I can see. (The patient, in these cases, clearly thinks otherwise.) Call it passive-aggressive, but there are times when I could put down what I'm doing and respond to the patient within the hour, but sit on it for a few hours, just on principle. I do this to keep from training patients to expect a much prompter reply than 24h. Why? Because I'm not only a self-employed doctor. I'm also a highly involved father of triplets. My wife and I are homeschooling them, and she works for her family's business full time. I have a number of hobbies also. I have a lot going on in my life, and at no point did I pledge to devote my whole existence to my patients' wellbeing, even if that's what doctors are traditionally encouraged to do. Plus, I'm all about quality of care, not speed. I do better care and actually solve the problem better when I have time to think about it. I'm completely upfront about all of this when patients come for a meet-and-greet. If a patient were to sue me or file a complaint with the board for taking 16h to reply to their text, they'd have no case, because I delivered exactly as I promised.
Still, I have to wonder if by promising a reply within 24h (and not necessarily much sooner), I'm increasingly losing in the courtroom that really counts: the court of public opinion. I think if I were to survey people younger than me (I'm 42) about the polite length of time for replying to a text, I think in many cases it'd be minutes, not hours. If this is what people have come to expect, am I [increasingly] the asshole for not validating or meeting this expectation?
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2020.10.21 15:11 sandrabullux Biden/Harris is less about stopping Trump and more about stopping the American left, and less about President Biden than President Harris and advancing centrist Idpol

Heres how I see things playing out.
  1. Biden wins in November.
  2. He serves a little over 2 years, before resigning and putting Harris on top as The First Female President.
  3. As she serves less than half a term, Harris is allowed to run for office 2 more times.
  4. 2024 Harris4prez.
  5. 2028 Harris4prez.
  6. Democrats dont see a truly contested primary until 2032. There'll be challengers in 24 and 28 of course, but they will be deliberately minimised, downplayed and ultimately starved of Oxygen.
  7. As regime fatigue sets in, republicans will be well set to reclaim the Whitehouse in 2032, possibly through to 2036.
This is intended to stave off the left for 16-20 years, in which time Buttigeig and similar young, hip centrists will be actively pumped up by the party so as to hit the ground running and counter any future Sanders-style challenge to the party order.
Harris will become the first female president without ever facing a direct election and without ever winning a real primary. Democrats who oppose her will be "betraying the most significant representational president since Obama". Any attempt to primary her will meet widespread accusations of sexism and racism - even if the prospective challenger is also a WoC. Harris general elections will operate on the same idpol premise.
In future democratic primaries, Harris will be held up as the most successful and popular president since the war, with her 10 year stint in office used as proof. Dems will be deliberately encouraged to play cosmetic idpol over substantive policy.
The whole thing stinks of an audacious attempt to lock out any significant social change in the US for a generation, using the party and electoral mechanics to engineer the nations political mechanics well beyond an individual presidential term.
This of course doesn't help the socialist cause here in the UK. When Corbyn and Sanders were both going strong, it seemed like the Anglo Saxon world was on the verge of a new progressive era. Now with Starmer and Harris on the horizon, it feels like were just out to replay the 90's all over again. The leftist movements in the UK and US have largely fed into each other over the past 5 years, and as one sinks so too does the other.
At least in the US Sanders was able to inspire AOC and Ihlan Omar, providing future standard bearers for the parties left with plenty of support and plenty of time to run for office. Though Corbyn inspired many young activists here in the UK, none of them have made any significant waves in the pool of our national political discourse. Our best representatives are an aging bunch, tarnished by electoral defeat, with few successors in sight.
I'm not confident of our chances in the next 20 years, depressing as it sounds. Despite the current sorry state of the Labour party, the only way we can stand a chance of changing that is if more of us younger activists take the plunge and start throwing our hats into the ring, which means we need to recommit our efforts into the Labour party, even if that means stomaching the noxious bollocks of the neoliberal PLP. Otherwise we face a tough future.
Well, thats my lot. Rant over.
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2020.10.21 15:00 WDMarathon [Day 24/30] Watch_Dogs 2 - Robot Wars

WD Marathon - Day 24

Watch_Dogs 2 - Robot Wars

Welcome back Hackers! Today, Wrench Jr takes the spotlight and helps us get some insider info about secret programs at Tidis.


01 - Drop The Baby * After meeting up with Wrench, head to the Tidis warehouse and collect the EMP parts you need.* 02 - Like Minds Talk to Ray about his idea to break into Tidis. 03 - Man vs. Machine Time to say goodbye to our little buddy! Using the opportunity Wrench Jr’s sacrifice gave us, infiltrate Tidis, retrieve the data, and destroy the prototypes & generators to complete the mission.


The bot can climb on walls as well! Make sure to take advantage of that.


Share your feelings about today’s missions in the comments below. What did you think? Talk about what you liked, what you disliked, and your general thoughts. Feel free to engage with others and ask questions of your own!
Being active in discussions will make you eligible for an official Marathon giveaway. More info in the 'Giveaway' section below.


Here is today's Fan Art of the Day. Artist: Rodgjerd Berg
Featured Video: Thunderball put to the test! Creator: ZGB Studios


Ten lucky winners will each receive a set of four Watch Dogs: Legion pins!
To be eligible for the giveaway, you must comment on at least 15 separate threads. Replies to other comments count as well. Engaging in discussion with other Marathoners is strongly encouraged!
Your account must be older than the Day 01 post of this year's Marathon, and you will have to confirm your participation at the end of the Marathon by commenting on the final thread (The day after Day 30) using a keyword given in the post.
Please refer to our FAQ for additional details.


Tomorrow, on Day 25 of the Watch Dogs Marathon, we will undertake a mission on a more unique location---hint: it floats!

Follow us on Twitter Marathon Megathread & FAQ

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2020.10.21 15:00 ACMarathon [Day 41/60] Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Chapter 5: Part 1 - 'A Pirate & Hetaera Life For Me'

AC Marathon 2020 - Day 41

Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Chapter 5: Part 1 - 'A Pirate & Hetaera Life For Me'

Hey there, Assassins! We start off getting our pirate on as we meet Xenia, who turns out, knew our mother a long time ago. Then we’re off to Korinthia to find the leader of the hetaera, Anthousa, who also knew our mother. We meet a fellow Spartan who befriends us, and turns out, was a friend of our mother as well.

Today's Targets: The Monger


Please note, it is strongly recommended to play on New Game Plus. It’ll be easier to keep up with the fast pace of the Marathon not having to worry as much about resources, money & gear, and leveling up your character and ship.
During the Marathon, we will be playing the family story, and the First Civ story. We will not be covering the elimination of all the Cultists, only the ones as defeated during the other two story lines.
Support quests are required but you can usually do them in any order. They are listed as separate quests, but are in support of a main quest.


Pirate Hospitality 1 - Island of Misfortune Pirate Xenia wants a cool 15K for info on mom, gotta do quests until you can pay up 1.1 (Support) - A Chest Full of Drachmae Collect the nation's treasure from Koressia Fort 1.2 (Support) - Red in the Wreckage Retrieve some sunken treasure for some local pirates 1.3 (Support) - Lost and Found Help Captain Gotarzes deal with his mutinous crew 1.4 (Support) - We’re Not Thieves Help Obelia get back a stolen ancient map 1.5 (Support) - We’re Treasure Hunters Search for the sunken treasure, and decide what to do with it 1.6 (Support) - Recruitment Drive Fly the "Colors of Keos" and destroy 2 Athenian, 2 Spartan, and 2 Bandit ships Land of the Lawless 2 - To Find A Girl Look for clues to find Anthousa, speak to her, and agree to deal with the Monger 3 - To Help A Girl With Phoibe's help, investigate a client of a hetaera and stop him 4 - Follow That Boat Help a hetaera find out what happened to a missing hetaera 5 - Port of Lawlessness Burn the goods in the Monger's warehouse, and kill his men with the help of a fellow Spartan 6 - Monger Down Decide whose plan to follow in dealing with the Monger

Side Quests for additional XP

Escort Service, Handle With Care *The Support Quests can be skipped if you pay Xenia the money up front. While they can be optional, they are a great source of xp.


Share your feelings about today’s sequence in the comments below. What did you think? Talk about what you liked, what you disliked, and your general thoughts. Feel free to engage with others and ask questions of your own!
Being active in discussions will make you eligible for an official Marathon giveaway. More info in the 'Giveaway' section below.


Make sure to download the official Marathon wallpapers for Assassin's Creed Odyssey!


Desktop 16:9 Desktop 16:10 Mobile


Desktop 16:9 Desktop 16:10 Mobile


Here is today's Fan Art of the Day for Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Artist: Danusko Campos
Featured Video: Stealth Reaper - Demigod of Death #2 - Military Forts in Euboea, Keos & Melos Creator: Treviso - Proper Stealth

2020 Schedule

September 11th - Assassin's Creed Unity September 21st - Assassin’s Creed Unity: Dead Kings September 22nd - Assassin’s Creed Syndicate October 1st - Assassin’s Creed Syndicate: Jack the Ripper October 3rd - Assassin’s Creed Origins October 13th - Assassin’s Creed Origins: The Hidden Ones October 15th - Assassin’s Creed Origins: Curse of the Pharaohs October 17th - Assassin’s Creed Odyssey October 29th - Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Legacy of the First Blade November 2nd - Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: The Fate of Atlantis November 9th - Marathon End Discussion November 10th - Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Launches!


Three lucky winners will receive a copy of The Art of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla!
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Please refer to our FAQ for additional details.


Tomorrow, on Day 42 of the Assassin’s Creed Marathon, we’re helping Hippokrates, the Father of Medicine (just don’t mention his balding) as we play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey - Chapter 5: Part 2

Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram *Marathon Megathread & FAQ

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2020.10.21 14:52 ajsprinkles Dating and the anxiety that comes with it.

Long time redit-er first time poster! I’m hoping there are others in the same boat as me here who just finds dating so anxiety inducing. I’m a 27 year old woman, who’s been single since getting out of a long term relationship 3 years ago and I feel like I’ve just gone through the ringer coming out of that relationship and into shit fest that is dating now a days. I suffer with GAD and it really flairs up when I start something new with someone. It’s all the unknowns: not knowing where it will go, if they are talking to other people or dating other people (I’m not good at casual dating, I like to put my focus on one person / don’t know how to not) and everything else that comes with it. I’m a super outgoing girl and love meeting new people and am a pretty open book, but that whole aspect of not knowing sends me into a tizzy. Anyone else get this way? Any tips for chilling the fuck out and going with the flow without having a pit in my stomach 24/7?
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2020.10.21 14:38 billypennsballs The case against Trump, in 600 ALL-CAPS WORDS AND 35 EXCLAMATION POINTS!

Opinion by Dana MilbankColumnistOct. 20, 2020 at 6:43 p.m. EDTAdd to list
When President Trump was in the hospital battling covid-19 two weeks ago, he devoted one morning to making the case for his reelection in a series of 15 all-caps tweets, such as:
It was mostly nonsense, of course, but it had an appealing, playground-style brevity — a feverish, steroid-fueled closing argument of sorts for Trump.
Now, less than two weeks from Election Day, Americans are voting in almost every state. At least 33 million have already cast their ballots. What better time to borrow Trump’s literary device and deploy it against him? Here goes:
There’s more much more. But to list all the damage would take more than a column. It would take four years, and who would want to relive that?
Had enough? VOTE!
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2020.10.21 14:23 scottphelps6 Connecting An Iphone To The Stereo

For those looking to purchase the new iPhone 4, depended on . becomes what should you do with your old version with the iPhone? For many people, the iPhone is still a good piece of technology; even having the older version is a step up from their current cellular appliance. Therefore, many options exist for getting rid of your iPhone. Marketing it on eBay or Craigslist, or donate it with friend or pet. New and even better options coming out; websites online are offering to give you money as part regarding iPhone buy-back regimen.

The cost for could battery personal. My device is right now 6 weeks old and in addition have been fully cycled about 5 times (I take care of keep battery on charge but to allow it to run flat perhaps once a week). Basically am not using the device constantly, just checking the device twice a long time and answering calls, using 3G and Push, I'm able to rely on a full working day of 10 to 12 hours between charges. Quickly turn on WiFi this drops to six or 7 hours. If i use the GPS without WiFi, autonomy drops to 4 or 5 a lot of. If I thought to be really frugal and last real 24 hours, I would require to closed down both Push email and 3G, minimizing screen brightness to minimum.

1) Make use of the multi-touch technology that permits you to control the screen's display, since all depends upon the movement of your fingers. While viewing a photograph, could move your fingers outward to zoom out and vice versa. Similarly, while using the browser, you're able to go together with web page by moving your finger or double tap (just like a double click) to focus. The screen offers very much more "finger" room as against other opposition!

Usually, whoever is sending you the replacement Buy iPhone Battery 2g battery will are the little tool used to fix these glitches. It's such a small thing that it is only valuable step do don't have one. You most likely don't like to get too deep into things when a huge sum any experience fixing phones, as one mistake could set you back a lot of money, but something like battery replacement doesn't take a wizard to handle the job. Just look at the instructions and devote your full awareness of it.

Best Resolution Screen: In case you unit contains 960 x 540 resolution which was an implausible dimension for portable methods. High dimension videos attached to it would appear as good as content shot on hitech surveillance cameras.

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There just isn't need (and no space) to grow it all with me: I'm quite ready for placing sensible limits along at the section of the mail folder to take with all of us. Windows Mobile allows me to take 1, 2 to 3 months amount of email with me, state whether I take attachments with me, all the email or precisely the headers. I'm able to even select which folders to take or leave behind. And I don't need to bother with if I'm going away in order to find I am missing a crucial folder - I will alter the parameters and gadget will download what's absent.

Mono Hands-free Headset for iPhone 3GS: Go hands-free while while at work or drive with this 3.5 Mono Headset for iPhone 3gs. Reduced radiation and clear communication - this headset a person all. The push as well as off buttons make answering on your phone less demanding.
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2020.10.21 13:57 SwervinLikeMervin I think i have a crush on a girl and i think she has a crush on me. But we are both shy.

M(23) F(24)
We met at a place where you can go to look for a job. Can stay there for 8 weeks. Anyways, she made first contact. She said that by the end of those weeks, we are going to McD's. Which we did. But she brought other people aswell. I dont mind that.
Then i dont hear from her for almost 2 weeks. Want to go to McD's. And we did. Same thing, brought people.
Next thing i know im invited to a party. We decide to buy alcohol and pay half each. Or, i actually paid for the most expensive one but whatever.
At the party, people are getting drunk. I am aswell but not too much. Ive been trying to talk to her but im hella nervous and overthinking it. She dont really seem interested in the conversation so im thinking alright. Il go somewhere else for a while.
Then maybe an hour later i decide to go out for a bit of fresh air since some chick is having a panic attack. The girl i have a crush on notice me leaving and says, dont you want to ask someone to join? So i answer. Sure, you can join if you want. Then stupidly i ask another person to join aswell...(to be fair, he is a muslim and dont drink and i didnt want him to be alone with the panic that was going on). Even so, i think she wanted to be alone with me, was i reading it wrong?
We go out, chat for a bit. Then go back in. I Try to engage her in a conversation but she still seem held back. Barely looks at me. Dont really start a conversation with me. So im thinking. She probably dont like me. I go home, sleeps and gets the worst hanxiety ever. It wore off in like 5 days. Never had it before.
Party is back on the next weekend, she dont let me know she is there even though we have eachother on messenger and phone. I bring a friend to this party. According to him, she asked a lot about me when i was not there. I usually go out because the place has horrible air. So i didnt know until later.
Couple days later she invites me to the library. Im saying yes because i have to go there to study anyways. I meet her there and as usual another person is there with us. I dont mind. She is hella cool.
But its the fact she is asking me to join stuff. But dont engage a conversation or barely looks at me i dont get. I dont know what to do. Am i reading this all wrong? Someone please help me. I think im crushing.
Am i reading this wrong? Am i just dumb? Does she even like me?
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2020.10.21 13:53 Lysvet Hi, I'm new here

Hi, I am so glad I found this group. I've been struggling with symptoms of chiari since I was fifteen and was lucky enough to get the diagnosis of Chiari 1 when I was sixteen. I got it by chance though, there were a lot of doctor's that said I was "only" struggling with tension-headaches, I just had to destress.
Today I am 24 years old and a full-time student. I struggle with debilitating head-aches to a varying degree every day, and they have only become more intense recently. I am quite lucky though with a very good and understanding GP I've had all the way, but he can only do as much.
What has been baffling to me ever since I received my diagnosis is 1. The total lack of knowledge of chiari malformations, and 2. The apparent ageism and sexism I've encountered by other doctors and the neurologist that gave me the diagnosis. This might sound harsh and I do understand that certain symptoms occur connected to puberty which is fine enough. Still when I first got ill I used to practice two different sports almost daily, one of which on a very high level, to just never getting enough sleep. I cannot imagine a boy hearing that he was just too ambitious, was doing too much as the root issue, but rather get help and understanding more early on (I do by no means wish to assume that another gender has it "easier" and do not get told such things, it is just unfortunately more often connected to young girls when they do "too much", in my country we call it "the good-girl syndrome".) I only wish to share this personal experience and talk with anyone else that has experienced it, if it would help anyone.
So derived from this, after getting my diagnosis - even though that is stressful enough with doctors and even neurologists not knowing what it is - I feel like I'm almost at a higher tier in the hierarchy of diagnosis, since my psychological problems are caused by a physiological issue. It is hard struggling with invisible pain, and whenever I'm outside I always pass as a very high-functioning and hard-working person, which I very much feel is not the truth. I've tried countering this by being very open with friends and family about the diagnosis (not necessarily the pain, which is very hard to transmit, and I'm afraid of "becoming" my diagnosis to my friends by talking too much about it) by primarily using humour; I call myself a living barometer among other things.
I use medicines now to handle both pain, anxiety and depression, and they have worked not well, but better than others for years now. I also know that this is a trying time for everyone, but not having the usual social spaces such as lectures which are now being done digitally - I for one can't stand communicating professionally through video calls as it worsens my head-aches a lot - has heightened my social anxiety, which I was very proud of had reached a point where I didn't notice it pre-corona. Including that I just cannot participate in the online lectures and social meetings has had a huge impact on me both academically and socially. I'm wondering how it has been for any of you guys.
Also since I've received very little information I've had to schedule regular MRI-scans with a two-year gap myself these last few years. How often do you get a check-up? And since head-aches, brain-fog, shoulder- and back pain are my most prevalent symptoms I cannot do any physical activity other than light walking and swimming. I really miss working out and being active like I used to, and I feel a lot of shame on saying I can't join certain activities, since we highly value being outdoors and doing rigorous physical activity in my country. Have any of you tackled that in a good way?
Okay so this was probably more like a rant than anything else (I'm sorry if this is not the right place for it), but if you're still reading and can recognise yourself in some of the experiences I have listed above here, feel free to comment or message me. Anyway it still helped me write this out and thinking about it more cohesively. Thank you for having a good fora, I've read a lot of great stuff on here which has helped me a lot.
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2020.10.21 13:43 danianahar Meds are not working and I’m so tired

Hello everyone. I am a 24 year old female, i got diagnosed beginning of this month.
I started taking Concerta on the 5th of October, one 18 mg tablet in the morning as an initial dose. Doctor told me to increase the dose to two 18 mg tablets if i dont notice any effects within two weeks (or so I remember).
I started taking 2 tablets on the 16th of October, but so far i cant see any good progress.
For example, this sunday i went back to work after my 4-week leave, and im still struggling to focus in meetings or on a long boring document. I still get easily distracted. I still find it very hard to get back to working on something after getting distracted.
I’m overwhelmed most of the time and dont know how to start working on a task.
Outside of work i still sit for long periods doing nothing, lying in my bed or using my phone/laptop mindlessly. When something is stressing me i hyperfixate and forget about other things i need to do without really doing anything about the source of stress.
I’m seeing my doctor on Sunday for a follow up so I’ll tell him all of this.
I’m just tired of myself.
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2020.10.21 13:20 ciariciari NP sent my dad home, I arrived and found him SEPTIC!!!

To start out, Im not typically an NP hater, usually I don’t bother feeling one way or another about them, but today I saw an NP generate a dire situation for a family member, and force me to spend my precious day off in the ER with my dad.
So my dad likes to fish in this lake that is surrounded by cows, and therefore full of cow shit. Three days ago he was out fishing, and slipped, and punctured the medial side of his foot on a submerged, unidentified, sharp object. He washed the wound out with a water bottle and wrapped it up for the night, went to bed. The next day (yesterday) his foot was feeling “hot and tender and goopy” so he decided to drive back into town, where he was seen at urgent care. An NP irrigated with saline, and stitched the wound closed tightly. No betadine bath, no ABX, no way for the wound to drain, no nothing. Sent him home with stitches and a bandaid. Today I came home to check on him, and found him on the sofa looking like ass and unable to stand without dizziness, with a BP of 100/68, T 101, and RR 24. The wound looks hella infected and is for sure going to need surgical drainage. We are in the ER now getting going on IV ABX. Apparently he called the urgent care NP last night because his foot was hurting more and more, and she told him to take 800mg of IBU and “give it a day”. Thankfully it seems like we are moving in the right direction now.
IDK, maybe I’m being uncharitable and not giving the benefit of the doubt, but if someone came in with a deep puncture wound from a cow shit lake, and a delay in seeking treatment, I’d do a little more that rinse with saline solution.
Here is the real kicker to the whole thing, I know the NP. She and I did undergrad together, and have had mutual patients in the past. Next time I bump into her at target is going to [email protected] awkward.
Edit/Update: my mom and I have been in touch with a lawyer, and it seems that this checks all boxes for bringing a suit, we will be having a zoom meeting to discuss.
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2020.10.21 13:09 InsiderMemeBot LEADERBOARD: Wed, Oct 21, 2020: 07:09 AM EDT


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2020.10.21 12:30 KoolGirl2003 I need to fix my spirit, mental, and I am even started to be affected physically.

!!SORRY ABOUT THE LENGTH!! To start this I wanna just say that I have decided to stop smoking weed due to severe drug paranoia... the thought that someone is after me has lingered since a bAd tRip , and weed just makes it worse. I am about four or five weeks sober and it’s great. But what isn’t great is that my eating disorder has crept back in. She always comes without warning and i don’t realize. I have been eating very small portions of basically nothing, counted grapes for breakfast, maybe half a sandwich at lunch, and forget about finishing dinner. But with this comes with the binge eating. For three day’s I was on a full binge, cereal, chips, sweets, frozen food, multiple servings at dinner and LOADS of chocolate milk. I wake up feeling sick to my stomach and just poo and repeat the same cycle. Although this has occurred before this last time was different.
Yesterday I woke up completely disgusted with myself and the binge I just went on. I barely ate because I felt such shame. A half a bagel and a corndog as I remember. And as I was making dinner for my family the smell made me absolutely sick to my stomach , I started to feel faint and sat down , drank some water and was alright. I thought maybe I was hot so i went and changed to more comfortable clothes but as soon as I stepped into the kitchen my vision basically went black and my hearing became muffled and I knew I was about to faint. Now after a three day binge and then nothing of course this was bound to happen. But I ran to my room and laid not my bed before I could pass out and I was just in complete shock. This has happened before but I don’t know this time really spooked me. Although this was mainly due to the lack of food, I am inside 24/7 and lack all nutrients from the sun and fresh air.
Today I woke up with a piercing headache and agreed with myself it was just an eye strain, that it’ll go away after a nap. Boy was I wrong. I lost all and complete concentration of my school work and just could not bare what was going on. And I could never let my family know because they will assume I have covid and this is not at all covid related, as i’ve had this time of experience before. But anyways, I woke up ate some grapes and orange juice and passed out only to wake up with even worse pain. I ate some leftover spaghetti cause I didn’t want a repeat of yesterday, and just tried to go about my day. As soon as all zoom meetings ended I knocked out with the hopes of feeling better and woke up feeling alright. Dinner was in the oven so I grabbed a banana and a water and went back to my bed. But soon after dinner oh did I regret eating that banana. As I sat weak on the cold shower floor in misery I felt as if something was seriously wrong because it’s been 24 hours and I still have this same feeling. I thought the only way to feel better was use my two bestfriends and make myself throw up. I did feel slightly alright afterwards and then I came to the realization that this should not be my life. Although not as severe this 100% has happened multiple times in the past. I called my dad and he suggested to eat a couple slices of bread, grab a water and just relax. I did that and I did feel slightly better, but my day wasn’t over just yet so I was still keeping caution. I then ate some baby carrots and drank a little juice and my stomach has settled for the night.
I realized that I am not living a healthy lifestyle. I have been inside for eight months and can count on my fingers the amount of times I’ve stepped outside. I lack of nutrients due to a poor diet in both of the bad eating habits I have, and the fact that most of the food that is in my home is just pure junk. I have decided that I no longer am going to let whatever negativity I’m surrounded by or my poor mental state define me and control my life. This is only going to get worse if I don’t fix it now. I am going to begin to keep a journal and write a to do list every single morning. Even if I wake up at 12 PM I would still like to make even a short little list of accomplishments I want to do that day. My cousin helps me a lot because he notices certain struggles I have, when it comes to food or being confined to my bed, he has told me multiple times this is not good for my spirit and I am finally coming to that realization. I will begin to wake up every morning, make me some breakfast even if I don’t want anything to eat just go sit outside and listen to the birds and bask in the sun before the classes begin. I will eat a proper lunch, not just something small like a random corn dog I found in the freezer or half a freaking sandwich. If I want to snack, to keep me happy I will keep eating my fruit and veggies like I like. Although this is going to be a hard, rough journey I do believe in myself. I am not like this for no good reason, emotional abuse is in fact real, making a teenage girl miserable because One is unhappy is not uncommon, but it’s something that needs to learn to be dealt with. my cousin has taught me that we shouldn’t base our lives off of what could be or what’s going to happen, but to be present with oneself, I do believe that with motivation like that I can succeed in this journey. Nobody else seems to notice my struggles but him, and maybe they do but choose to ignore it because they know it’s their own fault. I believe that I can overcome this. I can let go of all that’s holding me back, I can be one with myself, I believe that this is not my forever, but it will be if I don’t start my journey right now.
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2020.10.21 12:28 ella2130 I’ve never had a boyfriend before and I’m a bit concerned about I being ridiculous?

I turned 24 six months ago and well.. I’ve never had a boyfriend before, now I’m starting to get a bit concerned about that.
I have little to no dating experience, I’ve always been focused on my dreams and goals in life and I thought a guy would just show up at the at right time in my life.
That’s obviously not going to happen, now with this pandemic I probably wont meet any people for a long ass time.
Now it’s kind of got me overthinking and stupidly worrying that I’ll be alone forever or something. Now I’m even more ridiculously thinking as far as what if I never have my own family one day, it’s something that I’ve wanted but I don’t think it will happen at this rate even if I did meet someone in a few years I’d want them all to myself for a good long time. (I never had a boyfriend and here I am thinking about fricken kids 😂)
Anyway my brain is all over the place if you couldn’t tell. I’ve never been a girl who desperately wanted a boyfriend, there were bigger dreams I had but now I’m kinda worried about it and what my future will look like even more so with what is going on in the world. Am I being ridiculous worrying about something like this, should I just let things happen naturally and get out there more when the time feels right to me?
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2020.10.21 12:07 Steddy_Eddy Coach Confidence way off.

I'm 16 weeks into the 17 week HM with Coach Amy. Race day 31st October, today was my longest run yet reaching the golden 21.1km in 2:24:48. Not a chance I'm meeting my target 1:48 despite Amy's high confidence. How do they even calculate it? The explanation isn't very iluminating. I'm not sure what pace to aim for now, I think with a good rest and the right conditions I could aim for 2:15?
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2020.10.21 11:48 DazzlingDig 201021 Red Velvet to have an Online Fan Meeting for K-Culture Festival on October 24 via YouTube

201021 Red Velvet to have an Online Fan Meeting for K-Culture Festival on October 24 via YouTube submitted by DazzlingDig to red_velvet [link] [comments]

2020.10.21 11:38 Wonbongg 65 mill GP FULL HEROIC. TB = 24 DS & 27 LS both Hoth. Lost only 3 TW since April. 750k+ GP, but if you are communicative with a good roster you are also welcome. Chill guild other than that, few rules and lots of fun :D

Guild name: AXT. Guild GP: 65 mill approximately.
Hello there, my name is Wonbong, and I am part of the fantastic guild AXT. We are friendly guild growing at a decent pace, who hope to meet new aspiring players.
Why should you join us?
  1. We do FULL HEROIC (Yes HSITH as well). HAAT and HPIT is done solo by the guild, and HSITH is done with the help of mercs, so not done during TB.
  2. We have a good TW record, I have lost 3 since I joined in April.
  3. We do Hoth TB with steady increase in stars every TB. Best results currently is: 27 hoth ls, 24 hoth ds
  4. We have experienced players who can help you, but also other "padawans". We don't expect you to know everything and we would love to help you progress.
HAAT and HPIT is 7:30 pm CEST with 24h join. HSITH is 9:30 pm CEST with 1h join, and 12h pause at p4.
So as for every guild there is of course some requirements, here is ours. 1. 750k+ GP (or about there, we do value good communication and friendliness above) 2. 400 daily raid tickets 3. Participation in events. 4. Discord mandatory.
We understand that it is difficult to find the guild name from the in-game guild search, therefore please message me in game (ally code 623-818-967) so that I may invite you directly to the guild - saving you all the hassle!!
My allycode is: 623-818-967 Guild SWGOH.GG: Guild discord: Discord: Wonbong#5562
I hope to hear from upcoming Jedis or Siths 📷 I'd also glady answer any other questions.
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2020.10.21 11:09 slowymowy 23 [F4M] Let's try this again

Hi! I don't normally post on this sub because I haven't really had any luck in the past, but maybe that's just me. Right off the bat, this is going to be a thorough post so if said content doesn't interest you, please don't bother messaging me.
I'm a very introverted person. Most days I spend the majority of my time at home but I do enjoy hanging out with my closest friends (especially during pre-pandemic days). I can spend days and weeks at a time at home without having any issues. I do however struggle with my mental health (anxiety and depression), and I know I've never posted about it on this sub before, but just a heads-up, I can seem very disconnected and uninterested most of the time, but I'm honestly trying. Who knows, I just might find someone on here who can understand me, I'm tired of being alone and want to acknowledge my self-sabotage behavior and slowly deviate from it.
I'm an avid for music and film, maybe we can share playlists and encourage each other to listen to more music. I haven't been getting into a lot of genres lately, but if it helps I'm into metal, hardcore, psychedelia and punk bands. As for film, let's just say I'm a huge fan of mumblecore, psychological thrillers, crime, mind-fuck and slow-burn movies.
I'm not the prettiest, but I am quite taller than the average Filipina, I'm 5'6.
What am I looking for? Honestly, a friend, an online buddy, a potential partner. I barely have any experience with relationships so I guess this is me, trying. Hopefully I can come across someone with similar interests, just be taller than me haha and about 24-29 years old. I don't easily meet up with people, in fact I've never really met anyone yet. If you're not comfortable with meetups, you're in luck, because I'm not either.
Well I guess that's about it. If this post managed to catch your attention, hmu with a short introduction about yourself. I'll try my best to stay engaged but no promises 😅
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Gold is up for the third consecutive day in the early Asian trading hours on Wednesday on the back of broad-based weakness in the U.S dollar that is close to its five weeks low. Adding to the bullion's strength is the rising number of COVID-19 cases in Europe. In the past 24 hours, Spain registered 12214 cases while Germany registered 6750 cases, close to its all-time high level.
Meanwhile, the investors hope to see a stimulus deal before the elections after Trump said that he is willing to settle for a bigger amount.
As of now, gold is trading at 1916.50 level, up by 0.44%.
Talking about the previous session, the precious metal carved out its second consecutive victory against the U.S dollar after the U.S Housing Starts data failed to meet the market expectations. Furthermore, the grip of bears on the equity markets from the past six days helped the bullion gain safe-haven bids, putting the bullion on a higher pedestal as compared to riskier assets. Consequently, gold settled the day at 1908.11 level with a gain of 0.25%.
On the economic docket, investors will keep a close eye on the Speech from FOMC Member Brainard and Mester to determine the direction of gold.
Risk Disclaimer: The vast majority of retail client accounts lose money when trading in CFDs.
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2020.10.21 09:46 MiddlePower5 10 Line of evidence of NDES by Jeffrey Long (Revisit)

I reupload this post as this anwsers many questions on ndes that i see from time to time here and is the most factual based source.
Line of Evidence #1
Lucid, organized experiences while unconscious, comatose, or clinically dead
Near-death experiences occur at a time when the person is so physically compromised that they are typically unconscious, comatose, or clinically dead. Considering NDEs from both a medical perspective and logically, it should not be possible for unconscious people to often report highly lucid experiences that are clear and logically structured. Most NDErs report supernormal consciousness at the time of their NDEs.
The NDERF survey asked, “How did your highest level of consciousness and alertness during the experience compare to your normal, everyday consciousness and alertness?” Of 1,122 NDErs surveyed, 835 (74.4%) indicated they had “More consciousness and alertness than normal”; 229 (20.4%) experienced “Normal consciousness and alertness”; and only 58 (5.2%) had “Less consciousness and alertness than normal.”
The NDERF survey also asks, “If your highest level of consciousness and alertness during the experience was different from your normal everyday consciousness and alertness, please explain.” In response to this question, NDErs commonly reported that consciousness during their experiences was “clear”, “more aware”, and often associated with heightened awareness.
Near-death experiences often occur in association with cardiac arrest.5 Prior studies found that 10–20 seconds following cardiac arrest, electroencephalogram measurements generally find no significant measureable brain cortical electrical activity.6 A prolonged, detailed, lucid experience following cardiac arrest should not be possible, yet this is reported in many NDEs. This is especially notable given the prolonged period of amnesia that typically precedes and follows recovery from cardiac arrest.7
Line of Evidence #2
Seeing ongoing events from a location apart from the physical body while unconscious (out-of-body experience)
A common characteristic of near-death experiences is an out-of-body experience. An out-of-body experience (OBE) is the apparent separation of consciousness from the body. About 45% of near-death experiencers report OBEs which involves them seeing and often hearing ongoing earthly events from a perspective that is apart, and usually above, their physical bodies. Following cardiac arrest, NDErs may see, and later accurately describe, their own resuscitation.
The first prospective study of the accuracy of out-of-body observations during near-death experiences was by Dr. Michael Sabom.8 This study investigated a group of patients who had cardiac arrests with NDEs that included OBEs, and compared them with a control group of patients who experienced cardiac crises but did not have NDEs. Both groups of patients were asked to describe their own resuscitation as best they could. Sabom found that the group of NDE patients were much more accurate than the control group in describing their own resuscitations.
“A man should look for what is, and not what he thinks should be.”-Albert Einstein
Another prospective study of out-of-body observations during near-death experiences with similar methodology to Sabom’s study was published by Dr. Penny Sartori.9 This study also found that near-death experiencers were often remarkably accurate in describing details of their own resuscitations. The control group that did not have NDEs was highly inaccurate and often could only guess at what occurred during their resuscitations.
Two large retrospective studies investigated the accuracy of out-of-body observations during near-death experiences. The first was by Dr. Janice Holden.10 Dr. Holden reviewed NDEs with OBEs in all previously published scholarly articles and books, and found 89 case reports. Of the case reports reviewed, 92% were considered to be completely accurate with no inaccuracy whatsoever when the OBE observations were later investigated.
Another large retrospective investigation of near-death experiences that included out-of-body observations was recently published.11 This study was a review of 617 NDEs that were sequentially shared on the NDERF website. Of these NDEs, there were 287 NDEs that had OBEs with sufficient information to allow objective determination of the reality of their descriptions of their observations during the OBEs. Review of the 287 OBEs found that 280 (97.6%) of the OBE descriptions were entirely realistic and lacked any content that seemed unreal. In this group of 287 NDErs with OBEs, there were 65 (23%) who personally investigated the accuracy of their own OBE observations after recovering from their life-threatening event. Based on these later investigations, none of these 65 OBErs found any inaccuracy in their own OBE observations.
The high percentage of accurate out-of-body observations during near-death experiences does not seem explainable by any possible physical brain function as it is currently known. This is corroborated by OBEs during NDEs that describe accurate observations while they were verifiably clinically comatose.12 Further corroboration comes from the many NDEs that have been reported with accurate OBE observations of events occurring far from their physical body, and beyond any possible physical sensory awareness.13 Moreover, NDE accounts have been reported with OBEs that accurately observed events that were completely unexpected by the NDErs.14 This further argues against NDEs as being a result of illusory memories originating from what the NDErs might have expected during a close brush with death.
Line of Evidence #3
Near-death experiences with vision in the blind and supernormal vision
There have been a few case reports of near-death experiences in the blind. The largest study of this was by Dr. Kenneth Ring.15 This Investigation included 31 blind or substantially visually impaired individuals who had NDEs or out-of-body experiences. Of the 31 individuals in the study, 10 were not facing life-threatening events at the time of their experiences, and thus their experiences were not NDEs. There were 14 individuals who were blind from birth in this study, and nine of them described vision during their experiences. This investigation presented case reports of those born totally blind that described in NDEs that were highly visual with content consistent with typical NDEs.
The NDERF website has received additional case reports of near-death experiences among those legally blind. For illustration, the following NDE happened to Marta, a five-year-old blind girl who walked into a lake:
“I slowly breathed in the water and became unconscious. A beautiful lady dressed in bright white light pulled me out. The lady looked into my eyes asked me what I wanted. I was unable to think of anything until it occurred to me to travel around the lake. As I did so, I saw detail that I would not have seen in “real” life. I could go anywhere, even to the tops of trees, simply by my intending to go there. I was legally blind. For the first time I was able to see leaves on trees, bird’s feathers, bird’s eyes, details on telephone poles and what was in people’s back yards. I was seeing far better than 20/20 vision. 16
An NDERF survey question asked 1,122 near-death experiencers, “Did your vision differ in any way from your normal, everyday vision (in any aspect, such as clarity, field of vision, colors, brightness, depth perception degree of solidness/transparency of objects, etc.)?” In response, 722 (64.3%) answered “Yes”, 182 (16.2%) said “Uncertain”, and 218 (19.4%) responded “No”. A review of narrative responses to this question revealed that vision during NDEs was often apparently supernormal. Here are some illustrative examples from NDEs:
“Colors were beyond any I had ever seen.”“Everything seemed so much more colorful and brighter than normal.”“My vision was greatly increased. I was able to see things as close or as far as I needed. There was no strain involved it was almost like auto zooming a camera.”“I had 360 degree vision, I could see above, below, on my right, on my left, behind, I could see everywhere at the same time!”
Vision in near-death experiencers that are blind, including totally blind from birth, has been described in many case reports. This, along with the finding that vision in NDEs is usually different from normal everyday vision and often described as supernormal, further suggests that NDEs cannot be explained by our current understanding of brain function. This is also further evidence that NDEs are not a product of what NDErs would have expected to occur during a life-threatening event.
Line of Evidence #4
Near-death experiences that occur while under general anesthesia
Under adequate general anesthesia it should not be possible to have a lucid organized memory. Prior studies using EEG and functional imaging of the brains of patients under general anesthesia provide substantial evidence that the anesthetized brain should be unable to produce lucid memories.17,18 As previously discussed, following cardiac arrest the EEG becomes flat in 10 to 20 seconds, and there is usually amnesia prior to and following the arrest. The occurrence of a cardiac arrest while under general anesthesia is a combination of circumstances in which no memory from that time should be possible. Here is an illustrative example of an NDE that occurred under general anesthesia during surgery for a heart valve replacement:
“During my surgery I felt myself lift from my body and go above the operating table. The doctor told me later that they had kept my heart open and stopped for a long time, and they had a great amount of difficulty getting my heart started again. That must have been when I left my body because I could see the doctors nervously trying to get my heart going. It was strange to be so detached from my physical body. I was curious about what they were doing but not concerned. Then, as I drifted farther away, I saw my father at the head of the table. He looked up at me, which did give me a surprise because he had been dead now for almost a year.”19
I reviewed 613 near-death experiences shared with NDERF, and found 23 NDEs that appeared to have occurred while under general anesthesia. Cardiac arrest was the most common life-threatening event that was described in association with the occurrence of these NDEs. I compared the responses of these 23 NDErs to the 590 non-anesthesia NDErs by reviewing how both groups responded to 33 survey questions that asked about the content of the NDEs. Chi-square statistics was used for this comparison. Due to the large number of questions asked, statistical significance was set at p=0.01. The only statistically significant difference between the two groups was that the anesthesia NDEs were more likely to describe tunnels in their experiences.
An NDERF survey question asked, “How did your highest level of consciousness and alertness during the experience compare to your normal everyday consciousness and alertness?” For the NDEs occurring under general anesthesia, 19 (83%) of the respondents answered, “More consciousness and alertness than normal,” to this question, compared to 437 (74%) for all other NDEs. The responses to this question by the two groups were not statistically significantly different. This suggests, remarkably, that the level of consciousness and alertness in NDEs is not modified by general anesthesia.
Other near-death experience investigators have reported NDEs occurring while under general anesthesia. Dr. Bruce Greyson, a leading NDE researcher at the University of Virginia, states:
“In our collection of NDEs, 127 out of 578 NDE cases (22%) occurred under general anesthesia, and they included such features as OBEs that involved experiencers’ watching medical personnel working on their bodies, an unusually bright or vivid light, meeting deceased persons, and thoughts, memories, and sensations that were clearer than usual.”20
NDEs due to cardiac arrest while under general anesthesia occur and are medically inexplicable.
Line of Evidence #5
Near-death experiences and life reviews
Some near-death experiences include a review of part or all of their prior lives. This NDE element is called a life review. NDErs typically describe their life review from a third-person perspective. The life review may include awareness of what others were feeling and thinking at the time earlier in their life when they interacted with them. This previously unknown awareness of what other people were feeling or thinking when they interacted with them is often surprising and unexpected to the NDErs. Here is an example of a life review: “
I went into a dark place with nothing around me, but I wasn’t scared. It was really peaceful there. I then began to see my whole life unfolding before me like a film projected on a screen, from babyhood to adult life. It was so real! I was looking at myself, but better than a 3-D movie as I was also capable of sensing the feelings of the persons I had interacted with through the years. I could feel the good and bad emotions I made them go through.” 21
In my review of 617 near-death experiences from NDERF, a life review occurred in 88 NDEs (14%). None of the life reviews in these NDEs appeared to have any unrealistic content as determined by my review or based on comments by the NDErs about their own life reviews. Life reviews may include long forgotten details of their earlier life that the NDErs later confirm really happened. If NDEs were unreal experiences, it would be expected that there would be significant error in life reviews and possibly hallucinatory features. The consistent accuracy of life reviews, including the awareness of long-forgotten events and awareness of the thoughts and feelings of others from past interactions, further suggests the reality of NDEs.
Line of Evidence #6
Encountering deceased loved ones in near-death experiences
Near-death experiences may describe encounters with people that they knew during their earthly life. The following is an example of encountering a deceased loved ones in an NDE. This example is also notable as the NDEr was born totally deaf:
“I approached the boundary. No explanation was necessary for me to understand, at the age of ten, that once I cross[ed] the boundary, I could never come back— period. I was more than thrilled to cross. I intended to cross, but my ancestors over another boundary caught my attention. They were talking in telepathy, which caught my attention. I was born profoundly deaf and had all hearing family members, all of which knew sign language! I could read or communicate with about twenty ancestors of mine and others through telepathic methods. It overwhelmed me. I could not believe how many people I could telepathize with simultaneously. 22
When people known to the near-death experiencers are encountered in NDEs, the great majority are people who are deceased. A study by Dr. Emily Kelly was a comparison of 74 NDEs with descriptions of encountering deceased individuals with 200 NDEs that did not describe encounters with the deceased. 23 This study found that when NDErs encountered beings known to them from their earthly lives in their NDEs, only 4% described meeting beings that were alive at the time of their experiences. I reviewed 84 NDEs from NDERF that described encounters with individual(s) that they knew in their earthly life. 24 There were only three NDEs (4%) where the encountered beings were alive at the time of the NDEs, consistent with the findings of the Kelly study.
In dreams or hallucinations when familiar persons are present they are much more likely to be living and from recent memory. 25 This is in sharp contrast to near-death experiencers where familiar persons encountered are almost always deceased. Cases have been reported by NDErs of seeing a person who they thought was living, but in fact had recently died. 25,26 These cases illustrate that NDEs cannot be explained by the experiencer’s expectation of what would happen during a life-threatening event. Further evidence that NDEs are not a result of expectation comes from the aforementioned Kelly study where in one-third of the cases the encountered deceased person had a poor or distant relationship with the NDEr, or was someone that had died before the NDEr was born. 23
Line of Evidence #7
Near-death experiences of young children
Investigation of near-death experiences in very young children is important because at an early age they are less likely to have established religious beliefs, cultural understandings about death, or even an awareness of what death is. Very young children would be very unlikely to have heard about near-death experiences or understand them. I investigated the NDEs in children age five and younger in the same group of 613 NDErs previously discussed in the section on NDEs while under general anesthesia. Two NDEs were excluded as they did not provide their age in the survey. The study groups included 26 NDErs that were age 5 and younger (average 3.6 years old) and 585 NDErs age 6 and older at the time of their NDEs. The NDERF survey included 33 questions about the content of their NDEs. Chi-square statistics was used to compare the responses to these 33 questions between the two groups. 27 There was no statistically significant difference to the responses between the two groups to any of the 33 questions. The NDERF study found that the content of NDEs in children age five and younger appeared to be the same as the content of NDEs in older children and adults. The finding of the NDERF study are corroborated by the investigation of Dr. Cherie Sutherland who reviewed thirty years of scholarly literature regarding the NDEs of children and concluded:
“It has often been supposed that the NDEs of very young children will have a content limited to their vocabulary. However, it is now clear that the age of children at the time of their NDE does not in any way determine its complexity. Even prelinguistic children have later reported quite complex experiences…. Age does not seem in any way to affect the content of the NDE.” 28
Very young children have near-death experience content that is strikingly similar to older children and adults. This is further evidence that NDEs are occurring independently of preexisting cultural beliefs, religious training, or awareness of the existence of NDE.
Line of Evidence #8
Cross-cultural study of near-death experiences
Portions of the NDERF website, including the questionnaire, have been translated into 23 different languages. Over 500 near-death experiences in non- English languages have been shared with NDERF over the years. Dozens of volunteers have translated the non- English NDEs into English. Both the non-English and English translated versions of the NDEs are posted on the NDERF website. Over 60,000 people currently visit the NDERF website each month. Many website visitors are bilingual and this help assure that the NDEs are accurately translated.
My investigation of NDEs from around the world that have been translated into English shows that their content is strikingly similar. 29 If near-death experiences were considerably influenced by pre-existing religious and cultural beliefs, it would be expected that there would be significant differences in the content of NDEs from different cultures around the world. However, in my review of over 500 NDEs from dozens of countries around the world I found impressive similarities in the content of these NDEs.
I investigated 19 non-Western NDEs, where a “non- Western country” was defined as areas of the world that are predominantly not of Jewish or Christian heritage. 30 These 19 non-Western NDEs were compared to a group of NDEs shared in English from Western countries that were predominantly English speaking. This investigation concluded:
“All near-death experience elements appearing in Western NDEs are present in non-Western NDEs. There are many non-Western NDEs with narratives that are strikingly similar to the narratives of typical Western NDEs. At a minimum, it may be concluded that non- Western NDEs are much more similar to Western NDEs than dissimilar.” 31
Two recent investigations of Muslim near-death experiences in non-Western countries have been reported. An investigation of 19 Iranian Muslim NDEs concluded:
“Our results suggest that Muslim NDEs may actually be quite common, as they are in the West, and may not be especially different in their key features from Western NDEs and therefore not heavily influenced by cultural variations, including prior religious or spiritual beliefs.”32
Another study of eight Muslim NDEs found:
“Although the documentation standard of the available cases is generally low, these accounts indicate that structure and contents of NDEs from many non-Western Muslim communities are largely similar to those reported in the Western NDE literature.” 33
The lack of significant differences in the content of near-death experiences around the world, including NDEs from non-Western countries, suggests that NDE content is not substantially modified by preexisting cultural influences. This finding is consistent with the previously discussed finding that children age five and under, who have received far less cultural influence than adults during their brief lives, have NDEs with content that is essentially the same as older children and adults. Other common forms of altered consciousness, such as dreams or hallucinations, are much more likely to be significantly influenced by prior cultural beliefs and life experiences. The lack of significant differences in the content of NDEs around the world is consistent with the concept that NDEs occur independently from physical brain function as currently understood.
Line of Evidence #9
Near-death experience after effects
Following near-death experiences significant changes in the lives of NDErs are commonly observed. The most recent version of the NDERF survey asked NDErs, “My experience directly resulted in...:”
The responses of 278 NDErs to the question were:
Large changes in my life15254.7 %Moderate changes in my life6824.5 %Slight changes in my life2810.1 %No changes in my life145.0 %Unknown165.8 %
Changes in beliefs and values following near-death experiences are often called aftereffects. Given that a life-threatening event without an NDE might result in life changes, some of the best evidence for NDE-specific aftereffects came from the largest prospective NDE study ever reported. This study, conducted by Pim van Lommel, MD, divided survivors of cardiac arrest into a group that had NDEs, and a group that did not. 12 The aftereffects of both groups were assessed two and eight years after the cardiac arrests. The group of cardiac arrest survivors with NDEs were statistically more likely have a reduced fear of death, increased belief in life after death, interest in the meaning of life, acceptance of others, and were more loving and empathic. It may take years after NDEs for the aftereffects to become fully manifest. The aftereffects may be so substantial that NDErs may seem to be very different people to their loved ones and family. The consistency, intensity, and durability of NDE aftereffects is consistent with the NDErs’ typical personal assessments that their experiences were very meaningful and significant. It is remarkable that NDEs often occur during only minutes of unconsciousness, yet commonly result in substantial and life-long transformations of beliefs and values.
Go to:
Conclusion of Study
Multiple lines of evidence point to the conclusion that near-death experiences are medically inexplicable and cannot be explained by known physical brain function. Many of the preceding lines of evidence would be remarkable if they were reported by a group of individuals during conscious experiences. However, NDErs are generally unconscious or clinically dead at the time of their experiences and should not have any lucid organized memories from their time of unconsciousness.
It is informative to consider how near-death experiencers themselves view the reality of their experiences. An NDERF survey of 1122 NDErs asked “How do you currently view the reality of your experience?”, and received the following responses:
Experience was definitely real: 95,6% 962 patients
Expereience was probably real 4% 40 patients
experience was probably not real 0.3% 3 patients
experience was definitely not real 0.1 1 patient
The great majority of more than 1,000 near-death experiencers believed that their experiences were definitely real. The 1,122 NDErs surveyed included many physicians, scientists, attorneys, and nurses. These findings suggest that, for the majority of us who have not personally experienced an NDE, we should be very cautious about labelling NDEs as “unreal.” Given that such a high percentage of NDErs consider their experiences to be “definitely real,” it would be reasonable to accept their assessment of the reality of their personal experience unless there is good evidence that their experiences were not real.
After over 35 years of scholarly investigation of near-death experience, the totality of what is observed in NDEs has not been adequately explained based on physical brain function. It is beyond the scope of this article to review the many proposed “explanations” of near-death experience. Over the years, there have been over 20 different “explanations” of NDE suggested that cover the gamut of physiological, psychological, and cultural causes. If any one or several of these “explanations” were widely accepted as plausible, then there would be no need for so many different “explanations” of NDE. Among those who believe that physical brain function must explain everything that is experienced in all NDEs, there is no consensus whatsoever about how physical brain function produces NDEs.
The combination of the preceding nine lines of evidence converges on the conclusion that near-death experiences are medically inexplicable. Any one or several of the nine lines of evidence would likely be reasonably convincing to many, but the combination of all of the presented nine lines of evidence provides powerful evidence that NDEs are, in a word, real.
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