Kryptonite Big Boi

2nd Attempt (164 - Q, 153 -V) (QVQVQ)

2020.08.25 18:09 aryankanwar 2nd Attempt (164 - Q, 153 -V) (QVQVQ)

So I took my Gre again and after 30 min reconnecting with the proctor I was able to start my exam.
First attempt 5th June
300 157 -Q , 143 - V ( I had calculator issue on this ) I knew I didn't deserve this score
As I was preparing for a while and had consumed almost every resource I found Gregmat . A bigshout to @Gregmat his teaching skills and strategies are the best .
1.Official Material
2.Big Book 27 test
3.Magoosh flash cards
4.800 words Magoosh
5.Gregmat strategies Block of 4, Math strategy, Double possibility, Simplifying sentences in comprehension.
1.Manhattan 5lb
2.Manhattan 1-7 series
3.Big Book 27 test mostly hard questions (< 50%)
4.Few GMAT questions and (Test Prep Videos + Cheat Sheet)
5.Gregmat Strategies Using smart numbers( Algebra Bois 😂), Using shortcuts, Simplifying Data interpretation before attempting, (6/40 questions) Attempting QA 1-10 Later.
I have given almost every mock be it Magoosh, Manhattan, Ets , Princeton. Best Mock which resemble the actual test are PPP (POWER PREP PAID ) My score was in par with power prep paid 2.
I would like to say don't loose hope the test is not getting tough it gets tricker and all you have to do is having skills ans strategy for questions. I could make it in 2 attempts don't let anyone fool you it's your journey you might do it in 1 attempt or even more ,have faith in yourself and keep practicing.
May the light be with you.⚡
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2020.06.09 00:42 -TheSilentObserver What playing D&D and other role playing games as a 5-8 year old is like.

Hey! This is a fallow up to another story I posted which is located here.
You all seemed to love it so I thought I'd continue the train. I have a few games from my not-as-early but still early years that are fairly neat.
First one is admittedly bland but it goes to show that my understanding of the game's reality progressed. In fact it was surprisingly normal.
I played a sort of viking themed crossbowman who was hanging out in an inn during some kind of zombie invasion. I offered help to the already established party and I shot a lot of zombies. It was great. Thing is the game went from 6PM to 10PM and me, a five year old, had a bedtime at 8PM. This meant that I'd be there for half the game, then the other half I'd sleep. The death of my stronk man was still fairly fresh in my mind so every time I went to bed I would tell them not to kill my character and they always promised not to do so, at least, while I wasn't there. It went well and I learned that while my character wasn't there I could not possibly know what was happening, resulting on an attack on an army one of our other players had accidentally infiltrated despite not even speaking their language.
The second one I remember was a superhero game. I was a little older, maybe six? We were playing our own little superhero world, no DC or Marvel to my knowledge, and were asked to make our own superheros. Our superpowers could be anything within reason. Now the funny part is that the other PCs, who were all grown ups, wanted to make nuanced and story driven characters. We had a bunch of wacky people like Explosion Man who could explode on command. The problem was that he wasn't immune to his own exploding body. A part of me wonders how he learned of his power. We also had a guy in full plate armor and a crossbow, a woman who had a random power every day, and one other I can't remember much of. I think they were the big brain sort.
Anyways while everyone else was making complex characters I went full on superman. I created a character named Lightning Boy who had super strength, speed, and could call lightning down from the sky. Looking back on it I realize I made Shazam minus the transformation part. However this meant that I was the only person in the group who could give a reliable stream of damage. Unfortunately for Lightning Boy complex characters meant intelligent villains and Lightning Boy was anything but. I remember one of the villains managed to take our big brain boi hostage at one point and I was the only hero left standing. The whole game I had been doing the whole "NOTHING SHALL STAND IN THE WAY OF JUSTICE" thing and that meant I could never let the villains have their way, so I asked our DM if I could just lightning bolt them all. Everyone pointed out that if I did that our big brain boi would get electrocuted as well and being already beat up there wasn't much of a chance they would survive that. Now for a normal person that would have been enough to stop them, and it did stop me, but I was six and had to mull over my options for an uncomfortably long about of time. I realize that killing another PC like this wouldn't be fun at all so Lightning Boy ended up getting chucked in the back of a van with his own version of kryptonite.
A few highlights from this game include:
-An entire session dedicated to our random superpower character becoming a giant magnet for a day causing the man in plate armor and every other metal device in the city to stick to her in this giant metal snowball.
-Man in plate armor somehow sneaking through an entire complex full of goons.
-Explosion man finishing off the BBEG with a self sacrifice.
-Backseat minigun.
Yeah we were the kind of... heroes, that killed people at times.
The third game I remember was around about the same time. We decided to launch a new campaign and the character idea me and my parents came up with was pretty smooth.
My mother was in the game so we decided that I would be her son in-game. Same age too. The idea was that I couldn't be out of character because I would act my age. The difference was that I was actually a really young eastern dragon who was adopted by my mother's character. That and my weakness, because we all had to have one for this game, was gold. I wanted all the gold and could not resist a good shiny.
We ended up in new york staying at a bar run by another party member. This party member was a management god IRL so that bar was managed so well that our DM could barely keep up. It was pretty hard keeping the fact that I was a young impulsive dragon a secret and eventually when evil goons invaded our bar I just started incinerating them, catching the building on fire. The explanations about what was going on to the police grew especially silly as time progressed.
Police: "What happened here?"
Bar manager: "Ah just some kids fooling around. Graffiti and, well, you know what I mean."
Police: "...Does that include the strangely accurate burn marks outlining someones shoe prints at the front door, the broken windows, and the bullet holes?"
Bar manager: "Yeah they're... Really good at graffiti these days eh?" Lamp falls over in the background.
Our janitor, who was a clean freak to the supernatural degree, was very agitated that day.
I remember a time when, for a reason I cannot remember, I was dropped off at a church my mother knew about and told to stay put no matter what. I think where she was going she couldn't keep track of me. Anyways the BBEG finds out that the dragon he's after is at the church all alone and sends some people to go get me. They lure me out front with a shiny jacket. Luckily for everyone except the bad guys my six year old self valued the words of my mother over a shiny jacket. As soon as the jacket was placed in the car and out of sight I bolted. I bet they regret not offering more than just a jacket.
The end to this one was pretty gruesome. We became wanted by not just our magical BBEG but the government as well and it was pretty evident that we would be hunted for the rest of our lives. The only option was to fake our deaths so while everyone hopped on my back and I flew to the nearest uninhabited island our janitor stayed behind and opened a box. The box contained a powerful magic that ripped out the souls of everyone in downtown New York before turning them to dust. No one came after us after that, but damn.
The last one I remember from those days is the one my parents talk about an awful lot. It was another superhero game but this time I decided to go the complex route.
I was an octopus. I had two powers besides being as intelligent as your average human. Being able to breath air(I still needed to moisturize every day) and being able to convince anyone I was human. I couldn't talk, so I could try and convey messages through the color of my skin.
I dunno wat da fuk or PANIC: RAINBOW
And so forth.
It was a lot of fun shouting colors at everyone. You have to get really creative communicating to the party when you've used your natural octopus abilities to sneak into the villains lair and hear his evil plans. Being an octopus was fun af. I got to blend in with everything like a true sneaky boi and descriptions of a human walking down the street like it's his first time using legs is amazing. Hey, I could convince people I was human but acting human? That's another thing entirely.
Anyways, from there I really started getting into the whole role playing part of role playing games and I've never looked back, until now that is. I grew up with role playing games and games in general. It's fun to reflect on all that. Do you have any memories playing D&D or other RPG's when you were really young? I'd love to hear em.
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2020.05.06 19:00 dontgive_afuck Killer Mike (feat. Big Boi)- Kryptonite [HipHop](2005)

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2020.04.15 04:30 cyollins86 The Hater's Guide to ML2020 (Qualifier Pool)

Disclaimer: I wrote most of this pre-M1. After that concluded, I have gone back in and written a little about M1 results but not a whole lot. Additionally, the whole write up with all the teams is really long. So I'm breaking it up to make it less TLDR.
The Qualifier Pool:
Mellow Yellow: 2018 was a fluke. Mellow Yellow is back, baby! It’s unfortunate that their 2019 season was overshadowed by several other storylines. Yellow is officially now the League’s GOAT in terms of points. He is clearly a capable leader and his performance in 2019 was a great example for his teammates. M1 was a bit of a disappointment but this team has shown they can rebound quickly. It would be huge to see MY back on the podium, but really a championship is what they need. They are one of the most storied and successful teams in ML history. Tied for third for most overall medals. Only the Savage Speeders have more finishes on the final podium. It seems like people don’t think MY is elite. The numbers don’t lie, this is a top tier team. Let’s hope they keep it mellow in all things except winning it all.
Savage Speeders: History is made! The Savage Speeders will have to qualify for the ML for the first time ever. Most teams would be elated with a 5th place finish. The Speeders shouldn’t be, and they have a lot on the line going into this qualifier and ML20. I don’t doubt that the Speeders will qualify. They are a clear cut above all but a few teams in the field. With only four events, however, all it takes is a couple mistakes to get knocked out. You can best bet that all three of last year’s podium finishers are hoping for this to happen and teams like the Orangers will be gunning for them every event. The Speeder’s goal in ML2020 must be a championship. They haven’t won since 2016. Two heartbreakingly close 2nd places in 2017-18 were not satisfying either. The M1 Championship has to feel amazing in light of this, but they can’t settle. The Savage Speeders have to beat the Raspberry Racers to a second championship, and they need to do it this year.
Orangers: Another storied team coming off its worst season. Make no mistake though, the Orangers are the most consistent team in the sport. This team is like the anti-Hazers. The Hazers rock the first half, the Orangers take the second. This has been what has killed the team the past two seasons. Yes, a second half hot streak won them the championship in 2017. However, the game changed in 2019. The podium was separated from the rest of the pack by a mile. The third place Hazers had nearly 40 points on fourth place Mellow Yellow. Consistency made those top three teams out of reach of any hot streak. The Orangers have consistency, they just don’t have that consistency. This team loves to finish 4th-6th in events and that’s exactly where they have finished every year besides 2017. If 2020 is the same story, you can go ahead and write off the Orangers as serious championship contenders for the future.
Jungle Jumpers: Don’t be surprised if this team doesn’t qualify. If the Jungle Jumpers were a stock market fund, it would be the most volatile thing ever. Booming one day, crashing the next. This makes them unbelievably fun to watch (or frustrating if you’re a Jumpers fan), but entirely unpredictable. The one thing looking up for this team is how they closed out the 2019 season. They showed a remarkable improvement in performance and surged in the standings. Had they performed the same all throughout 2019, the Jumpers would have had a shot at the podium. This team has to show consistency to be taken seriously though. Otherwise, the Jungle Jumpers will remain that fun team to watch that everyone knows aren’t really relevant to the final podium.
Balls of Chaos: They live up to their name, that’s for sure. Last year, they looked like a shell of their contender self in 2018. Two medals in the last two events saved them from a double-digit place finish. You can’t count on this team to qualify this year. If they do, I suspect it will be another bottom feeder performance with a random medal or two for their fans. Oddly enough, every year they have qualified, BoC have averaged an 8.6-8.8 finish. That makes their 5th place finish in 2018 even more mind boggling. If this team is to put together a contending run at the championship in 2020, they really need to trim down those 13th-16th place finishes that have plagued them so much. This team is literally two more bad events in a season away from being on the Pinkies level…
Midnight Wisps: The Wisps seem to be bitten by the same bug that bit Mellow Yellow in 2018. They just could not free themselves from bad finishes in 2019. They didn’t really seem to shake that trend in M1 either. This doesn’t bode well going into ML20. A former champion has never failed to qualify, but the Wisps are the most probable not to out of the three in the qualifier field. A failure to qualify would be devastating but qualifying and finishing in the top 8 would be just what the doctor ordered. MY was able to recover quickly, the Wisps can too.
Crazy Cat’s Eyes: A sneaky team right here. Not sneaky good, sneaky bad. They fell off hard last year. How do you win three straight medals (one of only three teams to ever do that), be as high as 4th place overall, be in 5th place overall after Event 13, and then tank to 11th in the last three events? I don’t get it. I feel like the Cat’s Eyes are so much better than the results they have posted, and I think others feel this way too. That’s why they are sneaky bad. The win a lot of medals but they have all been meaningless. The Cat’s Eyes have to put together some good supporting performances to those medals. Otherwise, they’ll turn into the Thunderbolts…
Chocolatiers: The definition of mediocrity. The Choccy Bois have never been relevant. There was a moment in 2017 where they looked to be coming around, however that did not last long. This team might not qualify in 2020. They are historically very weak qualifiers and squeaked by in the last spot for 2019. Several of the Showdown teams look dangerous and ready to capitalize on this weakness. The Snowballs could very well take their place. If they do make the 2020 ML, expect more of same.
Thunderbolts: What is this team even doing? The fall from grace has been fast and rough. I forget that the Bolts have the second most medals all time. I guess that’s what happens when you go from finishing on the podium and nearly winning the championship to being mediocre as all get out to being a bottom feeder. Yes, the 2019 Bolts were essentially a rookie team. However, a 13th place finish is the exact opposite of what Bolts fans wanted to see from the roster shakeup. Props to the team’s management for trying, I guess? The original crew was regressing hard and folks were getting nervous. M1 had a couple of good moments but 8th place isn’t good enough for a team that was a mere .03 seconds from the championship in 2016. These guys have to stop racking up the meaningless medals and put it all together. The Bolts are also riding a 13-event streak without a medal, that’s the third longest active streak currently. If there is no return to the Thunderbolt form this year that we all expect, it’s time to change things at the managerial level.
Indigo Stars: Ah yes, the other rookie team from last year. They have an advantage of being the only other space team. Will that help? I don’t know. The Stars really started putting things together in the back half of last year. This was huge for the team’s confidence. However, they have to qualify to prove to me that they have the potential that I sincerely hope they have. But in the likely event that they don’t, it will be rough going forward. The ML has been very unkind to teams that have been “one and done” (thus far). The Showdown has helped with this, but the Stars could very well take a spot next to the Kobalts, Rojo Rollers, and Shining Swarm as a team struggling to get back into the big dance.
Pinkies: The lovable losers had some of the best moments in the team’s history last year. Hard to believe that a 15th place finish contributed to that, but that’s just how bad the Pinkies have been. Terrible as they are, the Pinkies are a great qualifying team (much to the chagrin of fans of teams who don’t get in and swear that their team can do better). They’ll do what the Pinkies do best, qualify and then duke it out with another team for the coveted 16th spot and the Lead Cube Award. All the while, opposing fans will be proud of them whenever they do something good and Pinkies fans will feel warm and fuzzy inside. At least until the next event…
Oceanics: I’ll keep this short and to the point. They have to qualify, win medals, and finish 10th or better. Otherwise, there needs to be anger directed towards Reef and the Oceanics management for their handling of Tide’s firing. Coach Lagoon wasn’t really given a lot of time to right the ship, but he didn’t change a thing. Firing a coach in the middle of the season, no matter how bad they are, changes things dramatically for the athletes on the team. No improvement this year means Tide was embarrassed on the international stage for no reason at all. Finally, the Oceanics have the second longest active streak without a medal at 19 events. The all-time record is the Pinkies at 26 straight (Event 8 2017-Event 9 2019). No pressure guys! Just the whole world is watching you…
Snowballs: The inaugural Showdown champs. They absolutely crushed it too. Look for this team to be the bane of a lot of mediocre ML 2019 teams in the qualifiers. Snowballs fans should be feeling pretty awesome because their team is like the Predator and the choppa ain’t coming for some of the teams ahead of them. The one factor that hangs over the team like a dark cloud is the fact that they have never qualified for a ML. They were pre-qualified in 2018, so they did not have to go through the gauntlet. Even if they don’t show it, you know that is on every team members’ mind. The talent pool in the Showdown may not be as great and might have inflated their performance. However, ironically, this team feels hot. This was evident in M1 where they put together a fantastic 4th place campaign. Let’s see if they can ride this momentum into the qualifiers. If they do qualify for the ML and they finish in the Top 3-4, they’re contenders for the 2020 crown.
Hornets: These guys feel like they could be the Green Ducks 2.0. They were crushing veteran teams in the Showdown like it was nothing. Every ML season has had a couple of rookies and the Hornets look to be one of those teams in 2020 and the front runner for Rookie of the Year. It’s hard to provide any real outlook on a rookie team but do not sleep on these guys in the qualifiers. That’s what I wrote before M1 anyway…oof. What to say now? I guess that Vespa probably has to go, but she has the only individual medal in Hornets’ history. And let’s be honest, Hive wasn’t really any better. Let’s take an optimistic look and say that the experience gained in M1 can only help them in the qualifiers.
Rojo Rollers: Is this the year? Maybe! Before the showdown, I said to myself that the Rojo Rollers needed to have a good Showdown to prove they were real. The Rollers did just that. However, I see the same issue that has plagued this team coming back to bite them. They are painfully slow at times. Not every event is based on speed, yes, but those that are have been the Rollers’ kryptonite. Just look at their mediocre results in M1. Hopefully they change their training regimen headed into the qualifiers, especially for their long suffering fan base. Otherwise, it’s another year off.
Team Primary: Fret not, Primary Fans, the Limers can’t affect your chances of qualifying this year. What can and will affect your chances will be this team’s abysmal overall performance. Primary has an uncanny ability to string together terrible results like no other team. Just look back to 2017. They were in 1st place after three events and then tanked to a 14th place finish. To date this has been the worst a once first-place team has ever finished. They have a steep hill to climb in 2020 to qualify. Now let’s now address the elephant in the room that is Mary. She garnered universal ridicule for her M1 performance (much to Vespa’s relief) and many are calling for her to be kicked off the team. Primary could very well be a better team without her, but as of right now she has the only individual gold medal in Primary’s history. You can’t write off that experience and replacing her with an inexperienced rookie is probably not going to change anything (looking at you Bolts!).
Jawbreakers: Not the most forgettable team, but they’re up there. Probably the most forgettable that has been in multiple seasons of the Marble League. There is a great way to curb that: win. The only problem is that it has been since 2016 since the Jawbreakers have won anything in the Marble League. They desperately need to change that too, because they are holder of a 21-event streak without a medal, the longest active streak currently. They are only six more events away from breaking the Pinkies record. Jawbreakers fans probably rue the day that the team’s management restructured the roster, because things have never been quite the same since. Team Captain Candy is the longest tenured team member and won the first gold ever in the Showdown’s history and the first medal of any kind for the Jawbreakers in a long time. Candy has been there since the beginning. She needs to continue to step up and lead this team. Only then will the Jawbreakers make it back to the Marble League and have a shot at ending the streak.
Team Momo: I feel for these guys. They nearly made the podium in 2016. Ever since then it has been a tragic decline with numerous injuries. I think I speak for everyone in saying that Momo needs to qualify and be on the biggest stage once again. It seems to be psychological at this point. As if the fear of another awful injury is holding the team down. They were fairly above average in the Showdown, but that won’t cut it against the rest of the qualifier pool. If they don’t qualify, it might be time for Momomomo to hang them up. Making it back to the Marble League would be the feel-good story of the year for sure though.
Bumblebees: They are trying to make history as only the second Hubelino team to ever qualify for the Marble League. Unfortunately, the 2018 champs were very mediocre in the Showdown. This didn’t prevent them from making it to the qualifiers though. They have to put their rivalry with the Hornets on hold and just focus on qualifying. The Hornet’s amazing Showdown performance has to be annoying to them, but they need to use that as motivation to qualify. If they don’t make it, then it’s back to the Hubelino Tournament and the question is raised if Hubelino teams can actually compete in the Marble League.
Minty Maniacs: The only team in history to win a medal in the Hubelino Tournament, Marble League Showdown, and Marble League. The one Showdown medal they did earn, helped them in a tie breaker to advance. These guys have been here before and have made it before. But their 2018 season was one to forget about sans their historic medal. It’s going to be a tough road if they qualify. But qualifying would be a big boost in confidence and prove that Hubelino teams can in fact hang with the big dogs.

The 2020 Showdown Teams will be next...
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2020.03.05 23:55 pash1k Big Boi Announces New Kryptonite Festival in Atlanta

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2020.03.03 21:55 enjoyinglifetoday Big Boi announces his own music festival, Kryptonite Fest, April 18th in Atlanta

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2019.12.02 08:32 b_dog6752 My Lengthy Review of Frozen 2

Frozen 2 – 9/10
A Spoiler Review
This review will be me going over my thoughts scene by scene, with an overall summary at the end of characters, songs, and other specific things. These are my thoughts of the movie 1 week into its release.
This is a lengthy review, so go to the bottom for a tldr summary if you don’t want to read 7000+ words.
Before the review: I’ve seen this movie twice now. Once its opening weekend, once exactly a week later. Between that week I listened to the soundtrack on repeat and constantly thought about the film just about every minute of the week. And I plan to see it many, many, many more times. (I also performed Panic!’s version of Into The Unknown the day the movie released).
(with Regal Unlimited, I literally get free movies, so just to test it out I might spend an entire day just watching Frozen II over and over at the movies, to take in as much of it as possible)
I love Frozen. I remember seeing it in my room for the first time. I fell in love. Not to sound hipstery, but I loved Let It Go before it blew up, I just, loved the movie <3 I saw it so so so so so so so so so so so so many times. I listened to the songs throughout this entire decade. And when Frozen 2 was announced, oh lord I went insane. That first teaser was intense!
So am I a little biased towards this movie? Absolutely. I’m influenced by my love of Frozen, my passion for Disney, and my love for animation in general. So I am biased. But these are my complete and honest thoughts of the movie.
Onto the review:
The movie instantly hits you at home with its slow reprisal of Vuelie. First time hearing that brought the 14 year old in me to life, such a nostalgic hit, makes it hard to believe 6 years have already passed. But all of that is nothing compared to this beautiful opening:
The girls are little again, we get to see them together again before the shut out, such an adorable little moment. We get the yada yada exposition – new story – foreshadowing – introduction story telling. They set up a lot of things for the movie, some which are pretty predictable, but that’s fine.
The real moment of this scene is when the movie heavily sets the tone with Iduna’s All Is Found lullaby to the princesses. This is the most beautiful song in the movie in my opinion. Evan Rachel Wood’s voice is just so so so beautiful, and as mentioned it sets the tone for the whole movie. Beautiful, mysterious, dangerous. (I’ll discuss the songs individually below)
Then once the movie is done with its prologue and setting its tone, we see the real beauty of Frozen animation 6 years later. The visuals are S T U N N I N G. Holy lord. The environmental are is beyond this word. I could just stare at these muted scenes for hours it’s actually insanely majestic. It feels real, it looks real, yet it blends with the animation so well. And this movie has so many different types of environments and they all work so god damn well. The main setting is Autumn, and coming from someone who’s favorite season is Fall, I was a sucker for these beautiful Autumn backdrops.
And on the topic of art and animation, Elsa and Anna feel older. They look and act as if 6 years really did pass. Because they did. In real life and in universe (I actually learned later that it’s only been 3 years since Frozen but whatever) and we can feel that just from the first song with them, “Some Things Never Change” ooo isn’t that a joyride of a song. Ironically setting up the message that things change. A lot of things change. EVERYTHING CHANGES. And it’s just such a great nod to the views. To those who enjoyed the movie as teens and are now adults. The little girls who fell in love with Elsa and are now in their mid-teens. The new kidos who are new to Frozen. This song connects to everyone! And does a great deal of foreshadowing many events in this movie.
So the movie does its cute stuff of bringing us back home to these characters and showing us where they lie. Like. Yo, when Kristoff said he was gonna propose to Anna, yo, I felt that, that’s cute. I need this. This needs to happen. Yes Kristoff. YES! But yikes he’s literally the epitome of my awkwardness.
That charades scene melts my heart. I love it. I got a very Hammer Scene from Age of Ultron vibes. It’s so cute. My favorite part is when Olaf imitates Elsa and Kristoff goes “Ohhh Elsaaa!” and Elsa just laughs and shurgs and nods like “Yup that’s meeee” Hahahaha. I love this scene <3
An odd thing that kinda bugs me is they switched out of their festival outfits so quickly. I don’t know why but remember in Frozen when they were in their ceremonial dresses for a pretty long portion of the movie, I don’t know I guess my brain just wanted a little more screen time of their beautiful dresses from the beginning, but they’re really only used in the song. Oh well. Similar to that I just wish we got a little bit more of these cute little moments of the gang just hanging out with no worries yet.
Then, oh ho ho, oh boi. Anna sings Elsa to sleep with All is Found, sure, but then that piano plays. That voice sings. Yes. Yes. Into The Unknown. The song I’ve been listening to and practicing for an entire week to wow the crowd. Here it is. Here’s my song. And ooo, Elsa KILLED it. Such an intense song. Such an impactful song as well. Look, it’s no Let It Go, but it’s still beautiful, and such a great song for Elsa’s character. Coming right out of “Some Things Never Change” that’s what Elsa wants. She loves where she is. Or does she? After Frozen she finally broke free from her confinement, but was it enough? She’s had her adventure, but was it enough? There’s still so much more she needs to let out, to Let Go. And so, the plot moves forward. The spirits are awoken.
Spirits go crazy, people leave Arendelle sure idk what’s going on but here we are. And then THE TROLLS. Ah great. These guys. “Never a dull moment with you two” Yeah haha, why are the Trolls back? Oh some quick exposition, and they’re never seen again. Good – Look I’m fine with the trolls but they just didn’t land right for me in the first movie. “Fixer Upper” was supposed to be silly and cute but I was more annoyed cuz Anna was D Y I N G and they’re like “hahaha Kristoff brings girl haha marriage haha” Okay sorry, got off track, back to Frozen 2.
We get the cute sisterly love we love so much between Anna and Elsa when Elsa says Anna can’t come cuz it’s too dangerous and Anna’s all like “Yo remember the first movie?” and Elsa’s like oh shit yeah u can come.
Then we get my least favorite gag of the movie: Kristoff failing to propose to Anna. Look it’s silly, it’s cute, but it’s ALL HE DOES IN THE MOVIE. HE SERVES NO OTHER PURPOSE OTHER THAN SINGING HIS 80’S ROCK BALLAD. Anyways. Yeah we get this cute little moment, but then I was totally taken out when Anna went completely out of character. Kristoff is all “Remember when I said you were crazy for marrying a man you just met” and Anna is like, twitchy eyed, gritty teeth, “You think I’m crazy????” that was SO out of character of Anna, she’s never shown characteristics of being so anxious like that. Sure we can assume cuz she spent her entire life locked away then the first man she meets tried to kill her and her sister, but idk it just doesn’t land and isn’t very Anna. And she does it a lot throughout the movie every time Kristoff fails to propose, at least it’s not as dramatic as that first one. Anyways, it’s still cute to see Kristoff fail because he reminds me of my awkward self.
They get to that special mist stuff and yada yada I don’t care what they said cuz they just sit there dramatically like “whoaaa from the story whoaaa super spooky” but can we talk about OLAF RUNNING INTO IT OVER AND OVER. That shits funny.
Olaf: I’m not afraid to admit there was prolly a little bit too much of him in this film, which is expected ya know, kids loved him in the first film, Disney knows Olaf will sell. So we need more Olaf. And it works yeah, but there was like idk 2 or 3 jokes in the movie that could’ve been cut and it would’ve been fine.
We get more Kristoff doing his proposal gag, yeah yeah. But then. Just then. We get the funniest line in the movie: “Anna? Elsa? Sven?.... Samantha?.... haaahahahahaha. I don’t, even know a Samantha HAHAHAH” (knowing that was completely improvised by Josh Gad makes it SO MUCH BETTER). Dude seriously, I cracked up SO HARD on BOTH viewings. Holy Jesus it’s so funny. And in his song “Samantha?” gets me every time. Throughout the week I’d listen to his song and just got a huge chuckle every time. It’s just, so good. And his song, yeah it’s fun! Better than “In Summer” in my opinion. It’s a cute little song that lands with the kidos because it’s Olaf being silly and Olaf is basically just a child talking about wanting to grow up. Then it hits us big kids because we hear “When you’re older, absolutely everything makes sense!” and we just go HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-no. no it doesn’t.
Really cute and fun 😊
Yo – YO. Yes! Okay, so when they get sucked up by that tornado then all spit out but Elsa, and Elsa lands and is shooting her ice and stuff, yo that is intense! I love the fight with Gale!!! I love seeing Elsa use her powers and this is the first time this movie we really see her go at it! Then she does her boom and we get all those ice sculptures – which honestly doesn’t make sense to me, sure water has memory blah blah, but it’s whatever. It works so it’s fine.
Then we get more into the story with the Northuldrians vs Arendellians. Who cares about that can we talk about Olaf’s recap???? “There parents are dead.” WHAT THE- They really put that dark humor in a kids movie hahahaha. Dude that was so funny. And Matias reacting to the story, oh my god comedy gold. Olaf’s recapping reminded me of Luis’s story telling from Ant-Man (and the Wasp). I’ve heard a few people online say that this movie had too many callbacks to the original, which I can see where they’re coming from, but I think it was fine. The movies are 6 years apart and Frozen was Disney’s biggest princess movie E V E R. So of course they’ll give their nods where needed, and I think they all worked fine.
YO THEN WE GET THE FIGHT WITH THE FIRE SPIRIT OH MY LORD! YES ELSA! YES! GO!!!! It gets really intense when Anna runs after her and starts like, dying, and good ol Kristoff saves her. But yeah, Elsa chases after the spirit in an epic battle and corners it and- what is. What is that? That’s.. the. Most ADORABLE THING I’VE EVER SEEN!! Bruni (I don’t think his name is ever mentioned in the movie, but the fire salamander is Bruni), steals the show with his cuteness, and Elsa talking to him is just so adorable. “They’re all staring at us aren’t they?” then he licks his eye and she’s all “Am I supposed to know what that means?” haha aww. So cute.
Then yada yada follow the spirt, Anna argues with Elsa for a fat second, and hits her with one of my favorite lines: “You don’t want me to follow you into fire, then don’t run into fire.” Damn that’s a good line. This line is great because it really hammers Anna’s role in this movie. She’s spent all her life being shut out, but now she has he sister and doesn’t want to lose her, she knows Elsa is powerful and can handle herself, but even the thought of losing Elsa is enough to put herself into harms way to save her sister – which is what the first movie was all about. We didn’t get a romantic love story, we got a sisterly love story – I’m going on about Frozen again. Frozen 2: The line. Yes the line. Anna just wants to be there for Elsa, this is their journey. We, not me.
And then we get the realization of the person saving their father was there mother. Whoa big twist. Except not at all. I saw that coming from the beginning, it was just kinda obvious. But hey, still a cute little moment for the sisters. Then we get the Northuldrians singing Vuelie which was AMAZING and felt so nostalgic and wonderful <3.
The next scene is pretty forgettable. Like we meet these two new characters, Ryder and Honeymaron, who are used once then never again. Ryder helps set up a gag for Kristoff, Honeymaron tells us about the 5th spirt. Cool. There’s a little plot hole there. There’s legend of a 5th element, but if that legend is older than Elsa, and Elsa is the 5th element, where did that legend come from? Anyways. Let’s talk about the real new character in this scene: The Earth Giants. Yes. The Earth Giants. These things are SO intimidating. And they set them up soooooooo well! Loud, ominous, earth-raddling creatures. We get a silhouette of one and we see in Elsa’s eyes the fear they can instill. Then Elsa’s happy go lucky ego makes her wanna run after one. And Anna’s all like noooooo again. But yes. I love these Earth Giants and I will be discussing them more.
Anna and Elsa run off which starts a conflict between Anna and Kristoff that I didn’t really notice the first time and didn’t feel for the second time. But it does give us the funniest thing in the world: Kristoff’s 80’s rock ballad. We get that dumb little scene where he tries to propose to Anna, but like, yeah it’s the chief, not Anna, woooow you got us. And Ryder never shows up again. So let’s skip to the ballad:
First we get Reindeer(s) are better than people. Yes! Then Sven starts singing and you’re like what? Then the music hits and it just keeps on giving. All these 80’s music video tropes, Kristoff using an acorn as a mic, the Queen reference. God. What was Disney trying to do? Do you want us to feel because it’s a touching moment for the Anna/Kristoff conflict, but we can’t help but laugh at the context you’ve given us.
So what I take out of it is, lose a point for making a joke out of the Anna/Kristoff conflict, but double points for the 80’s rock ballad gag, I applaud you Disney, that was some good stuff.
Then we get the gut wrenching boat scene. When I first saw it I didn’t get the emotional feel, I was too busy looking at the BEAUTIFUL art. The environment and the WATER DROPSLETS OH MY LORD IT ALL LOOKS SO REAL. But my second viewing I focused more on the emotions. When Elsa says “I need to see what happens” and we hear the voices of their parents dying and she runs out thinking it’s all her fault. Ugh. That hits you HARD. ☹
But what hits me harder personally is when Elsa shoots Anna and Olaf away:
  1. Omg the betrayal! Yes it’s what Elsa has to do but damn! After everything Anna’s done, she just gets shut out, again. Wow…
  2. “I’m sensing some rising anger” Haha, yeah Olaf, Anna’s angry, silly silly. “Yeah, but what I mean is sensing rising anger in me.” Oh. My. GOD. OLAF IS ANGRY????? OLAF NOO! Wait. OLAF YES!! He’s growing up! He has maturing emotions. And Anna helps him through it and tell him it’s okay to be angry. It’s such a great message to those growing up. I love it and it’s great character development for Olaf! 😊
After that is Earth Giants 2.0. Wow. We get a real sense of their size. They’re asleep and Anna and Olaf have to be very, very quiet shhhhhh. It’s another intimidating scene because, what if one wakes up??? What’s going to happen to them??? Luckily, they escape and find a hideout. I love these Earth Giants and I will be discussing them more.
Now… Can we discuss the BEST scene(s) in the movie. The Battle With Nokk and Show Yourself.
When I first saw those waves and Elsa staring them down, I was ready. I’ve been waiting for this scene since February, ever since that first teaser, that teaser got me SO HYPE! And here we are. (unfortunately they cut the strings that followed her steps but that’s fine, I guess it wouldn’t have fit the movie).
We watch Elsa battle the waves. Fail. Fail again. So determined. She looks extremely badass might I say. She fights through the waves and gets sucked down. Then… NOKK. The battle with Nokk! Yo! This fight scene is SOOOO intense! I thought the fight with Gale was insane, this is WAY better!! When Nokk starts pushing her down, then she freezes it and swims back up then the horse just throws her around until she lassos in and tames in. Oh my GOD it’s so epic!! I really wish we got a little more of it. Just 1 or 2 more minutes. Please. I need more Nokk fighting.
Then. Show Yourself. This scene, BLEW me away. She gallops to the sight of Ahtohallan, “It’s Frozen!” ha. I see whatcha did there. The piano starts, she starts trembling, but not from the cold. Her song. So calm. So peaceful. So beautiful. She gets to the glacier. Nokk leaves. She let’s down her hair – holy WOW that’s a great look for her, and so powerful. In Let It Go, she let her hair down to symbolize her confidence rising. Now, her confidence has peeked, her hair is fully free, she has reached where she’s always needed to be. She enters the glacier, singing this, beautiful, beautiful song. The chorus finishes. “Ah ah, ahah.” The lights flash. She runs to the cave. During the second verse as she runs down that cave, then starts sliding, oh my god! It’s so intense! So fun! So moving! Not to mention the visuals!! This cave is BEAUTIFUL!! I just love the way she runs through the cave, then starts sliding, something about it is just so pleasing. Then when she creates those ice pillars to jump on. Ahhhh, with the song it’s just such an intense scene! When she says, “Here I am, I’ve come so far!” When the piano stops for a second while she says “Here I am” and she throws those pillars up! Oh my god it’s so… POWERFUL! SO INTENSE!! I LOVE IT!! Idina Menzel is an INSANE vocalist. Look, I know Show Yourself is no Let It Go, but that doesn’t change how I feel about this song. It’s so empowering for Elsa’s character and this scene improves it SO much! The Let It Go scene was great, but the song itself is what made it great. The Show Yourself scene and song go HAND AND HAND!!
Then the middle part where she connects the spirits and finds she is the 5th element! (again not surprising at all) and her mother is singing with her!! AHHH IT MELTS YOUR HEART!! When I first saw it I thought she was just singing to the memory of her mother singing. But no. HER MOTHER IS SINGING WITH HER! MY HEART!! Reacting to her. She is speaking to her mother again. And you see it in her eyes it’s such a beautiful, sad, lovely moment! And it throws in All is Found in there which ugh. It’s so amazing. It’s SO amazing! AHHHHH.
Then we jump into Elsa’s memories. This is a cute scene. Seeing parts from Frozen. It’s super cute watching Elsa’s reactions. She holders her heart at “I love you Olaf” she cringes at Let It Go. She danced with the Duke. She shuns and breaks Hans. That’s my favorite part of this scene, her little interactions with the memories. It’s so cute <3
Then we get the reveal of their Grandfather being the cause of all the violence, once again, not surprising, at all. It is a cool reveal though! Watching her “Dive down deep into her sound” and ends up going too far and drowns. I think the movie makes you want to think Elsa just died? But I didn’t get that at all. You really think they’d just kill of the queen? No I felt no emotional attachment to that. But it was still tense to see her freeze. And her last words being “Anna” gives me chills.
Here’s another gripe I have: She sends the message to Anna, cool yeah, her powers do weird things. Anna makes the connection “Grandfather killed the leader” but then she instantly says “The dam was a trick” what?? How did you make that connection so quick? Idk it felt like a weird coincidence that could’ve been a little more developed to make her figure out what was going on. Also we haven’t seen Kristoff in a while.
Then Olaf dies. Honestly. I didn’t feel anything. I was too busy thinking “Ms Anna, I don’t feel so good” And Olaf just totally Infinity Warred. And I knew he wasn’t gonna stay dead hello? No way. I did tear up on my second viewing though! It is very heart breaking. When he says “I don’t think Elsa is okay…” and “I just thought of one thing that’s permanent…. Love..” “Warm hugs.” “I love you” Oh my god that crushes you!
After that we get Anna’s “Next Right Thing” This one lands different for everyone. I doubt kids will really get this song. This song has no hook, no catch, it’s just singing in the moment. But it’s really powerful and dramatic. I didn’t really get it at first, but after listening to it throughout the week and then seeing it again. I felt it. Anna just lost everything. Kristoff has been MIA, Elsa just died. Olaf just died. Anna just lost… Everything. And you can see the defeat. She’s alone again. Everything’s gone. And the only thing left to do is to destroy everything, to destroy Arendelle. Break the dam and destroy the kingdom. It’s the next right thing. The entire movie built up to this moment. Everyone was finding the their next right thing, and this is the ultimate next right thing, time to set things right. And it’s all up to our princess.
And so we get my second favorite scene: The Chase scene. Look, I’m a sucker for chase scenes. And Earth Giants. So I am a S L U T for this scene! Anna rushes to the Earth Giants. Awakens them. Wow. You see their size. When the one tumbles and gets knocked, the sheer power of them, seeing something that big move that fast, the water, just.. wow.. these things. Are a work of nature. Anna is ready to lay down her life to save the forest. She calls to the Earth Giants and they chase her down and DAMN is it intense. She’s so close to death so many times. These things are soooo ready to kill her. Then our boy Kristoff comes out of no where to save the day. Cool. Thanks for being a character buddy. Oh and he’s gone again.
When Anna makes it to the dam and Matias stops her. I wanted soooo badly for him to turn on her. So bad. I had to remind myself this movie is PG, because literally I wanted Matias to strike. I wanted her to stab Anna. Hurt her. Wound her. Maybe kill her? And for Elsa to feel it. Feel the pain Anna was just given. And go BERSERK. Become the Ice Queen she is. However, this PG, and honestly that probably wouldn’t have fit the scene and mood, but ooo I would’ve loved a twist like that. But yeah Matias is like sure whatever let’s bang out shields. They break the dam and we win.
Then BOOM! ELSA ACTION AGAIN AND SHE SAVES ARENDELLE! Not gonna lie that actually got me. I really thought Arendelle was about to go. Watching Elsa ride Nokk to save the kingdom was a stunning scene. The forest is restored. The Reindeer run. Happily ever after!
But not yet.
Well yeah yet but. Hold on. We need our sister resolution. When Anna sees Elsa ride in on Nokk, I literally teared up both viewing. I’m a sucker for family stuff, and I love these sisters. Anna is so, in shock, so happy-sad. I love her crying. She’s so gross. She’s real. Sobbing, snoring, it hits ya in the gut. And when she learns Arendelle is saved, ahhhh, it warms your heart soooo much <3 THEN. AHH. THEN “Do you wanna build a snowman?” YES!! SO MUCH YES!!! THEN KRISTOFF PROPOSES!!! AHHHH YESSSSS (even though his only purpose in the movie was the 80’s rock ballad, don’t @ me). Anyways. Needless to say, this is such a feels good scene. And it ends in the best of ways: Queen. Anna. Yes. Yes. YES!!!! YES SHE NEEDED THIS!!!!!
I’ve heard some people say it’s out of character or just wrong that Elsa put Anna as queen and left to the forest for herself. But I felt like it was a perfect conclusion for each character. Anna definitely wouldn’t have made a good queen in Frozen, but after everything she’s been through, how much she’s shown to love Arendelle, she’s a perfect fit for queen. And Elsa, she never wanted to be in that position, even when she had it for her few years and was doing great, she needed to break free, she let herself go part 2 and is now as free as she could possibly, free to use her powers to all end, live with the spirits (she is the 5th spirit after all). It’s a great ending for our queens.
Ugh. Anyways.
I did enjoy the ending. Seeing Elsa move onto a more free life. It’s so fitting for her.
And that’s my rundown of the movie. My thoughts on scene by scene.
Now for an overall review:
The Art:
Oh my LORD. This movie is visually stunning. Like, the environmental art caught me off guard. First time viewing I missed an entire scene cuz I was so caught up in the visuals. And the characters look and act older. Anna and Elsa visibly look older and are more mature. As if 6 years actually passed. It’s a masterpiece. HUGE upgrade from Frozen.
The characters:
Elsa – There is a reason she was our first Disney Queen. Elsa was great in Frozen, sure, but we really didn’t get enough of her. We got SOOO much of her in this movie. Seeing her fights between each spirit, wow. So much intense icing. And her outfit transformation, hair down Elsa = best Elsa. BEAUTIFUL. But seriously, again, she is the Queen. She has so much power. So much fire in her (or ice if you will). Her development in this movie was even greater than her development in Frozen. She already let it go, but as she said in Into The Unknown, she wasn’t where she was supposed to be, Show Yourself is her accepting herself, she’s ready to let it all go. And that brings me to something really important: A lot of people wanted Elsa to have a relationship (straight or gay I don’t care), but I’m really glad she didn’t. Anna is the one with the relationship. We don’t need 2. And Frozen is about deviated expectations, having this Disney princess (Queen) trying to figure out how to love herself is such an interesting story and in my opinion way better than the typical normal romance stories. I also love where she ended! She was never meant to be queen, she was meant to be free and wild, use her powers her way, live how she wants to live! And the best part, as shown at the end of the movie, she’s not gone. She still visits Arendelle whenever she wants. Whether it’s every day, every week, every month, it’s up to the interpreter, but the movie proves she didn’t just ditch the kingdom, she just went somewhere she fit in more. Ultimately, Elsa, amazing.
Anna – Anna was my favorite from Frozen, and even though she had the biggest role she got overlooked because of Elsa’s powers and Let It Go and what not, and unfortunately, Anna had a smaller role in this movie compared to Frozen, but she was still the same Anna I loved and more. She had a few out of character moments, but I can look past that. She also had that weird Kristoff conflict that was kinda just pushed aside, which I guess is good, but the fact it was there and was barely built upon was weird. But anyways, watching Anna love her sister, try to protect her in every way, get angry with her when she’s shut out, Anna is the realest character of these movies. When she cries, she cries, she is gross and sobbing like I mentioned above. We see her asleep and she’s drooling and her hairs a mess. Old Disney would NEVER do that to their princesses. But Anna has so much real emotion and physique. She didn’t have as much development as Elsa, and tbh I didn’t feel any real transformation, other than “Some things never change” to “Things change” which is what a lot of characters had. Then she becomes our Disney Queen. So well deserved. Anna loves Arendelle more than anyone, that’s why breaking the dam was such a powerful move for her (I still didn’t feel like it was that big of a character change for her but whatever). When she became Queen I was so excited!! Go Anna! We love you Queen Anna!
Kristoff – He was so useless. Seriously. All he did was have his awkward proposal failures, which, I enjoyed, again it reminded me of myself and my awkwardness, but that’s ALL he did (it did give us the amazing humor of Lost In The Woods <3). He also saved Anna at the end from the Earth Giants, but that was after being out of the movie for 30 minutes (an entire 1/3 of the movie!). So honestly, not much to say about our boy this time. He sang more, but had a much bigger role in Frozen. I was a big Kristoff fan in the first movie, but he just didn’t get justice in this one. I loved when he finally proposed but yo there was NO WEDDING. So like. Dang yo.
Olaf – Oh my lord he was hilarious. Josh Gad is a god. “Samantha” was seriously the funniest thing in this movie, and gets me EVERYTIME, and it’s even funnier know it was totally improvised. His recaps are also stupid funny. “Their parents are dead.” Like what the heck. That is so messed up, but so funny. And I love his growing up theme of the movie. Like the time he said he was angry, wow, that was some serious development for Olaf. Such a powerful message for the new kidos and the kidos that grew up after Frozen. Hell even for us who are “grown up.” 20 years old and I still have no idea what’s going on. And I doubt I won’t know for a while. I also love his new knowledge, just saying all these random facts, especially when he’s like “That was unanimous, but I will look it up when we get back.” Olaf did great. Great humor and great messages.
The Spirits – The first spirit, Gale was great, she was kind of the guide to everything. Then Bruni was there to be the cutest damn thing ever. Nokk was BADASS. The fight with it, then just becoming Elsa’s noble steed. Just wow. And the Earth Giants. Well. I’ve expressed my love for them. They’re built up so perfectly, so intimidating, dangerous. I love them! Spirits are an A+ for me. It is odd we get intense fight scenes with each spirit as Elsa takes them, but not the Earth Giants. They just sort of become tame once the damn breaks. Imagine a fight scene with them vs Elsa, oh Lord.
Ryder and Honeymaren – They seemed like they were set up to be new, interesting characters, but they really did nothing.
Matias – He was a fun character. Didn’t do much but added to humor and was a nice little touch!
Agnarr and Iduna – The parents were treated like such gods in this movie, but remember when they literally kept their daughters hidden from the world and even each other for their entire life? Yeah I remember that.
The Songs:
There is no “Let it Go” in this movie, which was expected I won’t lie, how do you do better than Let It Go? The catchiest Disney song ever. The song that little girls played on repeat and annoyed their parents for years and years. How do you do better? You don’t. You make an entire soundtrack that bops. No Let It Gos, but they are all close.
All is Found – This is my favorite in-movie song. It’s so beautiful. It sets the tone so perfectly. It’s a perfect lullaby. I just. I love it so much. Evan Rachel Wood has an amazing voice and I can’t help but smile and sing along when this song is on. For the Kacey Musgraves. Eh. It’s really good don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t have the intense beauty that the in-movie song has.
Some Things Never Change – What a cute little recap song. Brings all our heroes together in a cute song about how things never change, even though this movie is all about change. Anna took the song away with being the main vocalist, Kirsten Bell has an amazing voice and her voice makes this song so fun!
Into The Unknown – I was so ready for this song. Having listened to the Panic! At the Disco version a week ahead of the movie, I was so excited. The in-movie song is really great. Idina Menzel takes the show away with her amazing voice. Aurora Aksnes helps with the “ah ah” parts and oh my GOD it’s so beautiful <3 The song itself is also just really meaningful for Elsa’s character. She’s where she THINKS she needs to be, but there’s another place for her. The Unknown. I much much prefer the Panic! At The Disco version, mainly because I love Panic! And Brenden Urie, and I listened to it prior, and I performed it, and it’s faster and it’s more rocky, and it’s harder, and it’s so so so so amazing <3 Ahhhhhh
When I Am Older – “Samantha?” hahahahaha! I love it! It’s a cute sequel to In Summer but it has a bigger meaning about growing up. How everything will make sense, except, ironically, just like Some Things Never Change, things do not always make sense, but for a kid, maybe they will.
Lost In The Woods – Dear god. I was so unprepared for this. I loved it. A parody of 80’s rock ballads is my kryptonite. I really don’t know what Disney was trying to do. I want to say it was all for humor, but it’s Kristoff’s only plot in the movie, being away from Anna and losing her. But they push it off and use this scene for humor. I much prefer the Weezer version, mainly because Kristoff’s version is just way too comical, and I can’t help but think of Kristoff’s stupid little things when I hear it hahaha. I love it, but Weezer killed it!
Show Yourself – This is basically the Let It Go of the movie, but it isn’t Let It Go. I expressed my feelings about this song above and how it’s part of my favorite scene. It’s such a powerful song. Developing Elsa even more, bringing out more of Idina’s beautiful voice. The song itself is so amazing, but the scene enhances it so much! But this is about the song itself. I love it’s power. It builds up very slowly, but once it hits the second verse it goes ALL out! And we get a bit of All is Found, so it blends my favorite song in with itself, my second favorite song. And it’s just. Ahhh. It’s so beautiful.
The Next Right Thing – This song is rough. It doesn’t have a catchy tune. No hook. I wouldn’t be surprised if kids hate this song. It’s even a bit cheesy. But honestly, after a few listens you really get behind the meaning. Anna realizing she’s lost everything. And the only thing left to do is lose even more. It’s a very emotional song that has to land right for you to enjoy it.
Favorite Song:
For in-movie, All is Found, I can’t say it enough, it’s just so beautiful. For overall soundtrack, Into The Unknown. Because Panic! 😊
Frozen had a huge twist: Hans. Sure, some will say it was obvious, but I think Disney did a great job at hiding Hans’ intentions and pulled up a great twist villain.
This movie felt like it was trying to hide that the person who saved the father was their mother, that their grandfather was the one who attacked first, but I basically figured that out in the opening scene. It was just a bit obvious. Is that bad? No, not at all, they already had big twists in the last one they didn’t need one here. I just thought I’d bring it up because it is worth noting.
Is this movie better than Frozen?
I don’t know. I cannot make that judgement. They are both so different, they do different things. It’s hard to compare the two.
Personally, I like Frozen II more. Here’s why. Frozen was a typical Disney story, but it subverted a lot of expectations. It did so many things right. Gave us our first Disney Queen, gave us Let It Go, a compelling story mostly surrounded by Sisterly love, not romance, which isn’t the first of it’s kind, but it’s done sooooooo well. The movie just worked. It’s timing was perfect, it made over a billion dollars. It just, worked. And because it’s been 6 years, it’s a very nostalgic movie now.
Frozen II is more of my style. It’s very adventurey. I’m a sucker for adventure. Hell, the first teaser had so many Breath of the Wild vibes, and it was quite an adventure. It shows off more of Elsa and her powers. The fights with the spirits, Show Yourself, need I say more? No. Elsa is our queen. (well, not anymore). There’s more humor. Olaf outdid himself, Lost In The Woods, amount of meta, self-awareness, and 4th wall-breaking. It’s. So. Good. Overall the soundtrack is better. Again, no Let It Go, but ALL of the songs are epic. Just under Let It Go level. Where as Frozen had it’s ups and downs. Fixer Upper never landed for me. Love is an Open Door is okay. In Summer was okay. The others are amazing and classics, but Frozen 2 just kills ALL of its songs <3
So in my personal opinion, I can’t say which is better, but I like Frozen 2 better.
Do I want a Frozen 3? That’s a tough call. It could work. Maybe. Frozen would have been fine on its own. Frozen 2 was an amazing sequel. Does this franchise deserve a trilogy? Frozen 2 didn’t really leave much room for one, then again neither did Frozen. But I mean like, where was the wedding come ONNNN.
I wouldn’t be opposed to a 3rd, not at all, but I think Frozen 2 is fine. We had a 6 year gap between movies. Frozen was the biggest Disney princess movie ever. Frozen 2 might beat it but who knows, whether it does or not, I doubt a Frozen 3 would be necessary.
And besides, Elsa’s story is finished. She’s finally as free as she can be. There’s still some unanswered questions, but that’s part of the mystery of the movie. If we were to get a Frozen 3 I’d hope it focuses heavily on Anna, and give her a fantastic conclusion.
If we get one. Yay. If we don’t, no complaints. But hey, maybe that’s just cause Frozen 2 is fresh. I mean I watched the Frozen shorts recently and loved them and just wanted more. So maybe Frozen 3 would be great. Who knows, I don’t.
Ultimately, I loved this movie. I wouldn’t have written this review if I wasn’t this passionate about it. Is Frozen the greatest thing ever? Probably not. Is it the greatest Disney movie? That prolly goes to The Lion King tbh. Best Disney Princess movie? Who knows. It’s all up to your own opinions.
Frozen 2 just works so well because of its time. Frozen was Disney’s greatest hit of all time. A sequel wasn’t a must, but it worked so well. It’s the first theatrical Disney Princess movie, ever. In all of it’s 96 years. And the animation is just so amazing. Frozen was great for 2013, but 2019 BLOWS it out of the park. (I’ll prolly be saying the same thing in 2025). The time it took to make the movie was great. It was just short enough the Frozen was still relevant in a way, but long enough to make us feel nostalgic for the original. Everything just, works.
Frozen is Disney’s Prodigy.
TLDR: Good: Visuals were amazing. All is Found is beautiful. Character development (mostly Elsa) is done really well. Most humor lands very well. The Battle with Nokk and Show Yourself is my favorite scene. Hair down Elsa = best Elsa. Queen Anna is a yes. Olaf getting angry. The movie was so meta and self-aware. It’s very adventurous. Many gut hitting feels. Bad: Kristoff did nothing, he was sort of useless. Anna had some out of character moments. Some scenes could have been longer. Some scenes could have been cut. Olaf was SLIGHTLY too much. A few noticeable plot holes. The new characters really didn’t do anything. We didn’t get the wedding scene.
Good: Visuals were amazing. All is Found is beautiful. Character development (mostly Elsa) is done really well. Most humor lands very well. The Battle with Nokk and Show Yourself is my favorite scene. Hair down Elsa = best Elsa. Queen Anna is a yes. Olaf getting angry. The movie was so meta and self-aware. It’s very adventurous. Many gut hitting feels.
Bad: Kristoff did nothing, he was sort of useless. Anna had some out of character moments. Some scenes could have been longer. Some scenes could have been cut. Olaf was SLIGHTLY too much. A few noticeable plot holes. The new characters really didn’t do anything. We didn’t get the wedding scene.
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2019.08.31 04:07 CxTucker Bassnectar • North Coast Music Festival 2019 Setlist

And we're all done! I'm headed off to the bar, if you have corrections please comment and I'll make the proper changes in the morning. Happy BassCenter weekend! Also, Halloween got announced post-show. Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, MI.

Family Photo
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2019.05.05 02:28 thereptilechrist Lawbringer's rework is a marked improvement, but leaves TONS to be desired. (small rant)

I've been playing the new season updates like the rest of you and to be honest Hitoriki has the kind of kit I was hoping to get for LB. I've been a LB main since the game released and I've been active on PS4 since the invitational BETA two years ago and I've seen the rest of the knight cast (excluding PK, RIP) become warriors capable of standing on their own and shedding their gimmicks as the years, meta, and new arrivals progressed. Yet LB has remained the same. This "rework" is a tune up at best and punch in the nuts at worst, like for christ's sake Raider is more of a flashbang than he already was and now is really really strong. Not saying he's op, he's just a strong hero. Ubi took the only thing LB really had to defend himself (shove on block) away, and replaced it by speeding up his attacks which is nice but LB needs more to be viable than attack speed that's finally on par with the rest of the for honor cast. He is by far the most heavily armored character in the game and has ZERO hyper armor (- his shove but good luck landing that and chaining into anything that makes up for the health you lost by shoving through an attack) and its like his attacks carry no weight, being damn near 7ft tall and having my big ass polearm bounce off of a shaman just doesn't feel right. LB needs hyper armor, he needs an opener, impale is shit, long arm is literally useless, unlock tech is the meta, and his kryptonite is to just block top. UBI, speeding him up is a great first step, and if you're going to take away shove on block you need to replace it with something else to help LB stay on par with the meta. Give him good mix up's, chains that work, a guaranteed shove on chain or hell a soft faint from heavy to shove/longarm/impale, make his top heavy stun for longer or compensate somehow bc getting raider tapped into oblivion isn't fun, maybe have his impale get replaced with a bleed attack, give him a kick like cent (that new execution is kick ass) do something to make him play like he looks. LB is supposed to deliver a presence to the battlefield, and the fact that he can get his ass handed to him easily by a skinny screaming Asian boy with a stick that should be bouncing off his armor (idgaf how hard you swing a bo staff against him, dude is wearing full plate over both chain and gambeson, realistically LB should be impervious to any thing but piercing weapons and maybe real hard shots to the head but its a game so i get balance n etc) simply isn't conducive to what the character was designed to be, the "most versatile weapon ever created" has the most limited move set in the game, and the boi who shouldn't be able to be feasibly killed by anything short of a ballista irl and has the biggest health pool of the entire cast ( gets some shit feats to make him feel like he's invincible only getting damage reduction from righteous deflection(passive) and juggernaut(active) of which you can choose one to receive either 50% damage reduction for 5 seconds after parry with a 20 second cool down or a 50% damage reduction for 20 seconds with a 90 second cooldown. Shugoki gets his "hard to kill" feat, with increasing damage reduction from 20% to 50% as you take more damage, as a passive, on top of his super and hyper armors as well as improved light attacks. Fix my Lawdaddy Ubi.
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2019.02.09 09:04 Oblique9043 Analysis of the Superbowl Half Time Show: What Everyones Missing

Analysis of the Superbowl Half Time Show: What Everyones Missing
You won't normally find me breaking these kinds of things down because the internet is full of breakdowns of these big events from people who think they're experts on this stuff, all giving different answers and I don't need to count myself among them unless I can bring something to the table that I am not seeing others talk about due to lack of context. So I'm going to give some insight into a few moments of this halftime show that I think are very important yet most are completely overlooking. Along with some other aspects of this whole event that tie together a lot of other things that 99% of people aren't even considering with some pretty grave implications. Sorry for the doom and gloom but I'm not here to lie to you. You can make up your own minds but the evidence is the evidence and I'm just analyzing it.

Superbowl LIII Halftime Show [Youtube]

It starts out with a spinning Pepsi logo. Now I know there's something to this logo but I've never actually researched it but from what it looks like to me, especially with it spinning, is its mixing everything to together to create white which is actually what happens when you spin a color wheel fast enough. You just see white in the middle. At the same time, the only 2 colors on there are red and blue, which make purple. Which is the color of plasma, the very beginning state of matter. Invoking CERN with the spiral and destruction of all creation back to the primordial chaos of existence.
Then you have various shots of the giant M in the middle of the field with middle V part especially highlighted. From black to red to purple. Like I've pointed out before, the 2 H's of the Phoenician alphabet make 13 which creates the upward arrow through an 8 and the letter M is the 13th letter. Acting as the downward version of this. That why the V is highlighted among other reasons. You can see the point is right on the 50 yard line. 5 = V in Roman Numerals. The V symbolism is very prevalent and related to a plethora of things. Lots of fire too during this. I don't usually watch these so maybe its nothing new but it seemed pretty overt to me.
After a couple of songs, here comes the Spongebob segment. Not quite sure why putting in 15 seconds of an intro to a Spongebob clip was so important to include in the halftime show. I know someone died related to the show, just don't get the Superbowl connection. Well, this entire thing is the single biggest part of the whole half time show as far as symbolism and what is being told to us here.

It starts with the characters in the cartoon literally blowing trumpets. Then a green tinted meteor comes down from the sky into the stadium, hitting the stage. It then appears that a new performer has emerged from the wreckage of the meteor. This feels extremely familiar as this is exactly the story of Superman and how he came to Earth. Which I just so happened to mention in my last post. Not only is this exactly how Superman came to Earth, lets take a look at the setlist for this show.
See anything that could relate to Superman? I found it strange that the meteor had a green tint to it and when the fire went away, the stage turned green. Superman's only weakness, Kryptonite, is a green rock. Another green stone comes to mind, emeralds. Typically associated with the Egyptian god Thoth. So what could this all mean? A few different things. The most obvious one is a being from outer space comes to earth and who might this being be? I know I've been over this a few times but it bears repeating here as this is the most overt signal for this coming to fruition that has happened yet. Everything is converging.

Superman was born Kal-El. Which means "Voice of God". Adam Levine was on a show called "The Voice". His middle name is also Noah. This directly relates to a post I made (before the "dark matter hurricane" was ever announced too by the way) mentioning Noah's flood and to a bag I received randomly that you can read about here. And here is where this specific info was talked about over 4 months ago. I received this card in that bag.
The date also adds up to 5 which is V. 7 + 7 = 14 = 1 + 4 = 5. The guy from the Voice in the middle of a giant V during the Superbowl halftime show while the date on this "Return of the Voice" card is 4/12/2005 which adds up to Roman numeral V. Superman is the "Voice of God". Kind of like how Jesus is the Word of God. Are these 2 different things? Is the fact that the silhouette is of a woman of any importance? My gut and experience with these types of things tells me yes. Maybe its referring to Prince Harry and Meghan Markles baby that I had predicted would be a red headed female born during this 3 day time period. If we're to assume Revelation is correct, it seems to be much too soon for Jesus to come back already. So what else might be this voice of god?

Isiah 30

25 And there shall be upon every high mountain, and upon every high hill, rivers and streams of waters in the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall.
26 Moreover the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of seven days, in the day that the Lord bindeth up the breach of his people, and healeth the stroke of their wound.
27 Behold, the name of the Lord cometh from far, burning with his anger, and the burden thereof is heavy: his lips are full of indignation, and his tongue as a devouring fire:
28 And his breath, as an overflowing stream, shall reach to the midst of the neck, to sift the nations with the sieve of vanity: and there shall be a bridle in the jaws of the people, causing them to err.
29 Ye shall have a song, as in the night when a holy solemnity is kept; and gladness of heart, as when one goeth with a pipe to come into the mountain of the Lord, to the mighty One of Israel.
30 And the Lord shall cause his glorious voice to be heard, and shall shew the lighting down of his arm, with the indignation of his anger, and with the flame of a devouring fire, with scattering, and tempest, and hailstones.
31 For through the voice of the Lord shall the Assyrian be beaten down, which smote with a rod.

In the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall.

I'm going to have to assume some sort of version of this plays out as the Bible seems to be the playbook. Sounds like a great tragedy happens and then whoever represents Assyria pays for inflicting that tragedy? Right before this the light of the sun and moon somehow heals humanity, which is actually something I have been seeing signs for completely independent of the Bible. I'm not sure on the timelines of the OT prophecies and how they coincide with Revelation. Maybe someone else can shed light on that.

I do know one thing though, in correlation with Passover, the prophet Elijah is suppose to come back before Jesus does, so if something/someone is really coming, he would make the most sense if were talking Bible related. Which is all I really have to go off of here and since I am receiving over the top blatant signs that the Bible is indeed related to all of this, I would think thats where I should look.

Malachi 4:5–6
“Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the great and awesome day of the Lord comes. And he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers, lest I come and strike the land with a decree of utter destruction.”

This is definitely something that is needed in todays climate with Trump, the great divider. Something that hits a little too close to home actually. The prevailing thought is that he comes to make peace in the world. Which doesn't make a lot of sense in the context of the Christian idea of the End Times. So he actually sounds like the false prophet in Revelation. Especially since he brought fire from the sky in the OT. Then theres all that odd speculation in the Gospels about whether or not John the Baptist is Elijah and I could never make sense of what the real message there was.

Then you have wonder if there is anything to the fact that a black man emerged from the meteor. I haven't seen the movie but doesn't Black Panther have something to do with a meteor? Not only does he emerge from the meteor, at the end of his performance, he spreads his arms out and falls back into the crowd and looks like Jesus on the cross. Like a sacrifice. Black panthers are associated with the Antichrist and you also have "black sheep" which could be akin to a scapegoat. But theres also the theory that black people are the real Hebrews which is where that strange incident comes into play with the Catholic school kids. What a odd group of people to all be in one area and have a nothing burger conflict that turned into a circus. That whole thing feels like it a giant implication of something and it isn't good for anyone in my opinion. I can't imagine what would happen if a black man came from outer space claiming to be Jesus. White Christians heads would explode. He'd get killed faster than the original Jesus.

Then you have this whole Trump/Obama thing. Trump has a superman logo shaped building right next to Trump tower and he's from NY, which is what Metropolis is suppose to be, where Superman lives. Obama is black too obviously. And if you take this to the Superman vs Batman level. Gotham is supposed to be Chicago and Obama is from Chicago. A city heavily referenced in The Last President book. The green color was significant, no doubt about that. Especially with them playing literally 10 seconds of a song called kryptonite. So maybe this isn't a literal event? Maybe its not an actual meteor.

Spongebob lives in a place called Bikini Bottom. Which was a real life place where they tested nukes in the pacific ocean. Doesn't bode too well especially since I made a post months ago about nukes going off in the ocean causing Tsunamis. Well what if the person "emerging" isn't coming out of a meteor, but from the wreckage of some kind of catastrophe? A nuke, earthquake or financial collapse even. Sometimes things aren't nearly as literal as they might seem when interpreting these sorts of things. But I would have to think 4/19-21 is a crazy indication of something. I don't see how this goes much longer. Trump already said hes sending more troops to the border and he'll declare a national emergency if he doesn't get his way. Which sounds like Rex 84 could come into play with that and especially with Venezuela. Something else I have made a post about. The wall has been the single focal point in his wrecking ball path of destruction, just like I've always said it would be.
The main theme I keep seeing is a "changing of the guard". Now I don't truly know what that means except some group is taking power. Whether it be Trump, some "deep state" faction in our government or even a foreign country like China or Russia. They just opened up this Epstein stuff again and what a big can of worms thats going to be since he was an FBI informant and thats not even some kind of secret. Its literally in the documents on the FBI website. People just don't pay attention unless you're the type to look into these things. What better way to completely discredit and fire the FBI than showing they basically sanctioned child rape. I've already talked about all my theories for this stuff so I'll refrain from repeating myself too much in this post but I've said for a long time that something would happen to prevent Mueller's evidence from coming out.
Of course this being could come from some sort of portal or gate. Which would correlate to Vegas and Gateway Canyon I spoke about in the main Superbowl post. Of which I have recently made another discovery related to this that seems to be very huge and I will be writing about shortly.

One more thought on the green color since its seems so significant. Green was a highly symbolic color in Egypt. Representing healthy plant life and thus the cycle of death and rebirth. Since during spring is when everything turns green again as the vegetation gets "resurrected" from the death during the winter. Which is why Osiris was depicted as green. Green is also associated with Middle Eastern countries. This green color being shown during the part of the performance where someone emerges from a fallen meteor and then at the end, seems to be "sacrificed". With the next cut showing the M structure with both red and green together. Kind of like this "Octan" logo, owned by President Business, from the Lego Movie. Red is the true opposite of green on the color spectrum.

Adding even more evidence for the Biblical nature of this part of the performance, right after this, drums start playing (little drummer boy?) and a gospel choir is shown and sings along with Adam. Interesting to note that after this song, referring to the female gospel singer i believe, Adam says "Show your love for the voice of Atlanta". He then goes into a rendition of "She will be Loved"

This is when a bunch of "orbs" are released throughout the stadium and they spell out ONE and LOVE with the V being highlighted here as well. When this song is over, "Big Boi" from Outkast rolls up in a black Cadillac while Kryptonite plays very shortly.
Hes wearing a red fox fur coat which seems significant and the only reason I know what type of fur it is is because it caught the attention of the media and he got some flak for it. F = 6, O = 15. X = 24. Fox = 666 and it's red. Something very symbolic with foxes that I am not aware of. There is a red fox in one of the Economist What If? pictures where everything is underwater.

They"re wearing shirts that say Atliens. Like Atlanta Aliens. The giant M logo briefly goes back to purple then to a multicolored rainbow of sorts ending with the stage set aflame and the stadium shooting fireworks as if the whole thing was exploding. I won't bother analyzing any more of the details in the actual show as they seem insignificant and theres plenty of people doing that but there are a few other things I want to address.

The tour dates of all 3 of the performers seem indicate something to me.
The first date I notice here is 9/11, where they were in Kansas City. In my post talking about the Covington incident, I mentioned the KC Chiefs and likened them to a sort of symbolic "red sea". With Maroon 5's M and V symbolism which literally represents parting or splitting something, this seems to relate. The 9/11 date seems like a bad indicator especially since I made a post months ago where I talked about a possible event in KC. The next date was in St Louis and with a possible earthquake on the New Madrid, what better way to "part the red sea" than with an earthquake? The 2 cities they went to before the Superbowl were New York and Las Vegas, both for 2 nights. Next stop? Australia. From Atlanta to Atlantis.
The rapper who "emerged" from the meteor. 3 days after the Superbowl, he was in Vegas. 3 days after Valentines Day (or V-day) he'll be in Kansas City. Seeing as he represented some sort of Jesus figure that was "crucified" in the halftime show, and since Jesus got resurrected 3 days after he died, this is just too strange. He's also in New York on 3/2/2019 and back to Atlanta on 3/22/2019. Both start with 322. The Skull and Bones number.
This one is even more telling. His name is Big Boi. The 2 bombs we dropped on Japan were called Fat Man and Little Boy. Fat Man being named after a character in a book called The Maltese Falcon. Maltese referring to Malta related to the Vatican and the Falcon being related to Atlanta itself and Horus.

On 4/18 he'll be in Dallas, TX (where JFK was assassinated) at a place called the BOMB Factory. And as if this was a part of some grand plan, he'll be back in Atlanta on 4/20 at the FOX Theatre. Followed by Washington DC and New York.
As you can see, April seems to be a popular time for national tragedies.

A few notes from the game and in regards to the V symbolism. Atlanta is on the 33rd parallel. February is the 33rd day of the year. The game was tied 3-3 til the 4th quarter I believe and the score ended up being 13-3, which adds to 16, 88.
Valentines Day is on 2/14. Commonly referred to as V-Day. One of the common meanings behind putting up 2 fingers is V for victory, like the Greek goddess of victory Nike.

From the 2015 Economist Magazine Cover

But the most relevant V I think think of directly relates to yet another thing I have been talking about for months and might be very important here soon. V for Vendetta
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2019.02.04 18:03 JaguarGator9 JaguarGator9's History of Halftime- Day 38 (Part II): Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show (Maroon 5, Travis Scott, Big Boi) and Why it Stunk

I take it that the Super Bowl LIII halftime show wasn’t controversial in the slightest bit. And by that, I mean the most controversial show since Super Bowl XXXVIII. There was the five second tribute to SpongeBob that left people either really confused or feeling blue-balled. There was Travis Scott unable to censor himself. There was Adam Levine taking his shirt off. Combined with the controversy beforehand leading up to the show, and you’ve got yourself a halftime show that left strong emotions in a lot of people.
But, controversy isn’t always bad. At the halftime show, in a way, it’s kind of expected. There was controversy when Prince did his halftime show and seemed to make an inappropriate gesture during “Purple Rain” with this pose. That show was fantastic, and is in my top five. There was controversy when Lady Gaga did a tribute to America at Super Bowl LI that some felt was political, and that halftime show is in my top three. And while there was controversy about Justin Timberlake doing a Prince tribute at Super Bowl LII, I liked that show a lot (even if some parts fell a bit sloppy), and feel like it will hold up better as time goes on. Sometimes, the best shows are the controversial ones. Other times, they’re complete messes. And with this post, we’re going to take a deep dive into Maroon 5’s halftime show and see what that one was.
NOTE: I have already re-watched the show multiple times, so my thoughts are not reactionary and are not based on one viewing. Keep that in mind as I break down Sunday night’s show.
Background Information
Where do I even begin with this? Because the actual review of this post is so long (this came out to 12 pages single-spaced in Microsoft Word), I’ll give the Sparknotes version of this. It was rumored for a while that Maroon 5 would perform the halftime show, but it wasn’t until three weeks before the game that it was confirmed. Alongside them, Travis Scott and Big Boi would be performing. There was controversy that the show wasn’t Atlanta-enough, and there was the whole boycott the halftime show in support of Kaepernick controversy that I won’t get into. And after the death of Stephen Hillenburg, there was a widespread petition online to get “Sweet Victory” played at halftime of the Super Bowl.
There you go. Now let’s just dive into the halftime show and see what we’re looking at.
The Show
Full Show
After the Pepsi logo appears and we are introduced to the halftime show, before a note is even played, we immediately notice one major problem that I have with the show. The staging is so boring. There was nothing creative or unique about that stage whatsoever. Everyone could’ve predicted that they’d have a giant M as their stage to represent their logo. Say what you will about the past four halftime shows before this, but the staging at those was amazing. Katy Perry used the field in ways that I’m not sure we’ll ever see again; she turned University of Phoenix Stadium into her personal playground. Even though Super Bowl 50 took place in broad daylight (making pyrotechnics impossible and staging a challenge), they had a creative stage and a bright use of colors. Lady Gaga had a nice stage at Super Bowl LI, and Justin Timberlake used almost every part of US Bank Stadium at his halftime show.
This, on the other hand, is just a giant M. There’s nothing creative or unique about it whatsoever. It was the most boring stage at a halftime show since Bruce Springsteen at Super Bowl XLIII. Granted, Springsteen had a very good halftime show otherwise; unfortunately for Maroon 5, as you’ll find out later, they could not escape the same fate.
However, even though I will criticize this show for many reasons, I really like the choice to open with “Harder to Breathe.” The use of the fireworks to lead into Levine’s voice was well done, and the song has a hard rock edge to it that fits in really well for a halftime show. A verse and a chorus of this song is all you need, and they did just that. No problems with the opening of the show.
Then, after that, we go into “This Love.” I did not expect the band to play this song at the halftime show, but it does have a rock vibe to it that, much like “Harder to Breathe,” lends itself nicely to a big stage like this. The transition into this song is fine; it’s nothing creative, but it’s nothing jarring like some of the other transitions I’ve seen in halftime show. If this was just a verse and a chorus, we’re fine, but this song drags on a bit too long with a second chorus and an unnecessary guitar solo by Levine that may or may not be live. This will be a common theme with this show- songs overstaying their welcome. But the first three minutes of the halftime show are fine; dare I say that they’re actually really good.
It quickly goes downhill after that.
This might be the biggest controversy at the halftime show since the whole Janet Jackson fiasco at Super Bowl XXXVIII. The band and the league decide to honor SpongeBob by having Squidward introduce him. The trumpets are played, but the editing is so choppy here. Not only is the whole trumpet line not played, but they cut out a few notes and just skip to the end of that part halfway through. There was so much wasted time during this halftime show, and yet, you couldn’t give THREE SECONDS to play the entire trumpet line of “Sweet Victory”?
As for the dialogue during this scene, it doesn’t make any sense. Is the musical genius that Squidward is talking about that needs no introduction SpongeBob or Travis Scott? If it’s SpongeBob, then why does Squidward get angry at him? How does Squidward know that SpongeBob is a musical genius if the whole point of that scene in Band Geeks is the exact opposite- that he thought they were going to sound terrible and instead, they sounded amazing? The dialogue contradicted everything that made Band Geeks what it was if it’s in that context.
And if it’s in the Travis Scott context… he definitely needs an introduction. There are very few acts that need no introduction, and Travis Scott is not one of them. This is not a knock on Scott by any means, but if you look at his discography, he has one number one hit in “Sicko Mode.” That’s the only song of his where he was the feature artist that’s charted inside the top 15 of the Billboard Hot 100. Taylor Swift needs no introduction. Paul McCartney needs no introduction. Michael Jackson needs no introduction. Travis Scott definitely needs an introduction. So if Squidward was referring to that, then that doesn’t make sense either. Somehow, they dropped the ball before the blue-balling began. The transition to this was choppy, the dialogue was wrong, the editing of the trumpet section was absolutely terrible, the random “it’s lit” thrown in there was awfully out of place… and then we get to “Sicko Mode.”
I absolutely hate the use of digital graphics during the halftime show if they cannot be seen inside the stadium. Using these graphics to cover up how absolutely boring your stage is just does not work. And how do we go from SpongeBob, a show that takes place underwater, to meteors just falling down from the sky? Once the meteor lands and Travis Scott starts singing… man does this get rough.
Rappers are usually a negative at the halftime show and normally do not work. There are exceptions to this rule- Missy Elliott crushed it at Super Bowl XLIX, and Nelly’s guest verse during “Walk This Way” at Super Bowl XXXV, even if that whole ending felt chaotic, was fine. The rest of the rappers have stunk. The “Do the Frosty” rap at Super Bowl XXVI was the worst thing I’ve heard in my life. Nelly and P. Diddy were terrible at Super Bowl XXXVIII and looked like they weren’t even trying. Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. just lip-synced at Super Bowl XLVI, and M.I.A. had to flip the bird in the process. Travis Scott falls more on the negative side. As much as I love “Sicko Mode,” this was rough.
For one, he curses multiple times throughout the show to the point where he has to be censored. This bothers me so much. You are a professional. You have one job, and that is not to curse. And yet, not only do you curse to the point where we can only hear about 80% of the song since your profanity bleeps out the other 20%, but you curse multiple times. If we threw a giant controversy over M.I.A. flipping the bird at Super Bowl XLVI (and rightfully so), then we need to throw a controversy over Travis Scott not being able to control his mouth. It is not that hard to self-censor; Big Boi literally did it later on in the show. And yet, even though you’re on stage for less than two minutes, you have to run your mouth.
Number two, I don’t think he hit a single note. The second part of “Sicko Mode” is singing, and yet, he hit absolutely nothing. Once the third part of “Sicko Mode” hits, Adam Levine looks so out of place; he’s trying so hard to fit in and look cool, but it just doesn’t work in the slightest bit. After what is a painful two minutes where they took an awesome song and made it terrible and completely butchered the whole SpongeBob reference to the point where nobody is happy (people were either confused or they wanted more), we get back to Maroon 5.
A drum line starts playing, and I really wish they committed to this concept for “Girls Like You.” I keep referencing the Madonna halftime show at Super Bowl XLVI, but one of my favorite parts of the halftime show was when she sang “Open Your Heart” with nothing but a drum line backing her up. Here, the playing is, once again, really sloppy. The drum line plays and then abruptly stops, and Adam Levine sings a cappella with no backing track. A drum line over “Girls Like You” could’ve been amazing; instead, much like the SpongeBob thing, they half-commit to the concept, which is a common theme for this show.
And I get why they had to play “Girls Like You,” since it is their recent hit and it’s one of the biggest songs of their career. But this is a song that just doesn’t translate well to the halftime stage at all without spicing it up a little bit. It’s way too slow and minimalistic in its instrumentation to work. Fortunately, Maroon 5 thought the same thing, and decided to add… a choir. Because this song was really missing a choir. Ironically, the choir mainly consists of guys, even though the song is called “Girls Like You.” But, they added a choir. Choirs can work at halftime shows; going back to Super Bowl XLVI, adding the choir during “Like a Prayer” was a fantastic choice. The second half of that halftime show was flawless, and the choir was a big reason why. The choir during “Working on a Dream” at Super Bowl XLIII with Bruce Springsteen worked out well too.
Unfortunately, they decided to give the mic to someone who couldn’t hit a note to save her life. The worst vocal performance at any halftime show was definitely the kid who sang “Wind Beneath My Wings” at Super Bowl XXV, and that show was so bad that I’d gladly watch this show while being water-boarded before ever having to watch that halftime show again (seriously, it’s so bad, and I encourage you to check it out if you haven’t already). But this might be number two. This might have overtaken Martha Reeves at Super Bowl XXXII. It was worse than Fergie at Super Bowl XLV, and dare I say it, might have been worse than Fergie at last year’s NBA All-Star Game. She’s just screaming here. And it just keeps going, and going, and going… and she goes higher, and higher, and higher… and it gets louder, and louder, and louder… and it feels like it never ends. Maroon 5 tried to spice up “Girls Like You,” and they failed miserably while doing so.
One slow song at a halftime show is tradition. Having a ballad can be a really good thing in the middle of the show if done properly. Justin Timberlake did it well with “Until the End of Time” last year leading into the Prince tribute. Even if it was a bit on the longer side, Lady Gaga did a beautiful rendition of “Million Reasons” at her halftime show. Another ballad that worked in the middle of the show was Aerosmith performing “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” as their opener.
But, the thing with ballads is that in a 13-minute performance, you have to pick it back up again after. Timberlake went from that to the upbeat “Mirrors,” which should’ve been the closer (I did not like at all how “Can’t Stop the Feeling” was used). Gaga went from that to “Bad Romance,” which was a fantastic closer. After Aerosmith performed their ballad, there was a pretty good transition into *NSYNC performing “It’s Gonna Be Me.” So, naturally, you’d expect Maroon 5 to spice things up after this. Maybe something like “Makes Me Wonder” would fit here. Instead, they followed up one ballad with… another ballad.
This band, which has been a band for 20 years, is playing in a stadium and thought that playing back-to-back ballads was a good idea. Better yet, playing the second ballad while going to a B stage that is literally nothing more than a circle where he’ll spend no more than 45 seconds on was the plan. Going to a B-stage at the Super Bowl is a good idea, provided that the stage has a purpose and is creative in its design. For Maroon 5, that was not the case at all.
We go to “She Will Be Loved,” where I will admit that the raising of the lanterns was a pretty cool touch. Seeing Adam Levine surrounded by these lanterns was a clever use of staging, and practically the only clever use of staging during the show. However, this song overstays its welcome by a lot. We get not just a verse and chorus, but we get the bridge and another pre-chorus. That’s a sold 30 seconds of fat that could be trimmed off because it is completely unnecessary. Then, after the pre-chorus, the song just stops. No warning or anything like that. It just stops, and we go to Big Boi.
In what can only be described as an homage to Super Bowl XXXVIII when Nelly and P Diddy appeared on stage, Big Boi comes out in a car, with a choppy transition in between “Kryptonite” and “The Way You Move.” Again, the song just seems to stop out of nowhere, and the next song gets played with no rhyme or reason to it. I hate the fact that “The Way You Move” was played. As a halftime historian, this bugs me, and I might be the only person in America that has this opinion, but once a song gets played at halftime, it should be retired for life. If U2 did another halftime show and performed “Where The Streets Have No Name” again, I’d be annoyed. If Bruno Mars did another halftime show and ended with “Uptown Funk,” I’d be annoyed.
And at Super Bowl XXXVIII, the University of Houston Marching Band opened with “The Way You Move.” They played the entire chorus of that song. Coincidentally, that was also a CBS halftime show. Here’s the clip of the band playing the song. That should’ve been it. The song was played once at the halftime show 15 years ago, and that should be the end of it. Instead, Big Boi decided to play that song again. It’s the same problem I had with Justin Timberlake performing “Rock Your Body” at last year’s halftime show when he did it at Super Bowl XXXVIII. Don’t repeat a song from a previous show. Just don’t do it.
At the very least, this doesn’t sound terrible. Big Boi actually sounds good, can be understood (the audio for this halftime show was amazing, and might’ve been the best in years), and unlike Travis Scott, actually acts like a professional on stage. The disc scratches are a nice touch to the song, and although I would not have played it and would’ve chosen something else, it could’ve been a lot worse. A heck of a lot worse.
This leads into the only clever transition of the halftime show, as it goes from “The Way You Move” into “Sugar,” since the songs have similar BPMs. Where were these transitions for the rest of the show? Everything else was so choppy, yet this transition was actually pretty smooth. While “Sugar” is a good song to play at the show, again, it overstays its welcome. A verse and a chorus is plenty; you don’t need the pre-chorus. But after an awful middle of the show (some of the worst five minutes in a halftime show in quite some time), things start to pick up a bit towards the end at least. Not perfect, but it’s tolerable.
After the pre-chorus, we get into the final song of the show, which is “Moves Like Jagger.” Unfortunately, this is pretty butchered. Adam Levine does not sound that good here (and he sounded fine for most of the show), and he’s sing-rapping half the time for some reason. There’s controversy about Levine taking his shirt off during the show, since when Janet Jackson exposed her breast that caused a riot, but there are much bigger fish to fry here. There’s about 25 things wrong with this halftime show; if Levine taking his shirt off is one of them, it’s very, very low on the list of priorities. Following the chorus of that song, it’s almost like it goes into a completely different song. Fire and fireworks are blasted everywhere, but it’s very evident that this is not a closing song. The final 20 seconds are just the band trying to resolve the end of the song since it’s not a good closer in the slightest bit. You had your closer in “Sugar.” You’ve closed with that at most of your shows. Why switch it up and close with “Moves Like Jagger” when that’s not a closer? It just didn’t work.
When all is said and done, this show just didn’t work. So how would I fix it? What would I do if I was in charge of the Super Bowl LIII halftime show?
My Fix
I have to stick with what I’m given. While I can remove pieces from the equation, I can’t add pieces. So I can’t decide that this halftime show is now a Taylor Swift show. I have to focus on Maroon 5, Travis Scott, and Big Boi. And to start things off, I’m getting rid of Travis Scott. If that fool can’t censor himself on stage, then he can go. I’m keeping Big Boi, but I’ll switch things up with his song.
The show starts off with a Squidward introduction of “Sweet Victory.” Adam Levine walks out from the tunnel and sings a verse and chorus of that song. As Levine walks out, he enters the field the moment the chorus hits. Pyrotechnics galore occur at this moment. The chorus ends, everyone is happy, and then Levine runs onto the stage with “Moves Like Jagger” being played. That song is not a closer, but rather, is an opener. After a verse and chorus of that song, we go into “This Love.” Both of these songs during the actual halftime show were played in the same key (B minor), so the transition works perfectly here. We’re only doing a verse and a chorus of that song, so the guitar solo is getting dumped.
Following that, we go into another upbeat song that’s in B minor which makes the transition really easy. It’s a song that they didn’t play during the show, and that is “Makes Me Wonder.” They gave extended time to “Girls Like You” and someone in the choir sounding like she was about to die, but didn’t play an upbeat hit that hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and was their first number one single.
After a verse, chorus, and the outro to that song, the music stops, and Big Boi rises from the stage. The opening to “Ms. Jackson” is played, and a verse and chorus of that song is done. It’ll be a guitar-based instrumental, so it’ll be that thing where there’s chords being played and pauses in between (think “My Shot” from Hamilton). After that song, Big Boi leaves the stage, and we slow things down with a ballad.
Instead of opting for the painfully sounding “Girls Like You,” we’re going with “She Will Be Loved.” This will be exactly the same as it was during the show, minus the going to the B-stage (I’m scrapping that unimaginative thing). A verse, chorus, and bridge will be played; while I criticized the song during the show for overstaying its welcome, that’s because every other song was doing it too, and the show itself felt slow. This proposed show won’t be as slow up until this point, since every song is no more than a verse and chorus, the transitions aren’t disjointed, and there isn’t a random drum line playing for no reason for 15 seconds. Levine holds out the final note of the bridge, and this leads us into the final song of the show, which is “Sugar.” This is the perfect closer. A verse, chorus, bridge and a final chorus of that song (just like Lady Gaga did with “Bad Romance” at Super Bowl LI) works perfectly here. They’ve ended just about every show with that song, and this would be no different.
So if I was designing the set-list, instead of the disjointed mess that we ended up getting, here’s what it would be:
Song Number Song
1 Sweet Victory (trumpet intro, verse & chorus)
2 Moves Like Jagger (verse & chorus)
3 This Love (verse & chorus)
4 Makes Me Wonder (verse, chorus & outro)
5 Ms. Jackson (with Big Boi)
6 She Will Be Loved (verse, chorus & bridge)
7 Sugar (verse, chorus, bridge & final chorus)
I hate it when people call things the worst halftime show ever. As someone who’s sat through halftime shows galore from the 80s and 90s, I can assure you that there are halftime shows that are much worse than this one. Try watching the Super Bowl XXIV halftime show without falling asleep. Try watching the Super Bowl XXV halftime show without cringing. Try watching the Super Bowl XXIII halftime show past the hilariously awful card trick that did not work; it’s almost unwatchable with how boring and disjointed it is. So I’m not going to go as far as some extremists and call this the worst halftime show ever.
Having said that… this was a bad show. The staging was boring. The performers, outside of Big Boi, were lackluster. The song choices were all over the place and felt choppy. The Travis Scott censorship thing was terrible. Everything about “Girls Like You” made my ears bleed. The tribute to SpongeBob is insulting to the word tribute. The show was a complete mess. My expectation for this show was to be better than Super Bowl 50 with Coldplay, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars. It failed to meet that expectation, and quite miserably I might add.
One of the worst halftime shows ever? No. One of the worst halftime shows in recent memory? Absolutely. As controversial as it sounds, I thought that the halftime show from The Black Eyed Peas was legitimately better than this. Completely serious. Yes, there were so many things wrong with that show, but the pacing was great, the song choices were great, the staging was really creative, and there were elements there of a great halftime show. The execution was quite poor at times (and if I never have to hear Fergie butcher “Sweet Child O’Mine” again, I’m fine with that), but the show was better than this mess. The last five halftime shows are in my top 10 all-time, so we were bound to have a dud at some point. But this was a disappointment.
Honestly, even though I like Maroon 5 as a band, I could see this being a career killer. Not since The Black Eyed Peas have I seen a show been universally panned like this one. And speaking of The Black Eyed Peas- they were the hottest act in the world in 2009 and the first half of 2010 before Katy Perry began her domination of the pop scene. They had three number one hits off of The E.N.D, including one of the biggest songs of the 2000s in “I Gotta Feeling,” and had a number one hit in “Imma Be” in 2010, one year before they did the halftime show. From 2009-10, they had seven hits inside the top 10, and six hits inside the top four.
And in 2011, after that halftime show, they fell off the map. They had one more hit in “Just Can’t Get Enough,” and then, that was it. Nothing else from The Beginning did anything of note, and the band lost all relevance it had. The Super Bowl XLV halftime show killed their career. Groups like that don’t just die overnight for no reason; in front of a worldwide audience, they broke. This could be the end for Maroon 5. The halftime show was that bad and that panned that they might not be able to recover from this for a long time. Every artist that I criticized their halftime show in heavy detail (and where others criticized the show) went on to do nothing of note after the show. Will Maroon 5 be an exception to the rule? We’ll have to wait and see on that. But I wouldn’t bank on it. This could be the show that marks the beginning of the end for one of the most successful bands of the 21st century.
1) Super Bowl XXXVI- U2
2) Super Bowl XLIX- Katy Perry, Lenny Kravitz, Missy Elliott
3) Super Bowl LI- Lady Gaga
4) Super Bowl XLVIII- Bruno Mars, Red Hot Chili Peppers
5) Super Bowl XLI- Prince
6) Super Bowl XXVII- Michael Jackson
7) Super Bowl LII- Justin Timberlake
8) Super Bowl XLVII- Beyonce, Destiny’s Child
9) Super Bowl XXXV- *NSYNC, Aerosmith, Britney Spears, Nelly, Mary J Blige
10) Super Bowl 50- Coldplay, Beyonce, Bruno Mars
11) Super Bowl XLIII- Bruce Springsteen
12) Super Bowl XXXIV- Phil Collins, Christina Aguilera, Enrique Iglesias, Toni Braxton
13) Super Bowl XLVI- Madonna
14) Super Bowl XXXIX- Paul McCartney
15) Super Bowl XXXIII- Gloria Estefan, Stevie Wonder, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
16) Super Bowl XXX- Diana Ross
17) Super Bowl XLII- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
18) Super Bowl XXXVII- Shania Twain, No Doubt, Sting
19) Super Bowl XLV- The Black Eyed Peas, Usher, Slash
20) Super Bowl LIII- Maroon 5, Big Boi, Travis Scott
21) Super Bowl XXXII- The Temptations, Smokey Robinson, Martha Reeves, Queen Latifah, Boyz II Men
22) Super Bowl XLIV- The Who
23) Super Bowl XXII- Chubby Checker, The Rockettes
24) Super Bowl XXXVIII- Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Kid Rock, Nelly, P Diddy
25) Super Bowl XXVIII- Tanya Tucker, Clint Black, Travis Tritt, The Judds
26) Super Bowl XXXI- Blues Brothers, ZZ Top, James Brown
27) Super Bowl XXVI- Winter Magic, Gloria Estefan
28) Super Bowl XL- The Rolling Stones
29) Super Bowl XXIX- Patti LaBelle, Tony Bennett, Indiana Jones
30) Super Bowl XXI- Disney
31) Super Bowl XVIII- Disney
32) Super Bowl XXIII- Elvis Presto
33) Super Bowl XXIV- Salute to New Orleans & The Peanuts
34) Super Bowl XX- Up With People
35) Super Bowl XIX- Tops in Blue
36) Super Bowl XXV- Disney, New Kids on the Block
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2019.01.20 21:16 InterCityzen Big Boi - Kryptonite

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2018.12.06 05:34 Slayer_Tip UFC 231 Fight Predictions

It's absolutely scorching in Melbourne right now and i feel like i'm melting, but this card is gonna be so much more hot.
There may be a fight missing, and that's the one with Carlos Diego Ferreira still waiting for a replacement, but its not looking too good for him, so i'm skipping that fight.
Also i forgot to add who was fighting in the title, but since Reddit has such an outdated, cunty UI, you literally can't change it, so fuck it, we all know which cunt is gonna fight who. Sorry but i'm having an off week -.- exhausting shit.
(c) = Champ
(D) = Debut
NS = No Streak
FLS = Fight Lose Streak
FWS = Fight Win Streak
(#x) = Rank in Division
Lets do this.
Chad Laprise (13-3-0, NS) v Dhiego Lima (12-7-0, 3 FLS) - Laprise was on a very mean streak prior to his loss, TKOing all 3 of his opponents before facing a beast in Vincent Luque. Laprise's striking is very efficient, he doesn't tend to waste any shots, and whilst he doesn't have a one-punch knockout type of style, the amount of volume, mixed with his power and dynamic striking, is a perfect combination to outstrike most of his opponents. He throws absolutely anything, knees, spinning back kicks, elbows, head kicks, you name it, he does it. He's also the winner of TUF Nations, so you know that he's got just raw talent and skill. Lima is on a 3 fight lose streak, over the span of 3 years. This was meant to be his "return" to the UFC, but ultimately it's not looking too good. He's fairly well rounded and is fairly good on the ground, but recently it's just not looking good for him, he's going to be outstruck in this fight easily, i don't see him doing all too much damage to Laprise.
Laprise via TKO
Brad Katona (7-0-0, 7 FWS) v Matthew Lopez (10-3-0, 2 FLS) - Katona is a fairly well rounded fighter who destroyed his opposition during TUF and in the finale. He's such a dynamic fighter and i can't see much wrong in his style. With that said, he's only 7 fights in the Pro MMA world and he's still gotta face some really tough opponents. He's the only one from TUF that i really paid attention to, and it's gonna be quite exciting to see how he does against a kinda dangerous fighter in Lopez. Lopez is on a devastating 2 Fight Lose Streak, both by dangerous fighters. Lopez is a very well rounded fighter, both having great striking and great ground game, I'm not sure where he is going wrong nowadays, maybe its a mismatch, but Lopez is a fairly decent fighter who might be given a chance at getting back into a winning column, but for now, i honestly feel like the young Katona will defeat him, idk, its a strange feeling but Katona is hype.
Katona via UD
Light Heavyweight
Aleksandar Rakic (10-1-0, 10 FWS) v Devin Clark (9-2-0, NS) - Rakic is such a long and tall striker, and he's got power in his hands. He was on a KO streak prior to entering the UFC, so there was some hype surrounding him, but when he somewhat under performed in his debut, with no exceptional highlights, his hype somewhat dropped quickly. He's a very good striker, advancing on his opponents and throws absolute volume. When he takes shots, he takes them like a boss and dishes them back twice as hard. Clark seems to be hitting a roadblock when he fights certain opponents. He did fine against people like Josh Stansbury, Jake Collier, and Mike Rodriguez, but other than that, he got knocked out in his debut and lost against the dominant Jan Blachowicz. He's also 5 inches shorter than Rakic, and no doubt has shorter range so striking exchanges might be in favor of Rakic. I'm gonna have to go with Rakic on this one, mostly because i feel like his striking is so much better than Clarks.
Rakic via KO
Olivier Aubin Mercier (11-3-0, NS) v Gilbert Burns (13-3-0, NS) - This is going to be an awesome fight. Aubin-Mercier is such a well rounded fighter, with great ground game. His defensive striking is fucking horrific, it might as well not exist. His striking in general is just okay, but his ground game is absolutely dangerous, he handles his opponents on the ground as if he's rasslin an alligator, mauling his opponents to death, its such a dominating thing to see. Tristar Gym really made him such a dangerous fighter. Burns is a slight personal favourite of mine, he's such a powerful striker, which is not good for Aubin-Mercier. If you watched the fight, Evan Dunham v Aubin-Mercier, youll see that A-M doesn't really handle aggressive striking well, and boy can Burns strike aggressively. This is going to probably end within the first round unless A-M gets shit to the ground. I mean, even if he does take it to the ground, he's facing a 2nd degree black belt in BJJ and Burn has great defensive submissions.
Burns via KO
Eryk Anders (11-2-0, NS) v Elias Theodorou (#14) (15-2-0, 2 FWS) - Alright so like... Why the fuck is Anders fighting again? the guy was absolutely dead after his fight against Santos, whether its exhaustion or not, that was 2 months ago, its probably too early, but i guess if Anders agree'd to it then fuck it, i love ma boi. Anders is such a powerful striker, its like a mix of swang and bang and just straight up kickboxing. He's got a whole lot of amazing finishes that i hope will keep on happening, especially in this fight. Theodorou is kinda lackluster in my opinion, he's fairly well rounded, with good striking and ground game, but at the end of the day, he hasnt finished anyone in 3 years, he didnt even finish the fairly old Dan Kelly... To me, that kinda shows that Theodorou is just.. not ready for the powerful Anders. Enough said really.
Anders via KO
Women's Flyweight
Katlyn Chookagian (#3) (11-1-0, 3 FWS) v Jessica Eye (#9) (13-6-0, 2 FWS) - Chookagian is somewhat the definition of a non-finisher, and that's 100% fine, there's nothing wrong with that, there aren't really any finishes in the womens division anyway, since alot of the fighters there are volume strikers. Chookagian is a very experienced fighter and her striking is fairly slick. Eye is a very tough striker, shes got great hands and isnt afraid to bang. Although her striking style can be repetitive and can be easily read, she kinda finds it hard to adapt to other styles that mix it up and thus is the reason why she loses a few times in her career. This is a tough one to call.
Chookagian via UD
Women's Strawweight
Claudia Gadelha (#3) (16-3-0, NS) v Nina Ansaroff (#11) (9-5-0, 3 FWS) - This prediction is gonna be heavily favoured in Gadelha kicking ass and choking the shit outta Ansaroff, since i love Gadelha, shes a beast. Gadelha is a prime submission artist that has been through some absolute wars (watch the Esparza fight, right now, i think that's the right one, the bloody crazy one). Gadelha has one hell of a chin and can handle herself against some seriously tough people. She's by no means top tier, not Joanna levels of top tier, but shes certainly a contender for the belt is Joanna defeats Shevchenko (pfft). Ansaroff is a fairly well rounded striker who is decent on the ground, but is a powerful striker, despite her striking being a little messy and sometimes outdone by other strikers.
Gadelha via Sub
Main Card
Light Heavyweight
Jimi Manuwa (#7) (17-4-0, 2 FLS) v Thiago Santos (#14) (19-6-0, 2 FWS) - Fuck yeah a banger. Manuwa used to be an awesome fighter, but recently i feel like he's being outdone by other, much newer fighters, the next generation fighters... He still has incredible power in his hands, don't get me wrong, but there are so much more athletic fighters out there who are more varied in terms of skill and style, and i feel like Santos is one of those guys. To whoever loves Manuwa, please stop reading or i'll break your heart with this prediction. Santos is an animal, an absolute powerhouse that never seems to run out of gas. He has incredible striking and when he lands, he lands as if he's holding a brick in his hand, because it wobbles the fuck out of his opponents. Manuwa may be experienced, but i feel like Santos is the most explosive fighter he's gonna face.
Santos via KO
Hakeem Dawodu (8-1-1, NS) v Kyle Bochniak (8-3-0, NS) - When two strikers battle it out in the octagon, its truly an amazing time. Dawodu is a very skilled and experienced kickboxeMT fighter. Totalling 65 fights in his whole combat sports career, you wouldn't think Dawodu is a big threat, but holy shit with that amount of experience and explosiveness in his strikes, damn straight he is. He might have not faced great opponents yet (Bochniak is his first, almost impossibly difficult fight), but i'm officially saying that he's someone you should keep an eye out for (even if he loses against Bochniak). Bochniak blew us all away when he thought Zabit... Lets be real for a second, Bochniak wasn't really anyone before he fought Zabit, and Zabit is one of the more promising prospects to fight in the featherweight division, he has a legit chance at being a champ. But Bochniak went to war with Zabit, it was a very very close fight. Bochniak is a very very strong striker that just fucking bangs, he's a dangerous striker to trade with. I doubt Dawodu will be able to damage Bochniak like Zabit could... this fight is a fight that ill pay every second of attention to.
Bochniak via KO
Alex Oliveira (#13) (19-6-1, 2 FWS) v Gunnar Nelson (#14) (16-3-1, NS) - I love this. Oliveira is someone who i continuously hype up, i love both cowboys in the UFC for one good reason, they both put on absolutely exceptional performances, they're performances are ones people can remembers for so many months after. Oliveira has great striking, especially close up and in the clinch, and his grappling is very offensive and he doesn't waste time on the ground. He's a walking highlight reel and i honestly can't say enough about him... well, until i stop typing that is.... which is now. Nelson is a dangerous submission artist who is coming off one hell of a devastating, cheater-induced loss at the hands of ponzinnibio... It broke my heart to see the replays of the eye pokes and nothing being done about it... fucking christ i hope he comes back strong, but why did it have to be up against Brazilian Cowboy :( Gunnar has a neck fetish, he loves the neck, he hugs the neck. The neck aint escaping no grip of Gunnars. Once shits on the ground and his opponents neck is exposed, its like when you see a 10 dollar note on the floor, it's just there, glowing in the basking sun, you gotta grab that motherfucker before it gets away from ya. That's Gunnar when he see's a neck.
Don't make me choose... Oliveira via KO (i'm gonna regret this)
Main Event 1
Women's Flyweight Championship
Valentina Shevchenko (#1) (15-3-0, NS) v Joanna Jedderjaysik (15-2-0, 2 FLS) - This is honestly, in my opinion, a more important fight than the Featherweight fight... now before you throw your children at me, let me say my preds then you can resume at throwing stuff at me. Shevchenko is one of the most dominant fighters in the UFC, Yes, that includes the male roster. Like, holy shit, have you seen her record? its unbelievable.. and her fight against Cachoeira just proved that she's going to be champion. Oh, by the way, to the nubs that say she lost against Nunes, bitch you're wrong and the judges are wrong. Shevchenko's striking is absolutely beautiful, they're powerful, well timed, accurate, i don't even think shes human yo. Joanna is also an incredibly dangerous fighter who could easily be champion again if she maybe changed her game up against Rose. But this isn't about Rose, this is about Bullet. Joanna is the perhaps on equal level of power compared to Shevchenko, which makes this fight the best match up for this card. She cleaned the strawweight division and she'll probably never return to it unless Rose isn't champion (Rose is like, her kryptonite). This fight is fucking phenomenal, and if you're thinking of skipping this shit to take a crap, pucker that butthole and sit yo ass down.
Shevchenko via TKO Round 2 or 3
Main Event 2
Featherweight Championship
Max Holloway (c) (19-3-0, 12 FWS) v Brian Ortega (#1) (14-0-0, 14 FWS) - Alright, lets get my main worry about this fight out of the way. Holloway was pulled off a previous card because of "concussion like symptoms"... thats red flags all over the place. I'm sure i'm not the only one who thinks this, but i don't think Holloway has recovered from whatever he dealt with previously. I love Holloway, don't get me wrong, both of his fights against Aldo were exceptional, dominant, perfect performances, but i worry about his health. He might say he's fine but who the fuck would say "nah bruh i'm still seeing 4 titties instead of 2" (not his actual words but concussions are fucked) in public, especially to the media before the biggest fight of his life? Holloway is still very young and has a shitload of talent, but that, stacked with the fact that he cuts like, 40 pounds of weight (I heard Rogan say it, it must be correct) then... idk, i hope he makes weight, plslord make weight. Ortega is the next champ, i'm saying it now, the way he's hyped up, his previous performances, i mean, shit, look at his record... KO'd Edgar, Subbed Swanson and Moicano, KO's cardio-king Guida, It's all there, Ortega has great striking, it doesn't really show that much but his striking is definitely there, especially in the pocket where most of the power comes from (long ranges strikes = not much power). His grappling though, once he grabs the neck, its almost Gunnar-like. It's an art form and it'll be an example for students of BJJ to follow for years to come. I can't wait for this fight, it's gonna be amazing.
Ortega via Sub Round 2
I think that's everything.
Who do you think is gonna be the new Flyweight Champ? Will Joanna feel safe and healthy in 125 (she said in embedded that she only needs to cut 5 pounds, which is amazing)? Will Shevchenko be the rightful champ of 125?
Is Max healthy enough to fight? will he remain champ? or Will ortega pull an upset and become an undefeated champion? Lets not forget that Ortega is a buff dude and might have trouble cutting weight
Any fighters that you're excited for?
Let me know in the comments below.
Have a great day guys, i'm exhausted, this 8 week marathon has taken a shitload out of me, but any content that i bring to this subreddit, and anyone that reads these posts, have a special place in my heart, and i cannot thank you all enough for giving me the confidence to continue writing these... I apologise if this content is lackluster, i strive to please and bring great content to this sub. Much love and happiness, have a great weekend.
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2018.12.05 21:27 UnderCoverSnyder DISCUSSION: My Pitch for starting a DCEU (I know it's been done a million times)

This question was posed a couple of days ago, and I responded, but it said because I didn't add a flair... it was removed :( I'm new here, a lurker, forgive me. So here's what I think would be a cool DC Universe:
First off, I like the direction Snyder was originally going, I would just tweak a few things here and there. Also I've only really thought up to flashpoint, and I'm not positive where to go from there. I know obviously a Justice league 3 with Darkseid would be ideal, but maybe you guys can finish it for me. But Here's how Phase 1-3 would go for me:
Movie 1 - Man of Steel
The only thing I'd change about this masterpiece is to have a more hopeful Superman by the end of the movie, similiar to how we had in Justice League. Obviously it wouldn't have the same 3 movie arch that he had to get there, but I think he can get there in one movie. After Credit scene is Lex Luthor, telling senator Finch the "greatest lie in America" from BvS. He would not be played by Jesse. I actually think Patrick Wilson would have made a great Luthor, he can pull of the charming and charismatic but also the obsessed and deranged. My Favorite Luthor is young justice Luthor, and I think he could pull that off.
Movie 2 - The Batman
We have a pre-BvS Bruce Wayne, dealing with Jason Todd's death. Nightwing hear's of Robins murder, so he comes from Bludhaven and spends the movie with Bruce, trying to help Alfred to get him to grieve properly. We have a self contained story where he fights scarecrow, and the fear toxin keeps giving him flashbacks of the tapes of Jason's murder. The story would mostly be self contained, and show Deadshot being capture to set up suicide squad. The end credit scenes would show Joker letting Jason escape after faking his death to mess with Batman (I wouldn't go the Ras Al Ghul rival route), revealing that he is actually still alive, setting up the sequel. I wouldn't mind Leto's joker, but played with passion like in the SS deleted scenes. Or Phoenix, I don't mind either way. My pick for Nightwing would be Channing Tatum. He can hold his own in terms of star power, and is the perfect age between Jason Todd and Bruce. Give him a little longer hair, and he is already in the amazing shape Nightwing needs to be in. Not sure who would play Scarecrow. Will Smith would not play deadshot.
Movie 3 - Wonder Woman
Stay pretty much the same, but no homage to Wayne enterprises in the beginning, save that for the end. Show that Bruce wayne sent her the photograph of her and the crew, she turns it over and it says "from Bruce, we need to talk" or something like that.
Movie 4 - Dawn of Justice
Similar plotline to BvS, but in the beginning of the movie with Bruce's journey through the black zero destruction, I would also show Lex's. I would take out the beginning montage of Bruce's parents being murdered and the speech, but instead show Lex growing up with his Mom and bonding wit her while his father was abusive. Then she is killed during the wreckage, as we see Bruce also having people he knows killed in the wreckage. Then later, Lex's speech on the rooftop includes him saying that he will take Clark's mother away just like Clark took his mother away. As the movie goes on, the general public actually love superman, but the rich and powerful in government do not. Lex still tries to get the kryptonite, and makes a big deal of it to the government, knowing that "the Bat" will catch wind and want to steal it. Bruce ends up fighting Clark, just like in BvS, and instead of Lex creating Doomsday, Doomsday is formed by accident while Lex's scientists were experimenting on Zod's body in the kryptonian scout ship to see how to harm a kryptonian body. Diana comes in to fight, just like in BvS. Superman dies at the end, and there is much more of a public feel to it. I would also make Doomsday slightly smaller, more like Hulk-size than gigantic monster size, and of course the classic bone spikes. After credits shows Bruce meeting with Amanda Waller and telling her not to assemble her team, that he'll handle any trouble going forward.
Phase 2
Movie 1 - Suicide Squad - Assault on Arkham
Batman is obsessed with bringing Superman back to life, but is becoming more and more depressed. Diana leaves and tells Bruce he has to move on from his guilt of thinking Clark was an enemy. She leaves and says to find her when he's ready to move forward. Meanwhile, Amanda Waller is assembling Task force X, to deal with unusual threats in light of Superman's death. First misssion is to deal with Joker who had stolen classified government property from Star Labs. Joker's intent is to hide it in Arkham, and pretend to get caught and draw out Batman, and confront him for the first time since sending the tapes of Jason dieing. Joker taunts Batman through most of the fights. The story would mostly be like the animated Assault on Arkham plotline, but resulting in Joker actually being caught and put in Jail, and the classified property revealed to be a motherbox that comes to life in the after credits scene. The movie would wrap up with Bruce and Dick visiting Joker insinuating that they are questioning him about Jason's death.
Movie 2 - Green lantern Corps
Hal Jordan and the corp face a new threat that is recruiting many lanterns to their cause at record pace; The Red Lanterns. Sinestro tasks Hal with training a new recruit to help with the fight, John Stewart. The Red Lanterns are defeated, but not before Atrocitus is able to corrupt the mind of Sinestro against the guardians and the corps. Sinestro escapes to go his own way. After credits scene shows Hal and John on their way to find Sinestro, but cross paths with Steppenwolf's ship and his parademons on their way to earth. John escapes to warn earth, but Hal is captured. Hal should be played by Armie Hammer, and John by someone like Omari Hardwick.
Movie 3 - Wonder Woman 2
Diana visits Bruce and tries to get him to move on and not obsess over bringing Superman back. Diana leaves to go try and instill hope throughout the world by doing good. She is sabotaged by a Xerces-backed Cheetah. This would be a self-contained story. After credit scene shows John crash landing in Europe and finding the only enhancing being he knows left on earth, Diana, to warn her about steppenwolf.
Movie 4 - The Flash
Self contained story that introduces us to Barry Allen, played by Justin Hartley. He is my dream casting because not only does he look like a sprinteBarry himself, but he can be heartfelt or funny just like Barry. If you doubt me, watch This is Us. I could totally see Justin Hartley fan boying that he just found out Bruce Wayne is Batfleck. Ezra can be introduced as Wally later on if need be. I never loved Ezra as Barry. End Credit Scene shows Bruce visiting Barry to talk to him about the Speedforce's capabilities for energy production, and says he needs his help to bring back Superman.
Movie 5 - Justice League
We are introduced to Cyborg and his backstory. He feels the pinging of the motherboxes signaling Apokalypse, and the return communication from Steppenwolf, that he is coming. Steppenwolf's motive is to retrieve the mother boxes and Boom Tube them up to Darkseid, and end his banishment and shame for losing them in the first place. Cyborg seeks out Diana and finds her and John. They all find Bruce and the Flash, and an argument resumes about tying to bring back superman is never going to work. meanwhile the Parademons attack the League in the batcave, trying to steal Cyborg as he has the Motherbox from star labs absorbed into his technological matrix. The league manages to fight them off, but not before they steal Superman's body. Meanwhile Steppenwolf steals the Themyscria motherbox.
Diana, Cyborg, and John all finally realize they need superman's help in order to defeat Steppenwolf. They break into the Parademon stronghold, and use flash's speedforce to reanimate his body. He comes back as dark suit superman, the parademons flee, and the league has to fight him temporarily while he is confused. Superman flies off to find lois. During this time, Steppenwolf steals the Atlantis mother box. Cyborg can feel that he is the last motherbox, and that they have to fight steppenwolf head on, without superman. Superman comes to his senses, appears to Alfred like in the deleted scenes, and then goes and helps the team defeat Steppenwolf. At the end, a boom tube opens up, and Darkseid is seen. Superman is tempted to go with him, but instead punches Steppenwolf away from the motherboxes and up the boom tube, Diana and Cyborg separate the motherboxes and close the boomtube. End of the movie shows John using his ring to search the left behind parademon ship and finding a hole blasted in the side where Hal was being held. The ring reveals a strange yellow energy signature that burns John's hand.
After credits scene shows Lex Luthor meeting with Amanda Waller about funding an archealogical dig in a strange newly discovered ruins in Egypt.
Phase 3
Movie 1 - Batman - Under the Red Hood
Bruce is finally feeling a sense of resolve as Superman has returned and Steppenwolf has been fended off. But his world is shook as a new threaten in Gotham actually lowers crime. This movie would basically just follow the Red Hood animated movie, but with Penguin played by Andy Serkis instead of Black mask. Red Hood escapes at the end with the big reveal, and is now an anti-hero used in future movies.
End Credit scene shows Bane breaking out of Blackgate Prison. I don't know if he can act, but Martyn Ford literally looks like Bane and is from Venezuela too.
Movie 2 - Green Lantern Corps 2
John Leaves Earth in search of Hal, and reports to Oa that Hal is missing. The guardians are aware, and tell John that they have learned that Sinestro has created the yellow fear ring, and has already made many green lanterns deffect to his cause. Sinestro is shown reviving Hal, and trying to convince him to come to his cause. Hal escapes barely, and they return to defend Oa from Sinestro's invasion. They succeed in saving Oa from total ruin, but not before Sinestro promises revenge on Hal and John's home world.
After Credit scene shows Sinestro visiting Lex on his boat, sort of like after Justice League but it's Sinestro instead of Deathstroke.
Movie 3 - Shazam
I haven't seen David Sanberg's movie yet obviously, but I would assume it would fit snuggly right here. Lots of cameos from our boi Superman, with an end credit scene of him introducing Shazam to Diana and Bruce.
Movie 4 - Suicide Squad 2
The squad is sent to reclaim a freighter that has been captured by Bane. The freighter is carrying a large shipment of venom, and as it passes Santa Prisca, is attacked and hijacked by Bane and his pirates. As the squad parachutes onto the ship at night and infiltrates it, they discover a stowaway hooded figure who had boarded the freighter as it crossed other deserted islands near Santa Prisca. In the process, they discover that hidden amongst the containers of venom with a strange ancient casket with egyptian writing. Harley eagerly opens the casket, and Black Adam is revealed lieing dormant, with a large tracker strapped to his neck.
A rookie Green Arrow played by John Krasinski assists the squad in silently taking down as many of Bane's guards just as it ports in Gotham. There, Batman and a temporarily cooperative Red hood remain in waiting, not knowing the squad is on board. A massive fight breaks out between Bane, the squad, the pirates, Batman & Red Hood, and Green Arrow in the port. During the fight, venom is spilled into Black Adam's casket, submersing him, and he wakes up in a fury and flies off during the fight. The electricity from his flight and awakening destroys the squad's detonators and the squad escapes into Gotham. Bane is subdued by batman and Red hood, with some help from Oliver Queen. Bruce holds a press conference announcing a partnership with Queen enterprises in honor of Oliver's return. The partnership is a front to help Oliver get on his feet in the vigilante game.
After credit scene shows Black Adam visiting Lex Luthor, the source of the tracker. As Adam breaks it with one hand, Lex mentions that he knows where the only threat to Adam's rule is located, and will tell him if he agrees to help Lex.
Movie 5 - Cyborg & Flash Team up
Cyborg is dealing with a split personality issue in his software, that keeps urging him to investigate and harness a mysterious energy that has disrupted his apokalyptian memory data base of Earth's history. After refusing, Grid separates himself from Cyborg and flies to Central City to try and find and harness this energy. Cyborg contacts Flash to get his help, and the two of them fight off Grid, but not before Reverse Flash is revealed as the source of the energy. Flash and thawne fight for a bit, but it is never revealed how Thawne is connected to Barry.
After credit scene shows Luthor finding reverse Flash and telling him he knows who Barry's new family is now. Thawne is interested and agrees to help Lex.
Movie 6 - Nightwing
Bruce sends Dick to investigate a disturbance at the League of Shadows. He trusts no one else to go in his stead, while Bruce is dealing with the suicide squad and Bane. Upon arrival, Nightwing discovers that most of the league has been destroyed or heald hostage, by Deathstroke. He overhears Deathstroke torturing Ra's Al Ghul, asking where he was keeping Slade's Daughter. Ra's swears he has no idea what he's talking about, that the only child they had at the League of Shadows was Talia's, Ra's grandson. Nightwing confronts Talia while Slade is still fighting off other members of the League of Shadows, and Talia is furious that Nightwing had come instead of Bruce, as she reveals the child is Damian Wayne, not the child of Slade Wilson. She had given a false tip to Slade, knowing that Batman would come and defend the League of shadows if it were under attack. Heartbroken, she flees the League of Shadows and a fight breaks out between her, Nightwing, and Deathstroke. Deathstroke refuses to believe Dick as he tries to convince him that the child was not his daughter. He is finally convinced when he sees Talia escaping with Damian, a boy. Deathstroke takes off back to the mainland leaving Dick stranded with a badly beat up Ra's Al Ghul.
The after credit scene shows Lex contacting Deathstroke showing evidence that he knows where his daughter is, and is willing to give him the info if he helps him kill "the Bat."
Movie 7 - Justice League Doom
Lex is running for president under the notion that super beings needs to be under the rule of law, and not operate on their own basis. He uses the Legion of Doom to create distractions and cause the league to become devided, and directs them to attack the Leaguers in areas where there is maximum damage. Lex wants to leave superman stripped of his friends, and have to submit to him as president of his country of residence. As the Legion of Doom is defeated and the League is left divided at the notion of sabotaging Luthor's presidency, Reverse flash takes the opportune moment to tell Barry the truth. Impulsively Barry follows Thawne back in time to save his mother, creating Flashpoint.
Phase 4
Justice League - Flashpoint Paradox
This is as far as I got. I'm tired of typing and you're probably tired of reading. How would you finish this?
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2018.11.03 01:51 mediumcelery Megathread of Acapellas/Vocals Used By Bassnectar

So I thought it'd be cool if we all pooled together and came up with a list of as many of the vocals lorin uses during his sets. It'd be useful for the DJ's in this subreddit and overall I feel like a lot of people would find it interesting. Any replies posted in the comments, I'll add to this list in alphabetical order by artist. I'll get it started but it probably won't be much... (If something like this already exists, then damn, link it and I'll delete this post)

2 Chainz - I'm Different
A.D.O.R. - One For The Trouble
AZ - AZ's Chillin
Barrington Levy - Murderer
Beastie Boys - Sabotage
Beastie Boys - So Watcha Want
Beastie Boys - Intergalactic
Beastie Boys - The New Style
Beat King - Crush
Big Boi - Kryptonite (I'm On It)
Big Boi - Shutterbug
Big L - Put It On
Biz Markie ‎- Studda Step
Björk ft. Thom Yorke - I've seen it all
Busta Rhymes - Touch It ("Who be the king of the sound...")
Busta Rhymes - Woo Hah!
Camp Lo – Luchini AKA This Is It
Cardi B - Bodak Yellow
Cicada - The Things You Say
Childish Gambino - Let Me Dope You
Clipse - Wamp Wamp
Clipse - When The Last Time
Crooklyn Clan - Let's Get Ill
Dannic & Sick Individuals - Feel Your Love
Daft Punk - Technologic
Danny Brown - Die Like A Rock Star
Dawn Penn - No, No No
Dead Prez - It's Bigger Than Hip Hop
Dem Franchize Boyz - I Think They Like Me
Desiigner - Panda
Die Antwoord - Diz Is Why I’m Hot
Dilated Peoples - Live From Copenhagen
Ding Dong - Badman Forward Badman Pull Up
Digable Planets - Nickle Bags
Document One - 7th Dimension
Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg - The Next Episode
Eazy-E - Tha Muthaphukkin Real
Eazy-E - Luv 4 Dem Gangstaz
Elzhi - Deep
Eminem - My Name Is
EMF - Unbelievable
Erykah Badu - I'm Feelin High
Estelle & Kanye West - American Boy ("Number one champion sound...")
Evol Intent - Under
Foxy Brown - Hotspot
FC Kahuna - Hayling
Flo Ride - GDFR
Gang Starr - You Know My Steez
Gift of Gab - Spotlight ("I like to blow the fuck up")
Gucci Mane - Stupid
Hopsin - Trampoline
Iggy Azalea - Kream
J. Cole - Can't Get Enough
Jay Electronica - Exhibit A
Jay-Z - Izzo
Jay-Z - 99 Problems
Jurassic Five - The Influence
Karol Conka - Boa Noite
Kendrick Lamar - Love
Kendrick Lamar - Poetic Justice
Kraze - The Party ("Somebody scream")
Lil Mama - Shawty Get Loose
Lil Wayne - Go DJ ("Hottest under the sun...")
Lil Wayne - Up Up & Away
Ludacris - Yeah!
Lupe Fiasco - Daydreamin
Lupe Fiasco - I Gotcha
Lupe Fiasco - Superstar
Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers
Mac Mall - My Opinion
Madvillain - Meat Grinder
Major Lazer - Hold the Line
Max Romero - Chasing The Devil
Masta Ace - Born To Roll
MIA - Double Bubble Trouble
Migos - Get Right Witcha
Missy Elliot - Get Ya Freak On
Missy Elliot - Work It
Mobb Deep - Put Em In Their Place
Moguai - Freaks
M.O.P. - Ante Up
Mr. Bangladesh Ft. Jadakiss and Pusha T - 100
Nas - Got Yourself a Gun
Nas - One Mic
Nas - The World Is Yours
Nas - You Know My Style
Nicki Minaj - Massive Attack
Notorious B.I.G. - Dead Wrong
Notorious B.I.G. - Hypnotize
Ol Dirty Bastard - Shimmy Shimmy Ya
Outkast - BoB
Public Enemy - Bring The Noise
Rick Ross - Hustlin
Rick Ross - Royal
Riz MC - Hundreds & Thousands
Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock - It Takes Two ("I wanna rock right now...")
Run DMC - Here We Go ("1, 2, 3...In the place to be")
Rye Rye - Bang
Rye Rye - Sunshine
Sean Paul - Gimme The Light
Skepta - That's Not Me
Skrillex & Damian Marley - Make It Bun Dem
Steve Miller Band - Fly Like An Eagle
Technotronic - Pump The Jam
The Alkaholiks - Daaam
The D.O.C. - It's Funky Enough
The Fugees - Fu-Gee-La
The Fugees - How Many Mics
The Roots - Don't Say Nuthin'
The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face
T.I. - What You Know
Tinie Tempah - Pass Out
Trae - Swang
Travis Scott - Antidote
Tupac - Runnin
Tupac - Sleep
Will Smith - So Fresh
Wiz Khalifa - Black & Yellow ("Make the floor shake...")
Wiz Khalifa - Go Hard or Go Home
Wiz Khalifa - We Dem Boyz
Yung Joc - It's Goin Down
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2018.10.28 22:21 nbincog MHW: A Monster Popularity Survey - The Results!

A week ago I posted this survey. More detailed results at the end of the post.
So, with 549 responses, I ended up with just a little bit more than I was banking on. I didn't think people would be so keen to share their opinion on the internet. With so many responses and so many options per question, I feel it'd be best to list the top 5 answers for each question in the post, then link to a more comprehensive display externally.
1. In your opinion, which monster has the best mechanics for a fun battle?
1st: Nergigante. 248 votes
Not much of a surprise. I see Nergigante get a lot of praise for being a great example of how fights should be designed in MHW. With an all-out brawl that rewards aggression, but punishes stupid aggression, Nergigante is like the fast food of MHW, here and gone very quickly, but leaves you satisfied. Still, quite the landslide.
2nd: Odogaron. 67 votes.
An interesting one, given Clifford hasn't much in the way of unique mechanics barring bleed. Perhaps there's a preference for gimmick free, fast paced brawls in MHW.
3rd: Teostra. 39 votes.
My personal second, Teostra is a great fight that tests your ability to read a monster well and how quickly you can react to certain telegraphs. Or you could just use a lance.
4th: Bazelguese. 22 votes.
Really Reddit? You like fighting this guy? I suppose being a flying pinecone of a weak spot makes him fun to use your dragon piercer on, but those one shot bombs from tempered goose, ouch.
5th: Diablos - Kirin. 19 votes.
I smell lance mains. Seriously though, I would have been surprised to not see these in the top 5, so it's fitting they tied for 5th. Between Kirin being the fairest fight in the game with the telegraphs and punishing nothing but greed, and Diablos being an intense bullfight against a freight train with wings, I'm glad to see recognition here.
2. In your opinion, which monster has the worst mechanics for a fun battle?
1st: Kushala Daora. 111 votes
Answers here were more varied than that of the previous question, but that didn't stop another elder stealing the top spot. Kushala Daora, as we all know, is the absolute bane of a melee player who doesn't want to be shoehorned into specific builds, plus. With heavy physical damage and somewhat unclear hitboxes, he's no slouch against a ranged player either. Being knocked about by invisible AoE effects and not being able to see are definitely not popular mechanics.
2nd: Lavasioth - Zorah Magdaros. 105 votes.
It appears that the siege mission type still lags behind the rest of the game in terms of fun. So much so, that poor Zorah, who probably sucked up more development time than any monster, ties with the hot fish for 2nd least fun encounter. Considering Lava's delayed hitboxes and frustrating hardening mechanic and Zorah being an overly long execution of simple tasks with little skilled input, I won't contest this result.
3rd: Bazelguese. 38 votes.
Managing to get on both lists for best and worst mechanics comes the true target of every HR investigation. I feel Bazel is going to have a trend of dive-bombing onto multiple lists because how dare we not pay attention to him.
4th: Deviljho. 26 votes.
The first showing of our wonderful hamburger garnish, Deviljho appears to frustrate a lot of you. With two irritating debuffs that are applied all too easily, hitboxes spawned from him being awkwardly massive and a transcontinental hip check, the great glutton seems to suck the joy of using big things to beat up bigger things right out.
5th: Black Diablos. 24 votes.
It appears that the Diablos family teeters on a fine line between great fun and not fun at all for some of you. Black Diablos is the only monster in the game that can successfully stun with one hit, which can mean a very early cart that feels unwarranted. She hits hard, is aggressive and eats cacti. Hard-core.
3. Aesthetically, which monster has the best design?
1st: Nergigante. 104 votes.
The pit-bull/hedgehog of elder dragons tops another positive list, this time for being the best example of visual design for monsters. Who doesn't love spikes coming out of spikes, especially when they're tripped and squirming. The flagship monster of the new MH generation was chosen well.
2nd: Xeno'jiiva. 71 votes.
Baby blue boi gets his first showing. An alien looking dragon, pulsing with pure energy... I can see why many of you find that badass. He certainly looks the part of the final showdown for the story. If only killing him wasn't truly death by a thousand cuts.
3rd: Vaal Hazak. 57 votes.
The effluvial elder sneaks in a 3rd place for best visual design. It's not too surprising, with a double jaw and a rotten, dark presence that truly encapsulates the pit that is the Rotten Vale; few monsters are truly a microcosm of their habitat like Vaal is. Graceful yet off-putting, Vaal looks like something out of Dark Souls, with theme music to match.
4th: Legiana. 42 votes.
The apex of the Coral Highlands used aeroplanes as an inspiration for its sleek, bird-like design. With a lovely navy pelt, long, aerodynamic horns and leathery wings that splay almost like feathers, Legiana is a unique take on the more reptilian creatures found in MHW, and certainly communicates his role in the ecosystem with just one look.
5th: Odogaron. 35 votes.
Man's best friend gets another shout out. With double, razor-sharp claws on the end of muscular forelimbs, an agile frame coated in blood red and cute little blue eyes, Clifford balances awesome and intimidating very well with his design. Either that, or you all just voted based on the female armour set.
4. Aesthetically, which monster has the worst design?
1st: Jyuratodus. 145 votes.
It would seem that mudskippers aren't cut out to be awesome as far as monster design goes. Jyura pulls out a win in a contest where the only true loser is the winner. I'm not surprised, given he's a big muddy fish in a game with fire lions and thunder ponies.
2nd: Lavasioth. 71 votes.
Piscine wyverns are not crowd pleasers it seems. What can you say about this guy that isn't just talking about Jyura with orange glowy bits? The answer is nothing. Lavasioth is the most obnoxious retexture in the game, or Jyuratodus is; I've no idea which came first.
3rd: Zorah Magdaros. 48 votes.
The visual spectacle of the game is apparently the 3rd ugliest monster in the game. That's nothing short of a failure for the design team here. It doesn't help that you spend most of the battle viewing Zorah as an uninspired volcano biome, and from a distance he looks like a walking tar pit.
4th: Uragaan. 38 votes.
Uragaan isn't the most interesting monster in the game, but it would appear that many people are put off by that hulking great big chin. He's a golden brown lumpy mess with little explosive sweetcorn nuggets. Crap with a chin.
5th: Paolumu. 31 votes.
The first true mammalian wyvern to make it onto the list, Paolumu is a jarring mix of cute and hideous that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Furry inflation fetishists aside, it appears many people feel that a giant inflatable bat doesn't carry the x-factor that so many other members of the monster crew do.
5. Which monster do you believe has the most memorable first encounter?
1st: Nergigante. 126 votes.
With a campaign-long build up to this conflict, Nergigante steals the show once more as the most memorable first encounter. This fight is as cinematic as one can be, without relying on scripted BS to convey the intensity. Once again, Nergi shows the best in what the designers can do when allowed to go ham.
2nd: Anjanath. 81 votes.
The first goal-setting monster in the game, Anjanath is shown early, and you're free to go and fight him should you please. He exists to demonstrate to a newer player that you may need to develop your skills and gear before trying to take on everything you see, as many, myself included, ignored the handler's warnings about him being too strong and instead took that big dick energy all the way to the morgue. He feels like the first true accomplishment for many players.
3rd: Bazelgeuse. 67 votes.
4th: Diablos. 40 votes.
Diablos bursts onto the stage by suplexing a four-ton monster through the ground before you fall into his lair. First, he's bloody huge for this point in the game as well as fast and aggressive. Many players may be cautious to even approach him, let alone try to hold out toe-to-toe. Diablos was my first wall, but he didn't half leave an impression looking back. It appears I'm not the only one.
5th: Xeno'jiiva. 35 votes.
Have you ever watched something being born? That stuff sticks with you, hauntingly. Xeno is no exception, as you watch him emerge from an energy cocoon, before blast the living daylight out of the elf with braids. He's the biggest thing you've had to fight one on one, and if the concept doesn't burn an image of him onto your brain then the bioluminescence will burn him straight onto your retina.
6. Which monster do you believe has the least memorable first encounter?
1st: Great Girros. 133 votes.
The omega of the Rotten Vale hardly cuts it for memorability. So what, he's snacking on a dead thing and you throw a bit of fire and he peaces out? That's it? Diablos suplexes Barroth, Anjanath throws another monster at you, Great Girros runs away. There's no requirement to ever fight this monster, and he defines filler for his habitat. Considering how late into the story he appears, it's easy to just forget he ever existed in the first place.
2nd: Jyuratodus. 72 votes.
It all seems great, a dead Barroth and a scholar who seems to have gone mad with the eldritch truth, until he points out that mudfish isn't the cause of the problem. Mudfish then proceeds to bravely defeat a corpse before vomiting mud at you. Intimidating. Jyura is easy to forget about once you clear him for story. His fight is slow and dull and his design just blends in, quite literally.
3rd: Lavasioth. 48 votes.
I can't even remember this guy's intro. He's swimming in lava and then he isn't? Is that right? Once again, the piscine wyverns show that they can't really compete as far as memorability and design go. Perhaps having monsters based on fish in a game with no underwater combat makes them somewhat underwhelming.
4th: Great Jagras. 46 votes.
Apparently being baby's first large monster isn't enough to prevent this fella from fading into obscurity. The ravenous Rastafarian doesn't cut it for many of you. I mean, he is just a big lizard with a funny hairdo. There isn't much else to say, is there?
5th: Kulu-Ya-Ku. 32 votes.
The big chicken bursts onto centre stage by breaking a pot and running away; truly a gaming moment that will stick with me for years. He's not difficult, he's not intimidating and he's not even got the meme status of some of the other garbage-tier wyverns. His armour set looks cute on female hunters, though.
7. Which monster do you find to be the most difficult?
1st: Deviljho. 87 votes.
Tempered Jho is currently the most difficult encounter on PC for most players. He hits incredibly hard and is extremely mobile. Pins, tremors, debuffs and constant roaring can make it hard to even fight back, unless you're a lance main, despite not being the biggest challenge for console players. This question is likely the one that is the most unreliable thanks to the PC-PS4 patch disparity.
2nd: Kirin. 83 votes.
The gateway to the deco-farming endgame is no slouch for difficulty, and is likely fresh in the minds of many fledgling PC hunters. Kirin does huge elemental damage which is increased further by many of the best sets most players will be running at this point in the game. He forces you to consider your build carefully and requires a much more tactful approach than other monsters. Kirin is a one-shotting, paralysing, stunning and anger-inducing machine of a monster.
3rd: Black Diablos. 68 votes.
Likely the most difficult of all T2 tempered encounters, Black Diablos can easily catch the most seasoned of hunters off guard, powderising them in one-two hits. The unrelenting nature of her physical attacks complement her huge damage potential perfectly, resulting in some players very quickly finding their place on the food chain - beneath the cacti.
4th: Behemoth. 57 votes.
Hi there, console players. Nice of you to show up. Behemoth is currently the definition of hard for many players, but finds his way lower on the list due to not being available for a huge swathe of the player base at present, myself included. Behemoth requires coordination like no other monster. He checks your ability to tank and DPS, meaning people must dedicate roles in order to win. He also one shots the whole map unless you hide behind a specific rock, a specific rock that won't spawn if you fail the DPS check and can even be broken by Behemoth if you fail to control him. Yeesh.
5th: Kushala Daora. 56 votes.
The kryptonite of crit elemental dual blades shows up once more. Kushala is deceptively tough, given how easily he can chain stun a player without guard into a frustrating cart, as well as stay firmly out of reach for many players when not doing so. Either that, or his framerate debuff is too much for many a poor hunter to handle.
8. Which monster do you find to be the easiest?
1st: Great Jagras. 348 votes.
I mean, what were you expecting? He's the first monster in the game. Still, banana iguana can go home knowing he is the only monster to surpass 300 votes in any category.
2nd: Kulu-Ya-Ku. 30 votes.
Kulu is introduced as a joke monster and keeps up appearances in combat. Easily dispatched and putting up very little in terms of a fight, only presenting a marginal challenge above the Great Jagras, probably because people feel bad wailing on him.
3rd: Great Girros. 21 votes.
I'll be honest; I've fought this guy so few times that I'm not sure what he even does. I just walk in and hit him until he stops moving. I know he flops about and stuff but that really seems to be all he brings to the table. Low damage, low health pool and not enough in terms of power to capitalise on his paralysis, Great Girros is quite the pushover.
4th: Vaal Hazak. 16 votes.
Almost universally agreed upon as the easiest elder, no amount of badass visual design and/or vaping can save Vaal from his reputation as a pansy. He can hit hard, but is incredibly slow. He can cut your HP in half, but that can be entirely negated with 3 level 1 slots. He shoots a beam that sweeps an entire area, but he spends years charging it up, and lets you beat the tar out of him while he fires it. Vaal isn't likely the true 4th easiest monster in the game, but comparing his difficulty to how late in the game he is, it makes sense to see him here.
5th: Dodogama - Zorah Magdaros. 13 votes.
If you're hunting Dodogama at all you're a bad person. Stop it. Despite that, he's not too difficult. The final fanged wyvern of the game, if you could call his shovel mouth "fangs," Dodogama can punish with mortar-like explosives, but not do much else. He's not particularly fast or hard hitting, nor is he big enough to make him hard to damage. Zorah is hard to fail; at least until his AT variant is available to you. The game is so generous with time and the health of the barrier that, so long as you actually press the occasional button on the controller, you'll have no issues driving back this lumbering coal mine.
Phew, that's it! This took way longer than I was expecting. I had hoped to be done yesterday but IRL stuff got in the way. A spreadsheet of responses including bar charts is here. Please keep in mind that I'm not much of a data guy. This started as me just being curious, so forgive poor formatting.
submitted by nbincog to MonsterHunterWorld [link] [comments]

2018.08.15 22:26 ynadji Kernkraft 400? Really? Where's the ATL Love?

Home games in the Benz are perfect, except for one thing. Who needs played out Zombie Nation's Kernkraft 400, when Atlanta basically decides what rap sounds like, and has some famous, non-rapping musicians too? Did you know Zombie Nation isn't even from Atlanta?? FOH with that Bundesliga bs. Let's get local y'all.
So here's my shortlist of songs that would obviously be better for goals, as well as other crucial game moments:
Requests from the crowd:
Runners up:
What did I miss? I feel like some country specific tracks for our fav DPs makes sense too, but don't have the knowledge. Blank's got the cash let's do this right y'all.
submitted by ynadji to AtlantaUnited [link] [comments]

2018.08.01 18:55 wolfa28 Float Fest 2018 Setlist

I was not there, but I had a great time listening to this! Biggest highlight was definitely hearing Maximum Frequency dropped out of nowhere! It's a WIP, but I timestamped all the places where I couldn't ID the song:
Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody (Intro tease)
Bassnectar & Seth Drake – F.U.N. (Uncle Murda – Warning lyrics) (Female rapper ID sample mashed in)
Bassnectar – Don’t hate the 808
Bass Against Machine – King Kong (Bassnectar Edit) (Bassnectar – Don’t hate the 808 lyrics)
Bassnectar – Infrared (feat Macnaj)
Fryar & JusWayne – Augmented
Pigeon hole - Next Level (Mims – Like This Lyrics)
Noisia & Phace – Program (AWE Bootleg) (Hopsin – Trampoline lyrics)
MIA – Paper Planes (Nas ft. Lauryn Hill – If I Ruled the World lyrics)
Fixate – March On
Ming & FS – Retrace (Bassnectar Remix)
AK:Hash & Monty – Head Rip (Bassnectar Edit)
Excision & Bassnectar – Destroid 6 Put it Down (Bassnectar – Amorphous Form lyrics)
Bassnectar – Was Will Be (Feat Mimi Page) (Bassnectar Edit) (Bassnectar – TKO Lyrics) (Bassnectar – Upside Down Lyrics)
Bassnectar – Upside Down (Bassnectar & Terravita Remix)
Kromestar – The Progress (Bassnectar – Upside Down lyrics) (Fracture + Chimpo - From Early Sample Mashed In) (Bassnectar – I’m Up lyrics)
Honorebel – Now You See It (Blockhe4d Remix) (Robin Thicke feat Nicki Minaj – Shakin’ it lyrics)
ID (45:25) (Blanking) (Yung Joc – It’s Goin Down lyrics)
ID (49:00) (Jeremih ft 50 Cent - Down on Me lyrics) (Also played at Freestyle Sessions Wildstyle Night 2017)
Chee – Genecism (Elzhi – Deep lyrics)
Proxima - Ruff Scruff (Elzhi – Deep lyrics)
Dabow – Bomb
Jackal – She Ruins (Technotronic – Pump Up the Jam lyrics)
zndr. – Diamonds
Hudson Mohawke – Thunder Bay (Bassnectar Edit)
Bassnectar & Peekaboo – Disrupt the System (feat Azeem) (Notorious B.I.G. - Running Your Mouth lyrics)
Ms Banks – OMG (Bassnectar Remix) (Bassnectar – Now lyrics)
Rossi B & Luca - Frequency (Bassnectar Remix)
Unitz – The Drop (Rude Kid – Are You Ready? Lyrics)
Pyramid Juke – Molly (Big Boi – Kryptonite lyrics)
Kaskade & Deadmau5 – Move For Me (GTA Remix) (Big Boi – Kryptonite lyrics) (Eskmo – Agnus Dei lyrics)
Family Photo
Bassnectar & Jantsen – Heavyweight Sound (feat RD)
Virtual Riot – Show Up (feat Virus Syndicate)
Eliminate – Snake Bite (VIP) (Bassnectar & G Jones – Underground lyrics)
Moody Good – Tweakrrs Revenge (Also known as MTGFYT Vol. 1)
Hydraulix & Hatch – Vibe Machine (Bassnectar & G Jones – Underground lyrics)
submitted by wolfa28 to bassnectar [link] [comments]

2018.06.05 04:05 ED_Heinyy Rock Band List Meltdown Quebec

View this list in RBDB

Title Artist Links
Caught Up In You .38 Special YouTube
Kryptonite 3 Doors Down YouTube
What's Up? 4 Non Blondes YouTube
Sons and Daughters The 88 YouTube
Day Late, Dollar Short The Acro-brats YouTube
Toys in the Attic Aerosmith YouTube
Train Kept A Rollin' Aerosmith YouTube
Girl's Not Grey AFI YouTube
Miss Murder AFI YouTube
You Oughta Know Alanis Morissette YouTube
Man in the Box Alice In Chains YouTube
Smooth Criminal Alien Ant Farm YouTube
Swing, Swing All-American Rejects YouTube
Ramblin' Man The Allman Brothers Band YouTube
Rehab Amy Winehouse YouTube
Blood Doll Anarchy Club YouTube
Get Clean Anarchy Club YouTube
Sink Animal Flag YouTube
Caught in a Mosh Anthrax YouTube
Arabella Arctic Monkeys YouTube
R U Mine? Arctic Monkeys YouTube
One Armed Scissor At the Drive-In YouTube
No Regrets Authority Zero YouTube
Monster The Automatic YouTube
Almost Easy Avenged Sevenfold YouTube
Bat Country Avenged Sevenfold YouTube
Beast and the Harlot Avenged Sevenfold YouTube
Hail to the King Avenged Sevenfold YouTube
Rock Lobster The B-52's YouTube
Shooting Star Bad Company YouTube
21st Century (Digital Boy) Bad Religion YouTube
New Dark Ages Bad Religion YouTube
Sorrow Bad Religion YouTube
Night Lies Bang Camaro YouTube
Pleasure (Pleasure) Bang Camaro YouTube
Push Push (Lady Lightning) Bang Camaro YouTube
Good Vibrations (Live) The Beach Boys YouTube
Shadow Bearstronaut YouTube
Sabotage Beastie Boys YouTube
So What'cha Want Beastie Boys YouTube
E-Pro Beck YouTube
Violent Shiver Benjamin Booker YouTube
These Hands Bent Knee YouTube
Prequel to the Sequel Between the Buried and Me YouTube
In a Big Country Big Country YouTube
Rebel Girl Bikini Kill YouTube
White Wedding (Part 1) Billy Idol YouTube
No Place For Me Black Beach YouTube
Fever The Black Keys YouTube
Lodger Blanks. YouTube
Adam's Song Blink-182 YouTube
Aliens Exist Blink-182 YouTube
All the Small Things Blink-182 YouTube
Dammit Blink-182 YouTube
Feeling This Blink-182 YouTube
First Date Blink-182 YouTube
I Miss You Blink-182 YouTube
The Rock Show Blink-182 YouTube
What's My Age Again? Blink-182 YouTube
Heart of Glass Blondie YouTube
One Way or Another Blondie YouTube
(Don't Fear) The Reaper Blue Öyster Cult YouTube
Song 2 Blur YouTube
Tangled Up in Blue Bob Dylan YouTube
Get Up, Stand Up Bob Marley and the Wailers YouTube
Livin' on a Prayer Bon Jovi YouTube
Wanted Dead or Alive Bon Jovi YouTube
Foreplay/Long Time Boston YouTube
Milwaukee The Both YouTube
Start A Band Brad Paisley ft. Keith Urban YouTube
Mainstream Kid Brandi Carlile YouTube
Breath Breaking Benjamin YouTube
The Diary of Jane Breaking Benjamin YouTube
I Will Not Bow Breaking Benjamin YouTube
So Cold Breaking Benjamin YouTube
Sooner or Later Breaking Benjamin YouTube
Until the End Breaking Benjamin YouTube
Shoulder to the Plow Breaking Wheel YouTube
Happy Song Bring Me The Horizon YouTube
Throne Bring Me The Horizon YouTube
False Alarm The Bronx YouTube
Summer of '69 Bryan Adams YouTube
Bounce The Cab YouTube
Short Skirt/Long Jacket Cake YouTube
Kung Fu Fighting Carl Douglas YouTube
Hello There Cheap Trick YouTube
Get It On The Chevelles YouTube
25 or 6 to 4 Chicago YouTube
Should I Stay or Should I Go The Clash YouTube
Give It to Me Cocktail Slippers YouTube
Welcome Home Coheed and Cambria YouTube
Dreaming of You The Coral YouTube
Shake Count Zero YouTube
Accidentally in Love Counting Crows YouTube
History Repeats Creaturos YouTube
Bad Moon Rising Creedence Clearwater Revival YouTube
Nightmare Crooked X YouTube
Friday I'm In Love The Cure YouTube
Just Like Heaven The Cure YouTube
*Get Lucky * Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams YouTube
V-Bomb Dark Wheels YouTube
I Believe in a Thing Called Love The Darkness YouTube
Let's Dance David Bowie YouTube
Space Oddity David Bowie YouTube
Suffragette City David Bowie YouTube
Database Corrupted Dealership YouTube
Can't Let Go Death of the Cool YouTube
Highway Star Deep Purple YouTube
Smoke on the Water Deep Purple YouTube
Foolin' Def Leppard YouTube
Uncontrollable Urge Devo YouTube
Whip It Devo YouTube
Feel the Pain Dinosaur Jr. YouTube
Rainbow in the Dark Dio YouTube
Walk of Life Dire Straits YouTube
Down with the Sickness Disturbed YouTube
The Game Disturbed YouTube
Indestructible Disturbed YouTube
Inside the Fire Disturbed YouTube
Meaning of Life Disturbed YouTube
Perfect Insanity Disturbed YouTube
Prayer Disturbed YouTube
Stricken Disturbed YouTube
Stupify Disturbed YouTube
Voices Disturbed YouTube
New Kid in School The Donnas YouTube
China Grove The Doobie Brothers YouTube
Break on Through (To the Other Side) The Doors YouTube
Light My Fire The Doors YouTube
Riders on the Storm The Doors YouTube
Touch Me The Doors YouTube
King George Dover YouTube
Metropolis - Part 1 "The Miracle And The Sleeper" Dream Theater YouTube
Panic Attack Dream Theater YouTube
I'm Shipping Up to Boston Dropkick Murphys YouTube
Knock Em Down Duck & Cover YouTube
Hungry Like the Wolf Duran Duran YouTube
RudeBoys Dutch ReBelle YouTube
The Killing Moon Echo & The Bunnymen YouTube
Shape of You Ed Sheeran YouTube
Albert Eddie Japan YouTube
Crocodile Rock Elton John YouTube
Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting Elton John YouTube
Pump It Up Elvis Costello YouTube
Suspicious Minds Elvis Presley YouTube
I Wanna Be Your Man Endeverafter YouTube
Lady Gaga's 'Poker Face' (South Park Version) Eric Cartman YouTube
The Final Countdown Europe YouTube
Bring Me to Life Evanescence YouTube
Call Me When You're Sober Evanescence YouTube
Everybody's Fool Evanescence YouTube
Lithium Evanescence YouTube
What You Want Evanescence YouTube
Real Wild Child Everlife YouTube
Epic Faith No More YouTube
MidLife Crisis Faith No More YouTube
Centuries Fall Out Boy YouTube
Dead on Arrival Fall Out Boy YouTube
I Don't Care Fall Out Boy YouTube
This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race Fall Out Boy YouTube
Blink Father Octopus YouTube
Hey Man Nice Shot Filter YouTube
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1 The Flaming Lips YouTube
Go Your Own Way Fleetwood Mac YouTube
You Make Loving Fun Fleetwood Mac YouTube
I'm So Sick Flyleaf YouTube
All My Life Foo Fighters YouTube
Breakout Foo Fighters YouTube
Everlong Foo Fighters YouTube
The Feast and the Famine Foo Fighters YouTube
Learn to Fly Foo Fighters YouTube
Monkey Wrench Foo Fighters YouTube
Cold as Ice Foreigner YouTube
I Still Believe Frank Turner YouTube
Take Me Out Franz Ferdinand YouTube
Brainpower Freezepop YouTube
Get Ready 2 Rokk Freezepop YouTube
Less Talk More Rokk Freezepop YouTube
Sprode Freezepop YouTube
I Think I'm Paranoid Garbage YouTube
Ain't Messin 'Round Gary Clark Jr. YouTube
Ashes to Fire Ghost Hounds YouTube
Signs Giant Target YouTube
Follow You Down Gin Blossoms YouTube
Still Alive GLaDOS YouTube
We Got the Beat Go-Go's YouTube
Bethany Goddamn Draculas YouTube
I Stand Alone Godsmack YouTube
Radar Love Golden Earring YouTube
Girls & Boys Good Charlotte YouTube
Clint Eastwood Gorillaz YouTube
Feel Good Inc. Gorillaz YouTube
Alabama Getaway The Grateful Dead YouTube
21 Guns Green Day YouTube
21st Century Breakdown Green Day YouTube
American Eulogy Green Day YouTube
American Idiot Green Day YouTube
Are We the Waiting/St. Jimmy Green Day YouTube
Basket Case Green Day YouTube
Before the Lobotomy Green Day YouTube
Boulevard of Broken Dreams Green Day YouTube
Brain Stew/Jaded Green Day YouTube
Burnout Green Day YouTube
Chump Green Day YouTube
Coming Clean Green Day YouTube
East Jesus Nowhere Green Day YouTube
Emenius Sleepus Green Day YouTube
Extraordinary Girl Green Day YouTube
F.O.D. Green Day YouTube
Geek Stink Breath Green Day YouTube
Give Me Novacaine/She's a Rebel Green Day YouTube
Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) Green Day YouTube
Having a Blast Green Day YouTube
Hitchin' a Ride Green Day YouTube
Holiday Green Day YouTube
Homecoming Green Day YouTube
Horseshoes and Handgrenades Green Day YouTube
In the End Green Day YouTube
Jesus of Suburbia Green Day YouTube
Know Your Enemy Green Day YouTube
Last Night on Earth Green Day YouTube
Letterbomb Green Day YouTube
Longview Green Day YouTube
Minority Green Day YouTube
Murder City Green Day YouTube
Nice Guys Finish Last Green Day YouTube
Peacemaker Green Day YouTube
Pulling Teeth Green Day YouTube
Restless Heart Syndrome Green Day YouTube
Sassafras Roots Green Day YouTube
See the Light Green Day YouTube
She Green Day YouTube
Song of the Century Green Day YouTube
The Static Age Green Day YouTube
Wake Me Up When September Ends Green Day YouTube
Warning Green Day YouTube
Welcome to Paradise Green Day YouTube
Whatsername Green Day YouTube
When I Come Around Green Day YouTube
¿Viva la Gloria? (Little Girl) Green Day YouTube
Tongue Tied Grouplove YouTube
American Woman The Guess Who YouTube
Shackler's Revenge Guns N' Roses YouTube
I Miss The Misery Halestorm YouTube
Kick It Out Heart YouTube
I Am Electric Heaven's Basement YouTube
Killing Loneliness HIM YouTube
Wings of a Butterfly HIM YouTube
Use Me Hinder YouTube
Main Offender The Hives YouTube
Tick Tick Boom The Hives YouTube
Celebrity Skin Hole YouTube
Young Hollywood Undead YouTube
Entangled Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives YouTube
I Get By Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives YouTube
The Power of Love Huey Lewis and the News YouTube
Viva la Resistance Hypernova YouTube
Oh My God Ida Maria YouTube
The Passenger Iggy Pop YouTube
I Bet My Life Imagine Dragons YouTube
Dig Incubus YouTube
Drive Incubus YouTube
Pardon Me Incubus YouTube
Wish You Were Here Incubus YouTube
PDA Interpol YouTube
Need You Tonight INXS YouTube
The Number of the Beast (Original Version) Iron Maiden YouTube
Wasted Years Iron Maiden YouTube
Centerfold The J. Geils Band YouTube
Lazaretto Jack White YouTube
I Want You Back The Jackson 5 YouTube
I Got You (I Feel Good) James Brown YouTube
Been Caught Stealing Jane's Addiction YouTube
Mountain Song Jane's Addiction YouTube
Recession Jeff Allen ft. Noelle LeBlanc and Naoko Takamoto YouTube
Are You Gonna Be My Girl Jet YouTube
Aqualung Jethro Tull YouTube
Crosstown Traffic The Jimi Hendrix Experience YouTube
Fire The Jimi Hendrix Experience YouTube
The Middle Jimmy Eat World YouTube
Pain Jimmy Eat World YouTube
Bad Reputation Joan Jett YouTube
I Love Rock N' Roll Joan Jett and the Blackhearts YouTube
Imagine John Lennon YouTube
Cold Clear Light Johnny Blazes and The Pretty Boys YouTube
Re: Your Brains Jonathan Coulton YouTube
Skullcrusher Mountain Jonathan Coulton YouTube
Me Enamora Juanes YouTube
Halls of Valhalla Judas Priest YouTube
Painkiller Judas Priest YouTube
Hurry Up (& Wait For You) Julie Rhodes YouTube
Ruby Kaiser Chiefs YouTube
Carry On Wayward Son Kansas YouTube
Walking on Sunshine Katrina and the Waves YouTube
Somebody Told Me The Killers YouTube
When You Were Young The Killers YouTube
Use Somebody Kings Of Leon YouTube
Detroit Rock City KISS YouTube
29 Fingers The Konks YouTube
Naïve The Kooks YouTube
Word Up! KoRn YouTube
Suddenly I See KT Tunstall YouTube
The Feeling Kutless YouTube
Pretend We're Dead L7 YouTube
Our Truth Lacuna Coil YouTube
If I Ain't Got You The Len Price 3 YouTube
I'm Gone, I'm Going Lesley Roy YouTube
Dream Genie Lightning Bolt YouTube
Gold Cobra Limp Bizkit YouTube
My Way Limp Bizkit YouTube
Nookie Limp Bizkit YouTube
Re-Arranged Limp Bizkit YouTube
One Step Closer Linkin Park YouTube
My Own Worst Enemy Lit YouTube
Little White Church Little Big Town YouTube
Am I Crazy Little Fish YouTube
All Over You Live YouTube
I Alone Live YouTube
Lightning Crashes Live YouTube
Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast) Lostprophets YouTube
Turn It Around Lucius YouTube
De-Luxe Lush YouTube
Free Bird Lynyrd Skynyrd YouTube
That Smell Lynyrd Skynyrd YouTube
Don't Let Me Down (Slowly) The Main Drag YouTube
A Jagged Gorgeous Winter The Main Drag YouTube
What's Your Favorite Dinosaur? The Main Drag YouTube
Oye Mi Amor Maná YouTube
The Beautiful People Marilyn Manson YouTube
Disposable Teens Marilyn Manson YouTube
The Dope Show Marilyn Manson YouTube
Uptown Funk Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars YouTube
Colony of Birchmen Mastodon YouTube
Peace Sells Megadeth YouTube
Megasus Megasus YouTube
...And Justice for All Metallica YouTube
Combat Baby Metric YouTube
Cross That Line Michael Christmas YouTube
The Impression That I Get The Mighty Mighty Bosstones YouTube
Where'd You Go? The Mighty Mighty Bosstones YouTube
Headphones On Miranda Cosgrove YouTube
Float On Modest Mouse YouTube
Flirtin' with Disaster Molly Hatchet YouTube
Time We Had The Mother Hips YouTube
Ace of Spades '08 Motörhead YouTube
Mississippi Queen Mountain YouTube
Kids in America The Muffs YouTube
Outer Space The Muffs YouTube
The Wolf Mumford & Sons YouTube
Hysteria Muse YouTube
I'm Not Okay (I Promise) My Chemical Romance YouTube
Welcome to the Black Parade My Chemical Romance YouTube
Black Streak Nemes YouTube
Electric Version The New Pornographers YouTube
I Recognize Newfane YouTube
Burn It to the Ground Nickelback YouTube
Figured You Out Nickelback YouTube
Never Again Nickelback YouTube
Photograph Nickelback YouTube
Rockstar Nickelback YouTube
This Afternoon Nickelback YouTube
Sister Christian Night Ranger YouTube
The Hand That Feeds Nine Inch Nails YouTube
Drain You Nirvana YouTube
In Bloom Nirvana YouTube
Rape Me Nirvana YouTube
Don't Speak No Doubt YouTube
Spirit in the Sky Norman Greenbaum YouTube
Don't Look Back In Anger Oasis YouTube
Wonderwall Oasis YouTube
Would You Still Be There Of Mice & Men YouTube
All I Want The Offspring YouTube
Come Out and Play (Keep 'Em Separated) The Offspring YouTube
Gone Away The Offspring YouTube
Self Esteem The Offspring YouTube
Here It Goes Again OK Go YouTube
Burn You Down Opiate for the Masses YouTube
Your Love The Outfield YouTube
Green Grass and High Tides The Outlaws YouTube
Crazy Train Ozzy Osbourne YouTube
Miracle Man Ozzy Osbourne YouTube
So What P!nk YouTube
Nine in the Afternoon Panic at the Disco YouTube
Last Resort Papa Roach YouTube
Time Is Running Out Papa Roach YouTube
Misery Business Paramore YouTube
Still Into You Paramore YouTube
That's What You Get Paramore YouTube
Never Let 'Em Hold Ya Back! Parlour Bells YouTube
True Confessional Party Bois YouTube
Alive Pearl Jam YouTube
Wrecking Machine Permaband YouTube
Mean Girls Petty Morals YouTube
Llama Phish YouTube
Lasso Phoenix YouTube
Wave of Mutilation Pixies YouTube
Don't Stand So Close to Me The Police YouTube
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic The Police YouTube
Message in a Bottle The Police YouTube
Next to You The Police YouTube
Roxanne The Police YouTube
Antibodies Poni Hoax YouTube
Lump The Presidents of the United States of America YouTube
Something Bigger, Something Brighter Pretty Girls Make Graves YouTube
Crash The Primitives YouTube
Jerry Was a Race Car Driver Primus YouTube
Light Up The Night The Protomen YouTube
Another One Bites the Dust Queen YouTube
Bohemian Rhapsody Queen YouTube
Crazy Little Thing Called Love Queen YouTube
Fat Bottomed Girls Queen YouTube
I Want It All Queen YouTube
I Want To Break Free Queen YouTube
Killer Queen Queen YouTube
One Vision Queen YouTube
Somebody To Love Queen YouTube
Tie Your Mother Down Queen YouTube
Under Pressure Queen YouTube
Go with the Flow Queens of the Stone Age YouTube
My God Is The Sun Queens of the Stone Age YouTube
No One Knows Queens of the Stone Age YouTube
Losing My Religion R.E.M. YouTube
The One I Love R.E.M. YouTube
Orange Crush R.E.M. YouTube
Creep Radiohead YouTube
Testify Rage Against the Machine YouTube
Du Hast Rammstein YouTube
Blitzkrieg Bop Ramones YouTube
I Wanna Be Sedated Ramones YouTube
Ruby Soho Rancid YouTube
Time Bomb Rancid YouTube
Life Is a Highway Rascal Flatts YouTube
Round and Round Ratt YouTube
Last Dance The Raveonettes YouTube
Ghostbusters Ray Parker Jr. YouTube
Stumble and Fall Razorlight YouTube
Hour of Rats The Red Chord YouTube
Dani California Red Hot Chili Peppers YouTube
Snow ((Hey Oh)) Red Hot Chili Peppers YouTube
Under the Bridge Red Hot Chili Peppers YouTube
Alex Chilton The Replacements YouTube
Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo Rick Derringer YouTube
Portions for Foxes Rilo Kiley YouTube
Give It All Rise Against YouTube
Prayer of the Refugee Rise Against YouTube
Re-Education (Through Labor) Rise Against YouTube
Don't Bury Me... I'm Still Not Dead Riverboat Gamblers YouTube
Burn Rob Zombie YouTube
Dragula Rob Zombie YouTube
Superbeast Rob Zombie YouTube
Gimme Shelter The Rolling Stones YouTube
The Look Roxette YouTube
Pain Killer Ruby Rose Fox YouTube
Skydiver Ruby Rose Fox YouTube
A Passage To Bangkok Rush YouTube
Tom Sawyer Rush YouTube
The Trees (Vault Edition) Rush YouTube
The Warrior Scandal YouTube
No One Like You Scorpions YouTube
Magnetic Baby Semi Precious Weapons YouTube
Empty Walls Serj Tankian YouTube
Like a Fool Shaimus YouTube
Cheap Thrills Sia ft. Sean Paul YouTube
Lazy Eye Silversun Pickups YouTube
S.O.M.P. Skratch'N Snyf YouTube
Before I Forget Slipknot YouTube
Duality Slipknot YouTube
Psychosocial Slipknot YouTube
Sulfur Slipknot YouTube
Light the Fuse Slydigs YouTube
Walking on the Sun Smash Mouth YouTube
Cherub Rock Smashing Pumpkins YouTube
Siva Smashing Pumpkins YouTube
Today Smashing Pumpkins YouTube
Zero Smashing Pumpkins YouTube
Stop Me if You Think You've Heard This One Before The Smiths YouTube
I Was Wrong Social Distortion YouTube
Teen Age Riot Sonic Youth YouTube
Dead Black (Heart of Ice) Soul Remnants YouTube
Black Hole Sun Soundgarden YouTube
Spoonman Soundgarden YouTube
Superunknown Soundgarden YouTube
Living in America The Sounds YouTube
In the Meantime Spacehog YouTube
Conventional Lover Speck YouTube
Little Miss Can't Be Wrong Spin Doctors YouTube
Two Princes Spin Doctors YouTube
Short and Sweet Spinal Tap YouTube
Cool for Cats Squeeze YouTube
Birth In Reverse St. Vincent YouTube
Bodhisattva Steely Dan YouTube
Charlene (I'm Right Behind You) Stephen and the Colberts YouTube
Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me) Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel YouTube
Fly Like an Eagle Steve Miller Band YouTube
Rock'n Me Steve Miller Band YouTube
Good STL GLD YouTube
Interstate Love Song Stone Temple Pilots YouTube
Plush Stone Temple Pilots YouTube
Sex Type Thing Stone Temple Pilots YouTube
Vasoline Stone Temple Pilots YouTube
Reptilia The Strokes YouTube
In Too Deep Sum 41 YouTube
Grace Supergrass YouTube
Eye of the Tiger Survivor YouTube
Ballroom Blitz Sweet YouTube
This Bastard's Life Swingin' Utters YouTube
Synthesized Symbion Project YouTube
B.Y.O.B. System of a Down YouTube
Chop Suey System of a Down YouTube
Spiders System of a Down YouTube
Toxicity System of a Down YouTube
20th Century Boy T. Rex YouTube
Ride a White Swan T. Rex YouTube
Psycho Killer Talking Heads YouTube
Everybody Wants to Rule the World Tears for Fears YouTube
The Con Tegan and Sara YouTube
Master Exploder Tenacious D YouTube
Tribute Tenacious D YouTube
Souls of Black Testament YouTube
Rob the Prez-O-Dent That Handsome Devil YouTube
Dead End Friends Them Crooked Vultures YouTube
Crazy Tuesday thenewno2 YouTube
The Time Is Wrong Tickle Me Pink YouTube
Alone Time Tigerman WOAH YouTube
No Mercy Tijuana Sweetheart YouTube
Pistol Whipped Tijuana Sweetheart YouTube
Seven Tijuana Sweetheart YouTube
Trash Candy Tijuana Sweetheart YouTube
Timmy & the Lords of the Underworld Timmy & the Lords of the Underworld YouTube
Humanoid Tokio Hotel YouTube
Free Fallin' Tom Petty YouTube
I Need to Know Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers YouTube
Outside Tribe YouTube
Heathens Twenty One Pilots YouTube
Stressed Out Twenty One Pilots YouTube
Cedarwood Road U2 YouTube
I Will Follow U2 YouTube
Desperate Times, Desperate Measures Underoath YouTube
A-Punk Vampire Weekend YouTube
Panama Van Halen YouTube
Brown Eyed Girl Van Morrison YouTube
Rock Band Network Megamix 01 Various Artists YouTube
Get Free The Vines YouTube
Low Rider WAR YouTube
Closer, Closer The Warning Shots YouTube
Werewolves of London Warren Zevon YouTube
Bury Me Alive We Are The Fallen YouTube
Check Yes Juliet We the Kings YouTube
Can't Feel My Face The Weeknd YouTube
The Hills The Weeknd YouTube
Starboy The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk YouTube
(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To Weezer YouTube
Beverly Hills Weezer YouTube
Buddy Holly Weezer YouTube
My Name Is Jonas Weezer YouTube
Pork and Beans Weezer YouTube
Say It Ain't So Weezer YouTube
Troublemaker Weezer YouTube
Constant Disaster When Particles Collide YouTube
At Night In Dreams White Denim YouTube
The Hardest Button to Button The White Stripes YouTube
Seven Nation Army The White Stripes YouTube
Here I Go Again Whitesnake YouTube
I Can See for Miles The Who YouTube
Pinball Wizard The Who YouTube
The Seeker The Who YouTube
Won't Get Fooled Again The Who YouTube
Black Corridor Worshipper YouTube
I.V. X Japan YouTube
Maps Yeah Yeah Yeahs YouTube
Ocean Avenue Yellowcard YouTube
Roundabout Yes YouTube
Valerie The Zutons YouTube
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2018.04.23 22:31 IjuststartedOnePiece Will Kaido actually be vanquished in Wano?

So the Wano arc is upon is in a month or so, entailing a journey that will likely AT A MINIMUM take 3 years to conclude, I have a feeling that this will be a MEGA arc since this really is the actual start of Luffy's journey to be pirate king.
First of all, I have no idea how strong Kaidou really is but it's undeniable that he is a man of legend and has some ridiculous feats to his name like NOT BEING ABLE TO DIE for one. I mean seriously, forget being a Yonkou, this guy has been captured and subject to death only to come off it totally alive and well and fallen down from what has to be at least 30 kilometers coming out totally unscathed and more pissed off that HE DIDN'T DIE. Kaidou is ridiculous even by One Piece terms, someone who is actively trying to kill himself to no avail, so obviously he is extremely strong.
I really don't think that Luffy and friends will prevail in beating Kaidou, I could see Luffy dismantling Kaidou's troops and sub bosses i.e. the calamities but come on, Kaido himself? No way.
Let's face it Luffy is not super strong, Gear 4 BARELY beat Cracker with help and did not even scratch a hungry Big Mom so beating Kaido with that is 10000% out of the question since his armament Haki will definitely be off the roof.
Do I seriously think that one rubbery boi is going to take out this near immortal legend? No, honestly no way, Kaido is GOD tier but let's see, Law's devil fruit will definitely be a huge asset in the battle and maybe the "lurking legend" Oda talked about will come into play.
I just don't know if Luffy has the raw strength to match up to such GOD tier people and that worries me because to me a Pirate King isn't some lucky guy who happens to stumble upon an island filled with treasures but someone who surpasses the rest and is a dominating force, basically he has to rule the seas. I mean what will stop the yonkou from going after Luffy even if he manages to get the One Piece, on paper he'll be beaten and it'll be stolen by any yonkou.
If Kaido is beaten, it should first and foremost be done by Luffy since he will be Pirate King no doubt and if he needs the help of other people to do it then I don't know if he'll even have the power to actually sustain his Pirate throne in the future.
To be honest, I don't see Kaido being beaten without some plot armou conveniences and that really worries me because Kaido is definitely one of the strongest people in the One Piece universe, top 5 easy and if he loses due to an actual Achilles' heel/ kryptonite plot device I will not count it as a straw hat win. Luffy's fight with Katakuri, I mean COME ON, you know Katakuri had the upper hand, you know he was superior in terms of both ability and technique but even then Luffy won because of some "close to death, last resort" Ultra Instinct technique and EVEN then Katakuri sabotaged himself.
The straw hats clearly have their work cut out for them and I know that Luffy will have tremendous amounts of help from his crew, the minks, Law and probably all of the Samurai in Wano but I'd really like to see ONLY Luffy BEAT Kaido man to man in a one on one, no technicalities/ nerfs fight. It just wouldn't feel right if Law uses his DF to chop Kaido up and crush his heart.
Whatever it is I am extremely hyped for Wano, I LOVE Kaido, ever since I first laid my eyes on him I was just entranced by his design and his show of power, he had quite the entrance. I know nothing about him but he hypes me up and I really don't want him to have some kind of Kryptonite. But GODA will do no wrong, I'll just wait and see but I want to speak my mind as to the situation the straw hats have gotten themselves into and how they are trivialising, especially Luffy, the fact that they're going to fight a near immortal legend.
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2018.03.11 07:55 rambosloth3 Buku 2018 set list

BUKU 2018 UPDATED 3/13/2018
Pharoahe Monch - Simon Says (BN Edit)
Bassnectar - Raw Charles (1 to the 2 to the 3...)
Aphrodite & Mickey Finn - Drop top Caddy (BN Edit)
Hex Cougar - Afterlife (BN Edit) [Wiz Khalifa - "This Plane"]
Travis Scott - Goosebumps (NGHTMRE Remix) [BN Edit]
At Dawn We Rage - Ravey (BN Edit)
Bassnectar - Cozza Frenzy (MegaBass) [Rye Rye - "Bang" & "Now"]
Joker - Midnight (BN Remix) [Santigold - "Disparate Youth" acapella]
Daladubz - Takeoff
Bassnectar - Lost In The Crowd
Dream - Go Hard (Crizzly Remix) [BN Edit - Busta Rhymes - "Look at Me Now" x Juicy J/Nicki Minaj - "Low"]
Blu Mar Ten - Nobody Here (Kastle VIP)
Bassnectar - Boomerang (Sean Paul - "Gimme the Light")
Bassnectar - Hologram VIP
Bassnectar - Disrupt the System
Pyramid Juke - MXLLY (Big Boi - "Kryptonite")
Somnium Sound - Snoozer
Bassnectar & Digital Ethos - Slather (Technotronic - "Pump Up the Jam")
Lil' Wayne - Up, Up, and Away (Underground acapella)
Kendrick Lamar & Danny Brown - Really Doe X Phiso - Jotaro *build up only X sfam - Hallows
Wuki - She Got Some (BN Edit)
Eliminate - Snake bite VIP (Three 6 Mafia - Stay Fly)
Jansten - Kaiju's Theme (Missy Elliot - "Get Ur Freak On" x Elzhi - "Deep")
ID - (AZ - "AZ's Chillin")
San Holo - Light (Get Deaded hook)
fam photo
Pendulum - Tarantula
Buku - Front to Back (Yung Joc - "It's Goin Down" x Childish Gambino - "Let Me Dope You")
Teddy Killerz x Signal - Funky Feeling (BN Edit?)
High Maintenance - Dreaming (UGLY)
*massive Ugly tease
Crimes! - Lords
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2018.03.08 02:15 CloudFuel Rival Series Play-In Brackets Released!!!


1 Splyce Karma / JWismont / DudeWithTheNose / Geno.
2 Genesis Pluto / Roll Dizz / Rapid / Shock
3 The D00ds Jorolelin / Ralph014 / AxB / CS3
4 Zaboomafoo tcorrell / ostyn / jVogel- / Garenn
5 Manhattan malakiss / AuntJemima / ayjacks / Tmon
5 Manhattan malakiss / AuntJemima / ayjacks / Tmon Isaiah
6 SpaceStation Gaming 0verZer0 / Espeon / Lemonpuppy / Laz
7 Lights Out! Aeon / Nomad / LO! Toe / loconate
8 Mech G Lefticle / Normal Times / Wildcat / Retals
9 Incognito Tuster / Dareyck / Gorocksgo / Nickymac18
10 Shake and Bake Yirps / Araussi / Bell / Plasma
11 Loaf Breadsports Kevpert / ajay / Kutturamaswami / Jet
12 No Shot Beastaboniam / fireraptor95047 / Huncho
13 Misunderstood Tazz963 / Crease- / big_CHOCO-MIL / FallenOak
14 United as 1 zombiepoopshark / Azfura / ExplosiveGyro2 / Alpha.
15 small balls Napp / Prem / Frezno25 / Guhberry
16 Paradox Darkness / HeFty / TheCar / Kudo
17 Relentless Origin_K / Mamba / dbanq / Dark Demise
18 Royalty King Ranny / AbsorbentKarma / Navystriker / Perched_Peach
19 Peeps Spoodah / Pirates / jetzing / Steezy
20 Analog Moopy / SadKoala / Sub'N / Stigment
21 Mirage Ghost MIGG GaLzZy / WaliDoS / Taroco
22 Sol Esports BorkRL / A_Savvy_Seal / Mikey / MayheM
23 Crimson RawGreg / Thundah / Dzooatlatl / laayoh
24 Onslaught eSports alaindodger / oS AlecStorm8 / donnie / Titaniumfire
25 Team D I V E Fee-Fe / UnCLEBen216 / JOHN1138 / MoneyNab
26 Fibeon Kai99jr / DEMoNATOR1217 / SharrieFF / Grills ReplayZ
27 The Fiercest Pelicans PlantingCargo85 / 43 / VikingKing17 / Choxic
28 Sway Slate Stokelyy / M1ke_and_Cheese / Oxi / TurbulentTyTy
29 Water Droplets Hi_own / Kuunalem / RunningCatDog / Katnip
30 Upper 90 eSports 3.14shys / nappi / AlRaz. / mist
31 Collusion Dangles / VS The_marshal / NytroDryft / Lohtek
32 Postbusters RVP / Kri0s / phat man / Tiamat
33 The Goats hansel / El Lobo / Breaz / Robobuddy
34 The Nut Jobs Skyzz / Sha / JUrbanGaming / fire
35 Inception Esports jinglestown / MightyTidy / shawneeboy
36 Top Binz Kairos / Buddy / Finesser McFlex / LudiChris
37 Sway Black Claven / Austin / RabbitsWeird / Scruff.
38 RIP In Pepiopes Vanilla Bear / Byrd Man / Pepiope / Trut3
39 No Capes! Emptiness / Tyme / Timbathy / Saint
40 ... Falss / FadedRL / Replitz / Kilecs
41 The Husky Pugs Andy / Huskih / Kovanel / Mugen
42 Rediscovered Goalie0124 / Masterg226 / Silhouette / Duckie
43 Please Carry Hero Verbluten / Heroiikz / eirenman28 / Sharp
44 Newton's Method Perma / Floms / Stay-at-Home Savage
45 Spectrum BaconRL / Zeus / Aives / Mittens101
46 6Sense MalaHierba / Ossu / Scarius / NessCoffee
47 French Toast Jake jake / Jbot / FORKYRL / Blaze
48 Malicious Intent FamishedBurrito / Science Museum / talon / Andreww
49 Ducks on Quack NR Relley / ElOmarMaton / Kep.
50 Out Here Bangin' Lazarus / Pizzle / TheGazel
51 Hot Cheetos Dino TheBestDino / Chapeau27 / RiskRL / Nate Nate Remix
52 Pure Cab / Jupiter / metsfanatic75 / Royuuuul
53 Team Oblivious Vequafied / DragonFury95 / Waxy
54 Pepper Nation Darksentry / Kurizma / Tweetyz
55 Yangerz! Wolff. Shadow. / The Void / yerer44
56 Ohio State? KiiNGz / Jbob2015 / OSU Threes
57 V&M U90 8a / mataji / CrazyCroaT
58 Daily Pore Cleanser Rh Nyk / Peculiar / weyzz / Sigms
59 Hang On amustycow / LemskyRL / Doodle
60 Hot Sauce Toohn45 / Fatality / Hawkshot
61 Vize LegitCyborg / Comp / broKli / VZ Max
62 TILT Tyler / Beans / Canes
63 Dwawius eSports Phat / OneShot / Doodat / IUPUI Cydonia
64 Retro Gaming Rai / JBoogie / powerfulrl / JRoc231
65 8) Colt / Stabbers / Deadily / KSU Daylon
66 Catalyst Demokat / colt / Breezy
67 Predictable Swoops / e0N / GoodJobKev
68 InfraRed Typheos / Zulu / eighty
69 The Guys on Squishy's Video Bluu / tloC / TheJudasPriest / Arky
70 Snacks Lobster / Fredrick / Jish / Jak
71 Luminated Diegps / punanie66 / Raaybans
72 Tempo King Avocadi / Reticence / AztrEx / KlutzyKoala
73 Steamed Hams Jelly / DoctorDeSutter / EmployedWolf / Shoot3r
74 WheelShakers TheCampingRusher / Trey / 820jet
75 The Three Throwsketeers fusion / Logic / Buzz / elyodah
76 yeehaw Leather / Bancandy / Relax / Big Matt
77 Bread Dogs McLando / magicgoodies / pcdawg77 / Blurry
78 PSYNET BlackMaJic / Varpie / EVO_xDrifterx / LilPlayer LilPlayer-V3
79 Envision Empire BR BroskiRL / sean. / jimmerz / Froggo
80 American Esports AE Percy / j1576 / 85 / Wabble
81 Juuls and Ginger Ale Phil / PittyTheNoob / Douglas42069 / Quix
82 Hello? milt / SB / WSU J4MES
83 Criminal Darou / Dylz / Synchify / Dukenator76
84 Boys with Butts PhantomACE / Amoney_tv / 88 OffSwift / Glaxo
85 State of Equilibrium wronskian / Kai99999 / the_original_tool / Floki
86 Whiffs Skull / Albino Peacock / Classe
87 Darkest Nation Mikeisonfire / DN Leve / Biddles / Dude
88 Probably Yelling at Each Other Wet Whale / Owqi / Mom / 2FastRL
89 AutoBachs Lilbach / Bubbabach / Bach_in_law
90 TwistedSin CSU Music / Greenzoid / Nebula / Yolag
91 AVID eSports Cauli / AVID Crayman06 / Speedy / Logic
92 PsykoPaths Gaming Nimbus / luckyman268 / Dazz / Jello Submarine
93 72 Pin Connector BP67 / Vanr / Didi / JakeFrStFarm
94 Los Hermanos MowerOfLawns / Flux / 50ShadesOfSenpai / Blez
95 The Kings Chaos / Fiber / uF kern0in / vasy
96 Nytro Rise Shmuggums / Noxes / FrostY FrostY / Duck
97 Clean Slate Seven / Aostine / Adept / ZB Grizz
98 Naudica Gaming Proshotv2 / Khaos / Perfect Kovacks / Havs
99 The Reaping BBGUN969 / TR Skillz / Gooner / xman_10
100 Nice Demo! UA1 Ravenyyte / jtg / KFrost / Exposure
101 Marvelous eSports greybox30 / MC PaLe / Encipher / DragonFire
102 WetVibez WV Dukie / Bouso / Mole
103 PeakS4 AbsoluteSauce / Thebiznesman / SoccerKid-LFC / Sum1strange
104 Rinsed Esports Yoksie / DEZtination / rin
105 Wassup bois Eclipse / prima / OhCoolStoryBruh
106 Middle Age Noobs NA plague / FighterVette / Sl1mJ1m09 / Norcon
107 OG's Mysteriez / Sixer / KOLD / Prismatic
108 Northern Hymn Madlaxus / odin / virus
109 UW Pass Squad fishrulesoy9098 / Thumb-Bump / Snarky Schmuck / UW Enigma
110 The Chow Pack MrMeowChow / breezy_83 / sampleauto
111 Ultra Vega / NinjaFrog / Athens / QU/NTUM
112 Way's Baes MeesterKyle / A&M Apache / TAMU Nereh
113 RNG ForestfireVX / threepacislegend / RedirectKing
114 Xtend Splashy / Kraziks / Bhatti
115 Imagine Esports Reckless / Vawer / PolarK1d
116 Xyon Nation PMN / Larry / MATEEN / Jayxxxkilla
117 Team team name Collin / Kami / Lexodus
118 Masterful Frijoles roundhouse / CHRISTIANO / Chooey
119 Spice Boys Doodlebob / VIP / Mr. Milk
120 iLLusion Esports Homelessbaby / Rapidsock / Emberr
121 Kings of Suburban PxlBuzzard / Achieves / Whitebark
122 R1 eSports Trebel360 / crepkirby / ModdernGamer / Hunter
123 Sway Purple Wax / Twitch terribleitman / Zhylow
124 Peak eSports MexicanDiabetes / Chromulent / Jere
125 Calculated (A WHE Pro Team) Flare / HYPE Javi Sweatpants / Calculated gib / labelsz
126 Sol GG Seb / Thurnis Haley / Weevuh
127 Pandemic-B PlayingWolves / iFlame / D.Y.P TM / Tommy
128 Delta V dV Link17 / SirTuppy / dV GomerPyle1228
1 Methodgg Rix_Ronday / Shakahron / Borito B / Flown Ciesta
2 Team WLF MoneyTalk / BongoD / Arju / Lindow
3 Epsilon Esports EkonRL / dodo7161 / FaykoW. FaykoW. / Pugsay
4 Triple Trouble Ronaky / Andom / Tadpole / Calzafy
5 Pleb City Zeddo / gms / Gerry Goorlap / Shotts
6 Taxi Bill Friis / Waffle / Didris / Nalmon
7 Placebo Mccluvin / Godsmilla / 308104 Al dente / ShinRL
8 Zebra Nose Zensuz / Mout / Neqzo / KAR0TTENP0WER
9 Hashtag United Doomsee / Flarke / Data
10 Copenhagen Flames [email protected] Abeogand / fruity / Bække / Fuzz
11 no idea ghostfire / Dadooh / Kassio / Unknow
12 illuminar Gaming PetricK / Oscillon / Arab / Shikuni
13 Nordavind etreX / NVD Jwols / Reganam / Rafro98
14 Classic mrvn. / Radioo / LuL TooByy / BananaMan Leo
15 Where's Juanlu? wolfsonthemoon / SAKSEN / Sniper / Kontrol
16 Moi Men JHZER / Krazack / VeriXon / Pulse MK.
17 Blitzers Stake / dani_ana / GCR710 / BLZ de Boer
18 Pregnant Boyz Cro / neon remix / SweatY / Flubsay
19 Westside Bangers Flumox / N0ns3ns3 / KronIX-^ / Doomayn
20 SooKaH CkriToro / Mx22 / Gontho / Tizz
21 bigtown boys Finex / Sack / Caro / Calix
22 Clown & Jewels Flux / Zaphare / Jossee
23 x6tence Zoor / KhaelaN / ByMateos / ClayX
24 Sørby Esport Fuz3e / Pixon / Sharp
25 Boosted CloaKy / tehda / Keluhi
26 TheseCheekyLadsMakeMeZippy Drjosh / Duck / Zippyduda / CHEEKYlad
27 Bamble DreamTeam HyperXMadz / Lemon / Ingvaldsson / miize
28 Playing Ducks RnZ / Justin / Negsy / onno_ole
29 Triple S Stewie / Sacred / Sting / Kevoo
30 Miscelators Naru / Ratty / Ordinal
31 Team Expert vel / Iceteazy - GHG / Almost Lucky / coKaaa
32 SeemsGood SG. SparaMACHINE / SG PettyDD / SG Koda / Lek0ms
33 eMonkeyz Swazer / Itsulen / DiLegacy / Syst0n Syston
34 Spelunking RL siizloo / Kanat0x / Millennium / Rizex
35 FinalArt Sakkaku / MrFatality14 / atR Psycho / BigJackDee
36 Peak Esports Peak Frozen / Elite. / Peak A Clean 1800 / Peak Zergrush
37 Team Shazoo Oneill / PrimeHype! / Rawvyy / HanseN
38 Tøvpatruljen kimy0 / AnDeY / ParadoX
39 mCon esports xkoeckiiej / KennyyMeister / Koenz / Terra
40 unQualified Daswa / Paradinu / ConceRn / Seeb.
41 Danes and the other guy Nojgaarden / Bilbo_tv / MOS fj0k
42 Eks Capital Dee ImGibMaestro / cazt / Smeeeheee
43 Random Plebs Dayum03 / Diddy! / RelatingWave / ok Pwny
44 Game Fist bramdeswaggerd / dreeki / Milcocu8
45 Jaén PI eSports Cris / Wolf. / BEG Eddyy / Misa
46 Stofftiere Online e.V. SanAryon / Benni / MnG / PreOwng
47 FOR THE BOYS Drowsy / Pollie / Bloxyz / Noddy
48 Forever Disappointing Zarduk / wahlross / Maximillion / m1lk
49 Hound Esports HE Yoel3010 / HE ThomasGamerNLD / Flwles
50 UD Las Palmas eSports rhymess / Marc_By_8 / uBe / Nachitow
51 5FRAGS Nebrax / Zeleo / Maxwell / Zeyders
52 Dilettantes M1k3Rules / Zapphire2k / Kefla / Tahz
53 1UPeSport Nexus-1UPeSport / Was-Mann / Quantix Toxic / Eco 1UPeSports
54 Rise and Shine CokeHUN / Dreame / Smokh / Hank
55 RLCD.GG Rask / KoNz / xXander / alrounder80
56 Team Southside tense / Meaty / Lindgreen / Börje Skywalker
57 Golden Hawks xXManuuXx xXManuuXx / GH Allan. / CRISTIAN-.-M-.-V / GH JiiYee
58 Black Stallions Suprahh / Marley / MBRG
59 Wizards Esports Club Rubik / ErAle001 / Wiz Zeler / Estrupalega
60 Solstice eSports Zeno / Syn / JayBeaR
61 Overdrive Seeks / kilEak / PauliepaulNL
62 ToyCarGamers Invict / Mikeboy24 / T-Rex93
63 eXtatus EXT Devon / Versite / Marcek / MATT
64 ReflexEU iKash1 / Barist_RL / GoDLY / Meqza
65 Comrade Gaming GrundyRL / RxzoR / Jardzy / Vlopar
66 mYinsanity TK / Always / mYi Subarashii / Jjatee
67 Team NoX MasK / xSheldorEU / Nasty / Synteq
68 ToxicFalcons eSports Lucho / Elyy / TF smtx / Giel__7
69 Syn3rgy Kingjs / Ethn / Z-RY4N78
70 The Ket men Mugg DylanCronin / Kyuu / Skai
71 ZeroSynerG Lady Penelope / Flax7 / Barbie
72 Reign Esports Blah / Tw1lek / EssJayy / ChickenBoneHQ
73 KK Esports Santralos / Skeele- / 'Bob
74 Supremacy eSports Ezio=) / Skyron37 / PixelSlayer
75 Winix Rondon / Ado_ / thedave125 / Gr4nk0
76 No Horizon B00M / DmentZa / Rivalo Nero / ASN_RuBiiX
77 NeoMeta slyex / NeoMeta FuuRy / AllisterLFT / AztraL
78 Einmal mit Profis Fabi_der_Krosse / NBThieves / Staraptoah
79 ALLO! ImaginaXion / Mxivy / Fluzzyx / RizuaLL
80 Chocolate Cookies LethalKale / CDMagu98 / Freezy
81 MainRoadToKingDoloMan300 MainDavid101 / 5290818 Lucakerman / OGDolo300
82 Damage Incorporated Virus / -DI- Venomous3 / -DI- HypoFinn / -DI- Chi
83 Seagulls Kajzzer / Ultimo / firexbs
84 Scared Strategy Eversax / Sorius / Z9
85 Aviators Enwrong / P e e K / leoxama
86 Blur eSports Extra / toygarcia78 / SleWeyy / xAyamii
87 Lying Uncles Dream / KREAM. / Hellesoe / Bamse2K
88 Power Unlimited PU Reemo2K / PU Piatrix / PU Bakra lft.
89 Burnwell United Wrong_Way_Woody / Alex AFN1910 / Sniperkid97 / faab
90 Infinite Road Seebrify / DodgeMyLantern / Orpheus
91 Mantic0re Axe / Nightmoule / Squaxe / Yukiss
92 Cruv Dobbiee / Bledrin / Calum
93 Scavenge eSports SE Nox / Stolly / Mittaen / jelle023
94 Memento Mori Finnerdt / Nanocompa / Welzy
95 GoToSleep Chrizz / Gudleif7 / Lfc_
96 Hesitate Mario / hopotihoi / Vassili / ItsHypnotix
97 Team CarryUs. neloman27 / KingBelthazor_ / Skuliuli
98 Hyrule HR Aluna / HR MystoRL / HR Sam
99 Slayers eSports B1naryDem0n / HDK Hadrianus / SYS Samuel _
101 Razzle Dazzlers VERSACE / SleezyKH / Phocas
102 MaaTooRee Alex837 / Justdave / Insalata / Send
103 KED.ROCKS KED AnTiZu<3 / PunisherIX / SirVile / Freiboth
104 Warm Summer Breeze KingFisher / DFT .limbo messiah / Schrodinger
105 GermanMonkeys eSport e.V. bach0 / Foss1L / Dikkker / Risk0
106 SKILLpadder .O.' sekka / Zkag94 / Moose
107 Adeft Pastor1 / Hexonis / imFoggy
108 PUBG > RL hunteríco / EspenE / Mogel
109 Random Team Generator RTG Turbokurbo / 9th.deathlord / AUT_Zone
110 Hefty Finish / Skultima / Pryyme
111 Opus Solano* / BLACKOUT / Ðarkness
112 Kryptonite eSports KN LCSG47 / RikeZZ / Eckhard
113 NeMeBeLe / aRaFar / JeroenZZ_026
114 Lausanne eSports Arkan / Zolaire / Kraw / CøLDD
115 Rocket Powered Lem0naz / Morfar / Wonder
116 Exalty Kami / Zzrotex / anata / SKillFloWz95
117 Bamble DreamTeam 3 Bamble eXuSeS / Túrbóbjúga / Oddmellow
118 Eye of the tiger Qtuz / Capri81 / Fiskebugga
119 Rubber Ducky E-Sports Kangaroo Salesman / Nielstdje / Midnight Grizzly / Kelevra7
120 The Turnabout Players Smitsey / GiocatoreMMS / Zellius / MGiso
121 YeahLetsGo Palyso / Riemer^ / jensie
122 Skruvat eSports Jarmo / Warlo / D4rw1N / RUFFSARN
123 Coming Soon STR1K33R7 / kaygo94 / Revannx / Proxy
124 MERCANTA MrGame MrGame / JeyTiJey / Fredy19 / AgingComa
125 [TMA] Renegades [TMA] Kv / Mr_Avoid / pickpuck / TMA TOka
126 Dawgz Dawgz Charged / Kowalski / Red / Shox
127 Hoods Hottest Wolfuo / PureVilla / Mr.Bump / Dreaner
128 ConMyPutas Kunsey / EpicSolutionZ / RennyRentier
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